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Simply Self Storage provides climate-controlled units, low prices, contact-free rentals, and wine storage, but they have limited locations.

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About Simply Self Storage

Founded in 2003, Simply Self Storage's core vision is to make the self-storage experience as easy as can be, at the same time providing a variety of convenient and secure storage units that meet both personal and business needs.

Simply Self Storage has storage facilities in many convenient locations and millions of square feet of storage space and offers all kinds of clean, safe, and stressless options for your storage needs. As one of the most popular self-storage companies, Simply Self Storage offers a range of services, including climate-controlled units, long-term storage, vehicle storage, and wine storage. These storage units have varying sizes ranging from 5x5 to 20x30 square feet, including drive-up access, vehicles, recreational vehicles, and boat parking spaces.

Features And Services

Simply Self Storage has different storage solutions, and they'll vary depending on what your storage needs are.

These features and services include:

  • Contactless rental
  • Mini-storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Boat storage
  • Recreational Vehicle storage
  • Business storage
  • Long-term storage
  • Self Storage insurance

Additional services include moving and packing supplies you'll need to transport your stuff smoothly and easily.

Price Range And Cost Factor

Price range

Simply Self Storage costs a monthly fee of around $160, which is about $20 below the average industry charges. Their prices are quite affordable across the market - as low as 15% below what is obtainable in the self-storage industry.

The prices vary depending on the size of the storage unit you're getting and also on whether or not the unit is climate controlled.

Cost Factor

Factors affecting cost at Simply Self Storage are:

  • Storage size: The very basic cost factor of storage costs is the size. The larger space you need, the more you expect to pay.
  • Availability: When there are plenty of empty units at the storage facility, they'll cost less. However, when there are limited units, they typically cost more.
  • Climate control: Generally, storage companies charge more for climate-controlled units, but you can find climate-controlled storage units for less via online sales.
  • Discounts: When there are discounts, storage prices are typically less, and Simply Self Storage occasionally offers discounts that let you pay less than usual.
  • Online sales: Going online to make arrangements for your storage needs is less expensive compared to going to a physical facility, and according to, you could save up to $50 if you place your order online.

Commercial Storage

This is basically storage that caters to business owners’ storage needs.

Idea Of Commercial Storage

The idea of commercial storage is for business owners who need extra room to keep their business properties at affordable rates.

Businesses that might need Commercial Storage

Of course, commercial storage will not be suitable for all businesses because their storage needs will vary. Businesses that may need commercial storage include contractors, landscapers, painters, roofers, and retailers.

Items prohibited

Not everything can be stored in commercial storage facilities due to the safety risk involved and the fact that having them is illegal. Explosives or corrosive or hazardous items, guns and ammunition, perishable items, unregistered vehicles, asbestos and fertilizers, and any other items that pose health risks are prohibited items.

Wine Storage

Being one of Simply Self Storage's biggest selling points, wine storage is essential for wine collectors who need the best conditions for their wine bottles.

Setting up wine storage at home can be quite expensive, so the Wine storage feature at Simply Self Storage is a good alternative.

Their wine storage lockers are climate controlled with a built-in cooling system and humidifier. They are about 3 × 3 feet in size and just the right size for a small collection of wines. Whenever you need wine storage for your business or personal wine collection, you just need to call Simply Self Storage nearest to you to place your order.

Insurance Coverage

It is important to have peace of mind concerning the storage facility where your things are stored; hence you need the Self-Storage insurance feature.

At Simply Self Storage, tenants are provided with an insurance package worth $2000 as part of their in-house Safeguard Program. If the facility closest to you does not have the Safeguard program, they are equipped to provide you with other insurance coverage for your items at low prices to be paid monthly.

Paying for an insurance package is very important so that you can rest assured that your items are safe from any unforeseen circumstances.

Moving With NearbyMovers

While moving homes or relocating your business, you may need the services of storage companies like Simply Self Storage. But for the proper moving, you need NearbyMovers, someone who can connect you with a list of professional movers. NearbyMovers does not provide storage services, focusing on connecting expert moving services with home moves or business relocation.

