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An Overview of Home Depot Truck Rental

Whether you have just bought a new home or looking for a rental truck to help you in DIY remodeling, Home Depot Truck Rental offers all kinds of rental trucks. With its reliable and experienced service, you can effortlessly move your home.

The services are not limited to a single kind. Rather they have cargo vans, box trucks, flatbeds, and other larger trucks. You can rent their trucks at an affordable price in nearly any part of the country.

All you need to do is fill out some simple details about where you are moving from, where you are moving to, and how many rooms are involved. Home Depot Truck Rental services can help you move supplies, box and unbox, load and unload, and store.

Moreover, Home Depot Truck Rental is a licensed service, which means you are opting for a trusted partner.

About Home Depot Services

As mentioned, Home Depot offers numerous services, which are as follows,

Flatbed Pickups

If you are okay with your belongings moving under the open air, flatbed pickups are one of the most affordable options available at Home Depot. These are spacious enough for your appliances are small furniture items.

Cargo Vans

You must go for cargo vans if you want a vehicle to move larger furniture items. You can easily handle an apartment project with a cargo van. They are built sturdily and can carry up to 3000 pounds of weight.

Though cargo vans are usually used for short distances, they are quick.

Box Trucks

It is the most sturdy and largest option available at Hone Depot Truck Rental. With the spacious 515 cubic meters box trucks, you can move an entire home. These trucks are an ideal option for long-distance moving.

If you opt for box trucks, you can choose among the different sizes available at Home Depot.

Other Services

Other services offered by Home Depot Truck Rental include,

  • Loading and unloading supplies
  • Boxing and unboxing supplies
  • Short-distance round-trip rentals
  • Long-distance one-way rentals

Who Is Qualified to Rent a Moving Truck from Home Depot?

Home Depot Truck Rental services are acclaimed. One of the reasons for its diverse customer base is its credibility and ease of access.

However, you must meet some basic requirements to rent a moving truck from Home Depot.

  • You must have a US or Canadian driver's license.
  • Your age must be above 21 years.
  • You must have evidence of vehicle insurance.
  • You must submit a deposit to rent a moving truck.

You are good to go if you believe you can fulfill all these requirements.

How to Get a Moving Truck Quote from Home Depot?

You can get a moving quote from Home Depot in the following steps,

  1. Firstly, decode the size of the truck you want to rent. If you are moving a dorm or small apartment, you might need a small truck. However, you might need a big truck if you are moving your entire home.
  2. Once you have decided on the truck size, call the number given on the website. Once you tell them about your requirements, you can instantly get a quote.

You can also get quotes from other rental companies and compare their prices to decide what’s best for you.

Pros & Cons of Home Depot Moving Truck


  • No upfront costs
  • Numerous options
  • Hassle-free services


  • No reservations for usual pickups
  • Expensive
  • Costly deposit

What Is the Cost of Rent a Truck From Home Depot?

Firstly, you have to pay a $150 deposit for the services. The rest of the costs differ based on trucks and distance.

If you opt for a van, it will cost you,

  • $19 for 75 minutes
  • $129 for 24 hours
  • $903 for a week

If you opt for a box truck, it will cost you,

  • $29 for 75 minutes
  • $139 for 24 hours
  • $973 for a week

These costs apply only to the service. However, the additional fees are required in moving, as Home Depot doesn’t cover them under its services.

What Will Affect the Cost?

The price of your rental truck service might vary depending on a few factors. Here is what affects the cost of rental trucks:

  • Time - whether you need it urgently or after a few days
  • The date you book
  • Taxes
  • Distance between your current location and destination
  • Additional services
  • Moving coverage

Considering all these factors, estimating the overall cost. However, getting a quote can be within minutes on its website.

Reviews of Home Depot Moving Trucks

If you are a newbie with no previous experience in dealing with such rental companies, you might want to rely on customer reviews besides your research.

Regarding the reviews, Better Business Bureau shows Home Depot has an A rating overall, and the customer ratings are one-star. Though it is one of the most expensive truck rental service providers, the experience and professionalism are worth it. Some people complain they couldn’t find trucks when needed, but it is primarily because they went unannounced.

Get in Touch with Home Depot through NearbyMovers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to rent a truck in advance?

No, Home Depot doesn’t offer the option of making reservations in advance. However, it is highly probable that you go to get a truck and might not find what you want. So, it is better to call them beforehand.

Will Home Depot provide insurance for its rental trucks?

No, Home Depot doesn’t offer insurance for its local rental trucks. It is why having proof of your insurance is a prerequisite for renting a truck from Home Depot.

Is it possible to rent a dolly from Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot offers additional tools such as dolly for helping you to move your possessions. However, their cost is not covered by the service expense. You can bring your own tools or have to pay for them separately.

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