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About AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight is a leading auto transport broker that has been in existence since 2004, helping to connect customers with reliable carriers. It serves various routes across the lower 48 US states, Canada, and other select locations. You can ship any type of car, whether it's a classic car, an automobile, an RV, a trailer, a truck, or even a motorcycle.

One thing that sets AmeriFreight apart from other car shipping companies is its commitment to quality services. To achieve this, AmeriFreight only works with thoroughly screened and licensed carriers. Also, all the carriers carry insurance, so you'll be covered if any damage happens to your vehicle.

Moreover, AmeriFreight offers AFta Gap insurance protection for your vehicle. Even if you find out your car is damaged up to 48 hours after drop-off, you'll still be compensated for repairs.

AmeriFreight Cost

AmeriFreight notes that, on average, it costs around $495 to $1300 to ship an operable sedan on an open carrier. In general, a cross-country move costs about $935.

To get a better estimate of your shipping costs, you can use the car shipping rate calculator on AmeriFreight’s website. There is also a chart showing historical estimates of some of the most popular shipping routes for a typical vehicle in good working condition.

One important thing to note is that AmeriFreight offers generous discounts to various groups, including members offering protection and emergency services such as the military, police, and firefighting services. Students and seniors may also benefit from discounts. These discounts may significantly reduce your auto shopping costs.

Factors that affect auto transport costs

Some critical factors that affect the cost of shipping a car with AmeriFreight include:

Size of Vehicle

The bigger your vehicle is, the heavier it is, and the more space it occupies. As a result, shipping a larger vehicle such as a full-size truck or a dually will cost you more than shipping a small SUV.

Type of Service Needed

On average, shipping your car through an enclosed carrier will cost you 80% more than shipping through an open auto carrier. You should use an enclosed trailer when transporting a luxury or classic car that requires additional protection from external elements.

Vehicle’s Condition

Inoperable vehicles often require more effort to load into the moving truck, and hence their shipping costs will be higher.

Expedited Auto Transport

You may need your vehicle shipped within a shorter period of time. However, this will require a carrier to change their schedule or adjust their plans; hence you can expect your shipping costs to increase.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

If your car is being picked up or delivered in a remote location far away from main roads or cities, your shipping costs may increase. However, you can avoid the additional costs by choosing station-to-station delivery. If you go with this option, you or a person authorized by you will have to pick up your car from the designated station.

Additional Insurance Protection

Purchasing the AFta PLAN offered by AmeriFreight will cost you an additional $48 to $98. However, this plan may cover up to $2000 in out-of-pocket expenses if something unexpected happens. And as already mentioned, you will have up to 48 hours after delivery to identify damage and file a claim.

Time of Move

Typically, auto shipping rates are highest during the summer and winter due to the extreme weather and the high carrier demand during these seasons.

Additional/Special Requests

Perhaps you want your car top-loaded during the move for additional protection. This request will see you part with a few extra dollars.

Economic Conditions

Economic downturns may lead to gas shortages or a hike in gas rates. Unfortunately, the carriers will also face increased costs, forcing them to increase auto shipping costs.

AmeriFreight Car Transport Services

AmeriFreight offers auto shipping services for cars, SUVs, trucks, ATVs, RVs, motorcycles, and more! You can choose between door-to-door shipping and terminal-to-terminal shipping, depending on your needs.

There is also the option of an open car transport or enclosed vehicle transport. If you have a luxury or vintage vehicle, you may choose the latter for extra protection. And if you need shipping services right away, AmeriFreight offers you the option of expedited shipping.

AmeriFreight’s Transport Insurance Services

AmeriFreight vets all carriers on their platform to ensure they carry insurance plans. If your vehicle is damaged during the move, the carrier's insurance will cover the damage. Unfortunately, there are instances when a carrier’s insurance plan may not cover your vehicle damage, like if the damage has occurred during loading and unloading.

To ensure you’re covered in such scenarios, you’ll need to purchase the AFta gap coverage plan offered by AmeriFreight. This plan will cover any damage to your car, even if it happened during loading and unloading.

Pros and Cons of AmeriFreight

If you’ve decided to use AmeriFreight for your auto shipping needs, here are the pros and cons you need to know about:


AmeriFreight matches you with carriers with lower prices

AmeriFreight is committed to getting you favorable auto shipping deals. As a result, they strive to match you with carriers with the lowest possible prices. The carrier must have an A+ rating and positive customer reviews to qualify. Thus, you get to enjoy lower prices without compromising on the quality of services.

You may qualify for discounts

Various discounts are available to different groups, including military members, first responders, return customers, students, and senior citizens. If you're lucky to qualify for any of these discounts, you may be able to save on your car shipping costs.

Your car is covered by a gap insurance plan

If you purchase the gap insurance plan offered by AmeriFreight, your car will be covered for damage up to two days after it has been delivered.

You can ship any kind of vehicle with AmeriFreight

You’re not restricted on the type or size of vehicle you can ship.


    • The AmeriFreight car shipping rate calculator that gives free instant quotes is a bit challenging to find on their website.
    • You’re required to provide a deposit for auto shipping when booking.
    • If you're shipping over five vehicles, vehicles in different locations, or vehicles requiring different carrier types, you have to call AmeriFreight directly for a quote.

How to Ship a Car with AmeriFreight

The process of connecting with a carrier on AmeriFreight is simple and straightforward. Here's how it works:

    • Request for a quote using the AmeriFreight car shipping rate calculator.
    • Once you’ve received the quote, confirm it by calling AmeriFreight.
    • Book a carrier by paying a deposit.
    • Receive a call from your carrier confirming the location and time.
    • Meet your carrier on the day of the move at the pickup location and sign a bill of lading.
    • Meet your carrier at the drop-off location on the day of delivery.
    • Inspect the condition of your car and sign a bill of lading.
    • Pay any remaining charges to your carrier and have your car.

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