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What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units And Why Do I Need Those?

Climate-controlled storage units are storage spaces that are kept within a specified temperature range to protect sensitive items from extreme cold or heat that can damage them. These storage spaces generally cost more than standard storage units but they are worth the extra cost for the following reasons:

  • Prevents wooden items from cracking, tearing, or warping
  • Prevents the degradation of fabrics and leather materials
  • Prevents mold, mildew, and pest infestation
  • Protects electrical components of expensive electronic devices
  • Reduces rust and corrosion on metal objects
  • Protects valuables from temperature fluctuations that can damage them

Some of the best storage companies in the industry use advanced environment monitoring systems to maintain the ideal temperature for the items in the storage units. You may want to consider this option if you own sensitive or delicate items that require a specific temperature while you live in a place with extreme temperature swings. Some items that can benefit from climate-controlled storage units include artwork, antiques, vinyl records, books, electronics, delicate furniture, musical instruments, significant paperwork, and more.

Best Climate Controlled Storage Units

With dozens of brands offering different types of climate-controlled storage services, choosing the best deal can involve a lot of hard work but we will make it easier for you with our Top 5 climate-controlled storage units:

  1. Extra Space Storage - Extra Space Storage has approximately 1.4 million units and about 152.6 million square feet of rentable space, offering a wide variety of personal or business storage solutions.
  2. Life Storage - With over 30 years of experience in providing quality storage services, Life Storage offers both climate-controlled and humidity-controlled storage solutions.
  3. CubeSmart Storage - CubeSmart offers high-quality self-storage facilities with one of the highest service ratings in the industry.
  4. Public Storage - Public Storage offers convenient storage solutions allowing you to rent a storage facility online, skip the counter, and go directly to your storage space.
  5. U-Haul Self Storage - U-Haul Self Storage keeps your items protected not just from the weather but also from humidity.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage has excellent climate control storage services and keeps its units at 55-80°F. They have storage facilities in approximately 2,000 locations, so they are easily accessible.


Extra Space Storage offers two types of storage unit access including outdoor drive-up access and indoor access. If you are looking for climate control, the better choice is the latter. The indoor access storage units are installed within a building so they work more like a walk-in closet. These spaces protect your belongings from the elements and unpredictable weather changes.


Several factors go into the cost of a climate-controlled storage unit including the amenities, unit size, and location among others. This company offers highly competitive rates plus special deals such as free for the first month.


  • Highly efficient service
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Detailed climate control information
  • Reliable security


  • High storage cost

Life Storage

Life Storage is one of the companies that offer comprehensive climate-controlled storage units. They have strong security features that can give you peace of mind. They are conveniently located in 1,000 locations in 35 states.


Life Storage offers different types of climate control storage which include Climate-Controlled Storage Units, Humidity-Controlled Storage Units, Heated Storage Units, Air Cooled Storage Units, Air Conditioned Storage Units. All these facilities are designed to preserve and prevent damage to your important belongings.


The cost of storage units generally varies depending on the location and size of the unit. For example, a 5' x 5' climate control storage can cost $85 per month in one location but a bit higher or lower in other locations. They do offer specials on a regular basis such as 1 month free on select storage units and a 15% discount when you book online.


  • Secured location
  • Multiple climate control solutions
  • Numerous positive customer reviews
  • Frequent special offers


  • High storage cost

CubeSmart Storage

If you are looking for an affordable climate-controlled storage unit, CubeSmart may have a solution for you. Many of the services they offer cost lower than industry standards.


CubeSmart offers different types of premium services depending on the location. These services include automatic door openers, lighting and electricity, remote-controlled facility access, shelving options, and remote video monitoring. As for their climate-controlled storage, there are different sizes you can choose from, allowing you to easily find the perfect fit.


The location and the size of the unit are two important factors that determine the price. On average, a small 3'x4' storage locker costs approximately $50 per month while a large 8'x20' storage locker can cost around $320 per month.


  • Easy booking via their online facility
  • Affordable cost
  • Provides different discount offers such as military discounts and referral discounts
  • Lots of sizes to choose from


  • No mention of the use of an alarm system in their facilities

Public Storage

Public Storage is one of the leading providers of storage units for business and personal use. They are available in thousands of locations across the country.


Whatever you want to store in climate-controlled storage, Public Storage can handle it for you. The company's storage facilities are designed to safely keep a wide range of objects and items such as wines, wood furniture, leather and fabrics, photos, films, camera lenses, record albums and magnetic media, and musical instruments among others.


Monthly rates for storage units with climate control at Public Storage range from about $120 to $300 per month depending on the size. To save on the cost, you could take advantage of the specials that they offer from time to time such as the $1 rent for the first month if you call them to reserve a space.


  • Most locations are available from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM which is really convenient
  • No lock-in contract as payment is on a monthly basis


  • Reservation does not guarantee unit availability.

U-Haul Self Storage

Although U-Haul is in fact a truck rental company, they also provide self-storage services, some of which feature temperature control and hard-to-find humidity control. Their storage services may not be very comprehensive but they are tough to beat when it comes to low prices.


U-Haul provides a wide variety of storage spaces unique to its local market. Many of its locations offer humidity-controlled storage, climate-controlled storage, and heated storage among others. While access to these facilities may vary depending on the facility, in many locations they allow 24-hour access.


The cost of storage units at U-Haul depends on the size and amenities. Their small storage lockers measuring 5' x 10' x 9.6' cost at least $90 per month while their bigger units measuring 10' x 44' x 9.6' cost approximately $300 per month.


  • Affordable storage cost
  • Helpful climate-control feature
  • Some facilities may also offer humidity control storage units


  • Availability of climate-controlled storage varies by facility, some of which may not offer this type of service.

What To Look For When Finding Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Before choosing a climate-controlled storage unit, consider the following factors:

Temperature controls.

Be aware of the recommended temperatures for your items and look for a unit that can keep the temperatures at those levels. For example, if you have vinyl records that you want to store, the optimum temperature to maintain is 65–70°F. In some rare cases, some storage providers offer controllable temperature, which allows you to control the temperature by yourself according to your needs. Of course, you should expect higher charges based on this specific feature.

Humidity controls.

Not many companies offer humidity-controlled storage so if this is what you need, check first with your local storage unit company if they have it. You should also check with the company their humidity range and see if it's a good fit for your items. Humidity-controlled storage units are ideal if you want to secure cameras and lenses, which are the most common items to be put into the humidity-control storage.

Rates / Prices

The rates and prices for each climate-controlled storage unit can greatly vary depending on the company, size, and storage period. If you compare comprehensively, you may be able to get a unit for $200 per month in your area. It's important to note that rates should not be your primary consideration when making a decision. Make sure to also check the features of the units before choosing one.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews can give you insights into what other customers are saying about the company. Some companies may have attractive offers but behind that are many unhappy customers so be sure to read customer reviews before making that commitment.

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