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What is American Van Lines?

American Van Lines (AVL) is a family-owned and operated moving company offering local and long-distance moving services for both residential and commercial clients. The company, originally founded in 1967, is certified by the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) to provide city-to-city and state-to-state relocation services and has a large fleet of trucks to accommodate any number of items you may have.

Also, unlike many moving companies that outsource relocation jobs to third-party agents, AVL has the capacity to handle all long-distance moves using its moving trucks and hired staff. Therefore, if you hire them, you'll communicate directly with the people handling your moving process from start to finish.

All AVL's employees are vetted carefully to ensure they are dependable and trustworthy. They also undergo regular training and certification to ensure they have adequate skills and expertise to handle any type of move. You can rely on them to complete your move without any hitches.

Pros and Cons of American Van Lines

Check out some of the pros and cons of hiring AVL to handle your move.


    • Offers private storage compartments and storage vaults in climate-controlled environments to keep your things safe and secure while in storage.
    • Affordable and competitive pricing.
    • All the movers are trained and certified to handle delicate items such as pianos, antiques, and art pieces.
    • Guaranteed date and time for delivery at an additional cost.


    • Only offers local moving services in North Carolina, South Florida, and Dallas-Fort Worth
    • Doesn’t promote auto car shipping services
    • Doesn’t offer instant quotes online

American Van Lines Services

Here are some of the essential services offered by AVL.

Local and long-distance moves

A local move is typically any move within a 50 miles radius. Such moves typically only need a few hours to complete. On the other hand, a long-distance move may involve moving from one city to another, an interstate move, or even an international move. AVL can help you complete all these moves successfully.

Full-service moves

For full-service moves, AVL handles every aspect of your move from packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking. This includes special packing and crating for fragile and oddly-shaped items. And if you have heavy furniture items, the crew members will disassemble and reassemble them during the move.

Partial Packing Services

Perhaps you want to pack your belongings but need assistance with a few special items. AVL will help you pack those special items while you do the rest.

Military moving

Relocating to a new military post takes a lot of planning and budgeting, especially if you’re moving with your family. AVL offers free in-home estimates, furniture disassembly and reassembly, packing materials, packing and unpacking services, online shipment tracking, military-approved storage facilities, and more.

Storage facilities

AVL provides storage compartments inside stormproof and fireproof buildings monitored with 24-hour surveillance cameras. This means you can store your valuable items without worrying about theft or damage by fire or elements. The storage units are also climate-controlled to protect items that would be damaged by fluctuations in temperature or humidity.

Commercial moving and relocation

Whether you're switching offices or opening a new branch in another location, AVL can facilitate your move. This may include moving all your office furniture, equipment, appliances, and files as well as packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading services.

Piano and antiques moving

A piano move is usually complicated and time-consuming due to the heavyweight, odd shape, and delicate nature of the piano. But the crew members at AVL are trained and experienced in moving any type or size of a piano without damaging the valuable instrument. They also have the moving equipment needed to complete the move quickly and with minimal hassle.

Moving boxes and supplies

AVL sells a variety of packing and moving supplies to those people who are looking to complete DIY moves. These supplies include moving boxes, mirror and picture frame cases, china barrels for glassware, and wardrobe boxes.

How Much Does American Van Lines Cost?

According to estimates by AVL, a move for 2,732 miles will cost as follows for different sizes of homes.

    • One-bedroom apartment (4000 pounds belongings) = $5,227
    • Two-bedroom apartment (6,000 pounds belongings)= $7,297
    • Three-bedroom house (10,000 pounds belongings) = $11,327
    • Four-bedroom house (14,000 pounds belongings) = $15,202

These prices are just estimates based on multiple moves AVL has handled in the past. To know how much you need to pay, for sure, get a quote for your move.

It's also worth noting that AVL requires a complete inventory of your home and sometimes a virtual or in-person home assessment before giving a flat-rate price for your move. The good news is, your moving costs won't change as long as you don't add extra stuff to your shipment after the inventory has been submitted.

Main Factors Affecting Cost

Overall size/weight of your belongings

The more household goods you have and the heavier they are, the higher the cost of your move. This explains why moving a four-bedroom house costs more than moving a one-bedroom apartment.

Distance of the move

The greater the distance of your move, the more the moving costs.

Specific moving requests

Costs may vary depending on the moving requests that you have. For example, if you have delicate items that require special packing, you can expect to pay more than someone who only needs transport services.

How to Get Quotes from American Van Lines

Getting a moving quote from AVL is super easy and fast. You just need to fill in a short form with your personal information and the details of your move to receive a quote. After that, AVL representatives will call you to learn more about your specific moving needs. The quote is free and there are no obligations on your part.

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American Van Lines FAQs

  1. Is North American Van Lines the same as American Van Lines?

No. These two companies may have almost similar names, but they are not the same. However, both companies are van lines, offering local, interstate, and international relocation services.

  1. Is American Van Lines legit?

AVL is a licensed, legitimate relocation company that has been in existence since 1967. The company's MC number is 294798, while the USDOY number is 614506.

  1. Does American Van Lines require a deposit?

Yes. AVL requires an up-front deposit for a move. This deposit typically ranges between 10% and 50% of the entire moving cost, depending on the size and type of move.

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