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The most fun way to ship a motorcycle is definitely to ride it, but this isn't always convenient or possible. Besides, not every dirt bike and scooter loves the highway.

If this is the case, you'll have to look into motorcycle shipping companies to get your bike from where it is to where it should be; safely, on time, and without spending a bundle. Here is a couple for you to choose from:

AmeriFreight - Best for shipping expensive bikes due to carefully selected partner companies.

Montway Auto Transport - Often the cheapest and with a good safety record.

HaulBikes - Run by bikers, for bikers, this motorcycle transport company does its own shipping.

Motorcycle Shippers - One of the easiest for getting a motorcycle shipping quote and generally hassle-free to use.

Easy Auto Ship - An economical option if you're willing to wait a few days and pick up the bike from a depot.

Top 5 Motorcycle Transport Services

Before reading further, you should understand that most of these motorcycle shipping companies don't always move bikes from one garage to another themselves - some of them don't even own any trucks. Instead, they oversee the process and help you find the best rates.


You get what you pay for, as the saying goes. With AmeriFreight, this means peace of mind. Not only do they offer one of the best insurance packages out there (with up to $2,000 towards your deductible and 48 hours to report any damage), they carefully vet the drivers they use. Only one in twenty makes the cut. You can choose between 3 shipping options - First Class, Economy, or Priority Preferred. First Class means shipping a motorcycle within 24 hours but is the most expensive. The other two cost less, but don't offer same-day motorcycle hauling.

Price: Usually on the high side. The quote we got: $1,050

Services Offered: House moving, boat, car and motorcycle delivery, general shipping

Insurance Coverage: Up to $2,000 on your deductible (assuming the bike is insured elsewhere), with a generous 48-hour claim period.


  • “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Uses only trusted drivers and carriers.
  • Higher-than-normal compensation for damaged bikes.
  • Will match any quote within 25 miles of one of their offices (but only from BBB-accredited companies).


  • You may have to pay more than the quoted price if using 2 out of their 3 shipping options.
  • Could have to wait days or weeks for shipping unless you pay a premium.
  • Online reviews for this company are suspiciously scarce.

Why Choose AmeriFreight?

Motorcycle transportation always involves some risk of dings, scratches, or worse. AmeriFreight goes the extra mile in keeping your bike safe and gives you two full days to find any damage - very useful during the hustle and bustle.of a long move.

Montway Auto Transport

There are some advantages to going with a company that specializes in car and motorcycle transport. Like AmeriFreight, Montway uses only drivers and hauling companies with a reputation for getting cargo to its destination in one piece. One of their requirements is that bikes are shipped in enclosed trailers, in a car-sized space, and are therefore protected from the elements and passing vandals.

Price: Generally pretty low, but not always the most economical. The quote we got: $825.

Services Offered: Classic car transport, car and motorcycle transport, vehicle rental and dealership logistics, house moving, couriering.

Insurance Coverage: About average - up to $7,000 as standard.


  • “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Covers all 50 states, including rural areas.
  • No size or weight restrictions on motorcycles (can ship with sidecar, for instance).
  • GPS tracking on all shipments (though not individual bikes).


  • Prices quoted aren't guaranteed.
  • Geared more towards shipping larger vehicles.
  • Door-to-door shipping generally costs about $200 extra

Why Choose Montway Auto Transport?

Though not as picky about their carriers as AmeriFreight, Montway has an excellent reputation for protecting their cargo. The ability to ship outsize touring bikes and ATVs without any hassles will be a major plus for some people.


HaulBikes does only one thing - as the name implies, they are motorcycle shippers and don't normally handle any other kind of cargo. You'd think that a dedicated motorcycle transportation service knows what it's doing, and in this case you'd be right. Unlike some of its competitors, HaulBikes is a shipper, not a broker who contracts other motorcycle transport companies. This means that your bike will only be handled by people who are trained in and experienced at the task.

Price: Very competitive - not the cheapest, but good value for money. The quote we got: $700.

Services Offered: Shipping motorcycles, trikes, and ATVs.

Insurance Coverage: Fair to good: $15,000 per shipment with a $500 deductible.


  • Vehicles, skids and other equipment are all geared towards shipping motorcycles.
  • All their drivers have a motorcycle license.
  • Quotes are guaranteed - you'll pay only what you were told you would.


  • Only a “B” rating with the BBB - perfectly respectable but not as good as some competitors.
  • Can't send furniture, a car, or any other items in the same shipment.
  • Relatively long waiting times, and not all locations are well-served.

Why Choose HaulBikes?

Assuming that they're willing to pick up and deliver to your chosen locations (Hawaii and Alaska are no-gos, for instance), the convenience and security of dealing with a single company are very much worth it. In case of any snags, there can't be any buck-passing between the shipping broker and the actual motorcycle transport service, as HaulBikes does both jobs.

Motorcycle Shippers

There are advantages to motorcycle transportation services that don't handle other types of cargo and don't use separate hauling companies, primarily the knowledge that your bike will be in good hands. Contrariwise, I can usually ship my motorcycle quicker and more cheaply by contacting a general transport broker who farms out the actual delivery to other haulers. Motorcycle Shippers falls somewhere in the middle: they have their own truck fleet and drivers but also use 3rd-party shippers when this saves money.

Price: Affordable using their “Economy” service, somewhat less so for the “VIP” package. The quote we got: $830.

Services Offered: ATV, UTV, golf cart, and motorcycle delivery only.

Insurance Coverage: Okay; at least $7,000 no-deductible coverage with the option to expand your insurance.