Finding movers that'll deliver your items from the pickup point to the place of delivery without any loss, breakage, etc. can be hard. NearbyMovers helps connect you to reputable and reliable moving companies near you.

Below is the simple process involved:

  1. Get in touch: You can reach NeabyMovers via 888-217-1969 or run a quick search on our site using your address, ZIP code, city, or state to find the Movers nearest to you.
  2. Compare and review offers: Once you share your information with us, we will forward them to the moving companies near you, and they will contact you right away. Check out their offers available for service types, pricing plans, location, and customer reviews.
  3. Confirm hire and date: Pick the most appropriate offer for you and contact them to finalize plans.
  4. Wait for the delivery: The moving crew will show up at your location, pack and load your stuff into their truck and move them to your new destination.


What is long-term storage, and what is that for?

Long-term storage is a storage option that allows people to store their items for an extended period ranging from some months to years.

People choose long-term storage options for different reasons depending on their storage needs per time. Some choose long-term storage because they have household items that are taking up too much space. These are usually items that they're not using at the moment and are not willing to get rid of. Similarly, they could choose long-term storage for saving their grown-up kids' childhood belongings for keepsakes.

Long-term storage is great for people who're moving, going abroad, vacationing, serving in the military, etc, and they need to store their items until they're back and ready to get them. However long it'll be, Simply Self Storage has facilities that offer affordable, long-term storage units for as long as you'd like.

What should I keep in mind when choosing a storage facility?

When choosing a storage facility, here are a few things to keep in mind;

  • Choose climate-controlled units: This is so that the ideal temperature will remain constant to protect your electronic devices and other items from heat, humidity, etc.
  • Look out for positive online ratings and reviews: Check out the ratings and reviews others leave online before deciding on which storage facility to use.
  • Go for safe and secure locations
  • Choose convenient, time-saving options (contactless online storage rental)
  • Consider those with packing and moving supplies first
  • Any cost-saving options, e.g., discounts, special promotions, etc.

How should I pack my stuff before getting a storage unit from Simply Self Storage?

Before getting a storage unit from Simply Self Storage, one of the most important things to do is to organize and pack your stuff before stacking everything into your storage unit. Here are a few pointers;

  • Buy packing necessities: These are things you'll need for packing your items for storage. They include boxes, mattress bags, bubble wrap, furniture covers, glass packs, mattress bags, plaster/sellotape, ropes, etc.
  • Pack your clothes in storage bins: Packing your clothes in storage bins is the best option as they come with lids to protect them from dust, mildew, and moisture from getting to your clothes.
  • Remember to use cedar balls to ward off moths or unwanted odor, and do not forget to label your bins for easy access in the future.
  • Pack your appliances safely: This is to prevent them from being broken during storage.
  • Pack your furniture properly: Do not use plastic coverings, especially for long-term storage to avoid moisture damage. Use blankets and other covers instead.

How to choose the right size for my stuff?

When thinking about the size of the storage unit you need, you have to take stock of the number of items you're going to store. Deciding on the right size of the storage unit you need can be a little tricky because the units come in several sizes between 5'x5' to 10'x30'. After taking inventory of the items you need to be stored, you can also reach out to Simply Self Storage’s size guide to help you visualize and decide on the right unit size. A 5'x5' unit can store a few boxes along with a small size mattress, while a 10'x30' unit can store up to 3 bedrooms of stuff, including several boxes, closets, mattresses, chairs, and disassembled beds. Storage units can contain furniture, appliances, boxes, exercise equipment, and other items that you'll need to store.

What if I have special requests or specifications regarding my storage unit?

If you have special requests or specifications regarding your storage unit, probably due to the nature of the items you're planning to store or how long they're going to be stored for, you'll just have to communicate the same to Simply Self Storage. One of the most common requests by tenants is to access their units whenever they want, which is possible since many facilities allow 24-hour access at no extra cost, which means you get access to your items anytime you choose.

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