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In this International Van Lines review, we’ll talk about one of the best moving companies you can hire right now.

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About International Van Lines

International Van Lines, as its name implies, is a US-based moving company that can act as both carrier and transport broker. It maintains an extensive international network of companies, partners, and third parties that it uses to offer a comprehensive and impressive set of services. Some of its best advantages include its international availability and stellar customer service.

Moving Features

The International Van Lines is among the top-rated moving companies to offer both national and international moving availability. Within the United States, they utilize the fastest-growing fleet of moving trucks and in-house personnel in the country. At the same time, IVL outsources their international shipping service to thousands of third-party partners to ensure that services are available and delivered in as many as 150 countries around the globe.

International Van Lines offers multiple features for every moving job that they do, local or international.

  • Loading and unloading. IVL employs expert carriers and follows legal regulations to ensure complete oversight throughout the loading and disembarking process.
  • Space maximization. IVL will make sure to utilize every single space during the loading process by providing basic assembly and disassembly services for furniture to maximize space utilization and save moving costs.
  • Protection. IVL can guarantee expert use of straps, ties, pads, blankets, and other protective implements to ensure no furniture or equipment is damaged during transport.
  • Liability protection. Up to $10,000 of liability protection on items moved, about Liability protection ($0.60 per lb. per article.
  • Road fees. Mileage, fuel, tolls, taxes, etc., are covered, except when otherwise stated.
  • Other insurance. Full value protection, marine insurance, and others are also offered.

Price Of Moving

International Van Lines offers comprehensive services for local and international freight with reasonable, industry-standard costs. They also offer a free quotation service that will estimate your bills depending on a variety of factors.

To give you an idea, a ballpark figure for a 4-bedroom home with an 8,731 lbs. shipping weight would be:

  • 140 to 546 miles: $9,680.00
  • 1,011 to 1,174 miles: $10,393.00

Getting estimates on local moves will vary based on hourly rates. Factors that will then affect the hourly rates are:

  • Number of movers
  • Time and date of the move
  • Size and weight of the cargo
  • Number of heavy items to move

However, getting a more reliable estimate of long-haul and international moving fees is one of the pain points in transacting with IVL, as you will have to provide them with the complete inventory list of your stuff, as well as details such as the moving date and moving location. There are also add-on services, such as elevators, long carries, packing materials, special handling, and more.

The IVL website offers free quotation services, or you can also call them and talk to a representative to figure out potential prices.

Service Coverage

International Van Lines provides comprehensive services in both local and international fields. They cover the full range of services, from loading, handling, disembarking, and on-site carrying. IVL handles typical house moves, as well as corporate relocations, complete office moves, government and military transportation, and long-distance auto transports.

On the international side, IVL offers international auto transport, ocean freight, and air freight.

Aside from those main services, they also offer an array of miscellaneous services, such as:

  • Item insurance
  • Online reservations
  • Packing, disassembly, and assembly.
  • Moving advice
  • Temporary storage
  • Door-to-door service
  • Port-to-port service
  • 24/7 customer support

Relocate With NearbyMovers

International Van Lines is indeed one of the best ones in the market, but quote estimation and customer service can be time-consuming due to their massive customer base.

This is why you should consider NearbyMovers. NearbyMovers is a local integrated moving-related online platform that not only provides moving information but can also connect you to our moving partner network to assist you when you need help relocating. Here are some of its best features.

Wide network of trusted partners

NearbyMovers boasts a wide network of moving companies, carriers, transporters, and workers, all vouched-for and trusted. We maintain close contact with our local partners, made easy by the scale of the company’s main operations.

24/7 customer service

Moving can be stressful, especially when it comes to service quotations. NearbyMovers minimizes your stress by providing you with round-the-clock service. Whether for free quotations or reporting issues, NearbyMovers guarantees assistance available through the given channels. You can contact NearbyMovers by phone to get all the moving help you need.

Hassle-free Moving Experience

Looking for movers around you? NearbyMovers uses advanced analytic tools to find you the best moving company near you based on your situation, not only based on distance. Start with inputting your address or zip code and hand your moving over to our list of trusted moving partners.

Using NearbyMovers To Order Moving Services

NearbyMovers prides itself on its complete information database and hassle-free service. Looking for a trustworthy, high-quality local mover can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Contact us to get quotes. Give us a call at 888-217-1969 and let us know your address as well as the amount of stuff you need to relocate, and we will get you connected with our network of partner movers.
  2. Compare offers. NearbyMovers platform will then field a couple of offers from various local moving companies that can cater to your specific services. Since we will pass the necessary information such as contact information and moving quantity to our partner movers, some moving companies will contact you directly in some cases.
  3. Get the best deal. Pick the ones that work the best for you. Remember to consider price, guarantees, services, and more before you choose.
  4. Await transport. After you’ve confirmed your choice, all you have to do is sit back and relax as your chosen moving company gathers and transports your goods based on your arrangement.


Can I transport my vehicle using International Van Lines?

International Van Lines is able to transport vehicles of all sizes, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats. They have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to shipping your vehicle, so they can accommodate your needs and budget.

Can International Van Lines deal with military relocation?

International Van Lines is a full-service moving company that can do military relocations. They have a team of dedicated professionals who are experienced in handling all aspects of a military move, from start to finish. They will make sure that your transition will be as smooth as possible.

Do International Van Lines offer air freight services?

International Van Lines offers both air and sea freight services. Their air services are available for both small and large shipments, and they can ship to most major airports around the world. It's also much faster than sea freight, although it's still not the same thing as express service.

How can I estimate the moving cost?

To get an estimate of your moving costs with International Van Lines, you can either call their customer service department or use their online moving cost calculator. For a more accurate estimate via customer service, be sure to provide your current address and the address of your new home, and a list of the items you'll be moving.

What are the differences between a local move and a long-distance move?

There are several key differences between local moves and long-distance moves. The most obvious difference is the distance that the move will cover. A local move generally covers a distance of less than 100 miles, while a long-distance move will cover a distance of more than 100 miles. Other differences include the amount of time it will take to complete the move, the cost of the transportation, and the amount of planning and coordination that will be required.

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