Top 3 Picks for Temporary Storage Rental

Whether relocating, renovating your home, or needing extra storage, a storage facility is necessary. We've reviewed the top 3 temporary storage companies to enable you to find the right match with ease.

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What is a Temporary Storage Service?

Temporary storage service provides rented storage facilities for short-term use, typically no more than three months. It allows individuals to store their possessions for some time, usually due to relocation or house renovation.

Companies may also seek temporary storage services, especially when they need more room to store their inventory of goods, equipment, or archives.

There are two primary Temporary Storage types - self-storage and curbside storage. Self-storage facilities offer you rental storage facilities, but you have to arrange for the items to be moved to the storage location by yourself.

Curbside storage means that you hire a mobile storage container that will be delivered to your destination by the container company. What you are required to do during the process is receive the container and put your staff into it.

What Should You Be Aware of Before Picking Up a Temporary Storage Service?

Here are the things to know to get the best bang for your buck before signing up with a temporary storage company.

Security features

Security is the most important factor for a storage service. Hence, before choosing the temporary storage service provider, inspect their facilities for security features such as:

  • 24/7 camera surveillance.
  • Onsite personnel.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Access control system.
  • Pest control

These features may increase your storage costs, but it's well worth the extra expense since losing your precious items or having them damaged will incur even higher costs.

Monthly rentals

Finding a company that offers monthly rentals is important if you are not sure how long your possession might be in storage. After all, no one is willing to pay the 4-month cost for a 1-month rental.

However, your storage company could increase your monthly rates if you rent for only a month. But this won’t matter if you plan to use their services for only a few months.

Discounts for online booking

Look out for storage companies that offer discounts when you use online services. Shop around and compare each company's online rates before settling on one.

How to Choose the Best Short-term Storage Company?

Temporary storage service providers offer different plans depending on each customer's unique storage requirement. Here are factors to consider:

How much space you'll need

It would help if you had a rough estimate of the space you need for all your stuff to get the right rental unit size.

Storage containers offer limited-size options compared to self-storage facilities. Typical storage unit sizes are 8, 12, and 16 feet. Discuss your storage needs with your service provider, and they will recommend the best size unit.

Location and access

You might want a unit you can easily access if you use Storage during a home renovation. In that case, a storage container is your best option since you can keep it in your driveway and pick up items as needed.

Cost and term flexibility

In most cases, it's tough to determine precisely the length of time your possession might stay in Storage. You should opt for a storage company that offers monthly lease payments. That way, you can end the contract when you no longer need the storage services.

Facility amenities

You must take special precautions if you plan on storing sensitive items such as electronics and fragile items. Check for facilities that offer temperature and humidity control. Some things are susceptible to extreme temperatures, even if for a short time.


As previously mentioned, the security of your belongings is vital when considering storage solutions. Go with a short-term storage service that has state-of-the-art security amenities. These include round-the-clock, monitored CCTV surveillance, coded access control, pest control, etc

If security is not so crucial, or you have good protection on your property, it's cheaper to hire a storage container.

About the 3 Best Short-Term Storage Companies

If you plan to relocate or renovate your home, you may need to keep your possession in storage for a while. You will need a storage facility where you can keep your things with the assurance that they will be intact and safe when you retrieve them.

To make it easier for you, we have reviewed many companies that specialize in short-term storage, and here are the companies that make our top three:

Extra Space Storage

ExtraSpace Storage is one of the largest storage companies in the United States, with more than 1,850 self-storage spread across 35 states. The company prioritizes security in each facility, and you'll get self-storage units with advanced alarm systems and coded access control. In addition, onsite property managers on ExtraSpace facilities ensure great security and are available to deal with your issues. You'll also get scheduled pest control services, which is very necessary if you store your belongings for lengthy periods.

ExtraSpace offers storage facilities in standard unit sizes ranging from 5x5 to 10x30 feet. They also offer outdoor vehicle storage that can fit an R.V. or a compact vehicle.

ExtraSpace monthly fees are on the high side compared to similar services, starting from $120 to $390. They offer insurance coverage of $2,000 to $10,000 on stored possession, with monthly premiums ranging from $11 to $47.


  • Top-notch Security.
  • Wide coverage with almost 2,000 storage facilities across the U.S.


  • Relatively expensive.


PODS, or Portable On Demand Storage, is a short-term storage provider with over 230 facilities in 46 U.S. states and prevalence in Australia, Canada, and the UK. in addition to storage services, PODS also offers local and long-distance moving services.

PODS offers self-storage containers in three sizes - 7, 12, and 16 feet. Although not equipped with climate-control amenities, PODS storage containers are built with weather resistance in mind. After loading the storage containers, you can keep them on your property or have PODS move them to their storage facility. They can also move it to your new home if you're relocating.

You can keep PODS units as long as you want and can afford the monthly payments starting at $149


  • Storage rentals with flexible plans.
  • Multiple weather-proof steel container sizes.
  • Available in 46 states.


  • Pricing can be confusing.
  • No climate-controlled storage containers.

Public Storage

Public Storage, the largest storage company in the world, has locations in the U.S. and Europe. It also boasts the largest discounts and lowest prices.

Public Storage features a wide range of services, including specialty storage for vehicles and boats, climate-controlled storage units for sensitive possessions like artwork and electronics, and outdoor drive-up storage.

Public Storage bills its clients monthly for all storage services and plans. The smallest unit size starts at a $66 monthly rental. Public Storage tops the list as the most affordable temporary storage option with industry-leading promotional offers.


  • $1 rental for the initial month (at select locations).
  • The highest number of locations in the industry.
  • Specialized vehicle and boat storage.
  • Climate-controlled storage units.


  • Lack of 24/7 access in some locations.
  • No pest control.


Storage is necessary when you want to move homes or undertake a home renovation. The temporary storage rental solutions on this list offer you the best self-storage experience. For high-level security and wide availability, we recommend Extra Space Storage. PODS is your go-to temporary self-storage solution if you need stuff hauled to a different location. Public Storage is perfect for you if you're on a budget.


Q1: How much should I pay for a storage unit?

Pricing for storage units depends on your location, unit sizes, and any other optional add-on service such as climate-controlled storage. You may also need insurance to cover your belongings in storage. On average, the monthly cost of self-storage in the United States is $190. Your service provider can change the pricing anytime, especially if you signed up for monthly rentals.

Q2: What can't I keep in a storage unit?

Temporary storage companies can accommodate many items, including artwork, furniture, electronics, and even wine. However, You can't keep things like weapons and hazardous materials due to their potential for causing accidents. Prohibited items include firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, gasoline, chemicals, etc. You can not also store plants and animals and perishable items like food.

Confirm with the storage facility agents if you are unsure if any of your belongings can be classified as unsafe to store.

Q3: How does full-service storage differ from self-storage?

Self-storage means you'll move your possessions into the storage unit yourself. In comparison, full-service storage entails the storage company handling everything for you, from neatly packing your items to hauling them to the storage facility.

Self-storage allows easy access to your stuff since you'll control the lock and is often cheaper. On the other hand, full-service storage doesn't grant you unfettered access but will provide better security and usually costs more.

Q4: Should I rent climate-controlled storage?

It depends on the items you want to store. Any item that can be damaged by heat, cold, or humidity should be stored in climate-controlled storage facilities, especially if the items will be stored for prolonged periods. These sensitive items include artwork, wine, antiques, and other collector items. Climate-controlled units are regulated to keep the temperature and humidity at a predetermined level regardless of the climate conditions.

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