  • Easy to get a quotation online, and prices normally don't change much from what you're quoted.
  • Motorcycles are shipped in enclosed trucks, on individual pallets with the “VIP” option.
  • “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.


  • No real-time shipment tracking.
  • Bikes are usually limited to 108” x 46” in size.
  • No discounts for seniors, students, veterans, disabled, etc.

Why Choose Motorcycle Shippers?

One thing we like a lot about this company is the simplicity of shipping a motorcycle: there are no hidden fees, they clearly explain what's expected of you, and their customer representatives are pretty good at dealing with any questions. All in all, Motorcycle Shippers is a pretty reliable company that charges fair prices.

Easy Auto Ship

Having insurance is nice; taking precautions is better. Though Easy Auto Ship will probably transport your bike alongside other vehicles and goods, each is placed in a crate or shipping container rather than strapped directly to the truck bed. Another point in their favor is their wide reach: they can usually do pickups and deliveries quickly in relatively out-of-the-way places and even ship motorcycles internationally.

Price: Usually a little below average, at least when choosing the most economical option. The quote we got: $1,200.

Services Offered: Car, truck, boat, construction vehicle, and motorcycle movers.

Insurance Coverage: $500 towards your deductible, plus $100,000 carried by the shipper.


  • “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Excellent customer ratings including for service.
  • Quoted prices remain valid for 30 days.


  • A relatively new motorcycle shipping company, founded in 2012.
  • Add-on services like door-to-door and expedited delivery raise prices significantly.
  • Doesn't have the best policies on reimbursing you for damage.

Why Choose Easy Auto Ship?

With stellar customer reviews, we can probably overlook the fact that this company will ship anything that can move under its own power rather than focusing on motorcycles. Unless you really need rapid shipping, there's a good chance that Easy Auto Ship will be your cheapest option. You may want to make sure that your regular insurance policy covers accidents during transport, though.

What Are the Types of Motorcycle Shipping?

Three factors distinguish motorcycle transportation services: how safe your bike is in transport, where exactly it comes from and ends up, and how quickly it gets there.

Shipping a bike on a flatbed, exposed to the elements and possibly thieves, is obviously a bad idea. Most companies offer enclosed transport in a crate, trailer, or shipping container.

You may also be able to choose between getting your bike collected at and delivered to a location of your choice, or dropping it off and picking it up at a trucking terminal or shipper's office. Door-to-door shipping is significantly more expensive.

Finally, you may be anxious to have your motorcycle be collected on a certain date and arrive on time, perhaps for a scenic ride in a far-off location. Expedited shipping costs extra.

What To Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Shipping Company?

You may have heard that buying cheap costs more in the long run - when it comes to motorcycle transport services, this is often true. A lowball quote could indicate that a shipping broker and the carriers it uses aren't properly licensed and insured, which can lead to major headaches later.

Aside from considerations like price and what kind of service you need, a good reputation is really what you should be looking for. All 5 motorcycle transporters we've reviewed here, for instance, are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have very positive customer reviews overall.

What Determines Motorcycle Transportation Cost?

The distance to be traveled, whether you need expedited or door-to-door delivery, extra insurance, and protection during transit obviously affect the price you'll have to pay. You should be aware of the following factors, too:

  • Time of year. There's a spike in demand for shipping motorcycles during January and the summer months. Planning ahead can easily save you $100 or so.
  • Getting quotations from multiple carriers. Using a motorcycle shipping broker that deals with various hauling companies can get you a better rate, as they typically use the one that bids the lowest.
  • How big the bike is. Some carriers will refuse to ship a bike that's too tall, long, or heavy, while others add a surcharge.
  • Sheer luck. As you may have noticed with the quotes we got from each shipper, economical companies are sometimes more expensive and vice versa. It all comes down to how many trucks and deliveries they have in a given area at any time.

Want Moving Help? Find One on NearbyMovers!

We've just mentioned how using a broker that will contact multiple shipping companies on your behalf brings down the cost. This works even better when you widen your search to general moving companies that don't specifically advertise motorcycle transport as one of their services. When all is said and done, shipping a motorcycle isn't rocket science. An ordinary, general-purpose shipping company can manage it…as long as they are professionals.

Using NearbyMovers, for instance, you can quickly obtain dozens of quotes from licensed, bonded, and insured transportation companies that can ship a motorcycle for you. Add-ons like door-to-door delivery, crating or palletizing, extra insurance, and expedited shipping are all available at affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost for motorcycle transportation?

As you would expect, the quotes you'll be offered depend heavily on the distance to be traveled. As a rough benchmark, expect to pay between $600 and $1,200 - or just visit a website like NearbyMovers and get a bouquet of quotes nearly instantly and for free.

What is the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle?

Unless you plan on riding it yourself, the most economical option will generally be to ship it on an open trailer using whichever shipping company gives you the lowest price. This isn't necessarily a good idea, though: having saved 50 bucks upfront won't make you feel better if your bike arrives damaged.

How to choose between an open or enclosed trailer for shipping my motorcycle?

An enclosed trailer is way, way safer. Insuring a bike in transit is a must, but you'd rather not have to go through the hassle of claiming. Unless the bike is one in poor condition that you hope to restore, a box trailer or shipping container is the way to go.

What to consider when transporting my motorcycle to another country?

Unless you plan to emigrate permanently, you can probably save a lot of money by renting a bike for touring. If you really do need to export your motorcycle, it's best to select a motorcycle transportation service with experience in international shipping. They will know how to deal with customs agents, maritime transport, and the import laws of different countries.

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