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About the SmartBox

SmartBox focuses on providing customers with transparent pricing which will eliminate any concerns about your total costs, works around your schedule, and offers portable storage solutions for any size of home or office, making moving and storage easy for its customers. With simple processes, its service has helped customers understand what is a smart box and make moving and storage experiences less demanding. What’s more, using a SmartBox for moving offers you safe storage during shipping.

Find SmartBox

To find a SmartBox moving pod storage unit, be sure to contact the company for your rental. As such, moving storage containers are designed with dimensions that support smooth moving and storage as well.

Serving over 60 million customers across the US, the company has fewer SmartBoxes which makes it challenging when you're looking for smart boxes within your area. Compared to other moving companies like PODS, the company has fewer workers. Still, you’re guaranteed excellent customer service throughout the shipping process.

Simple Process to Move Items with SmartBox

Let’s look at how the SmartBox moving and storage process works and the steps to follow.

Step 1: Fill out the online Get A Quote form or call the company representatives. When contacting the company, make sure what services you need, long-distance or local moves, or book storage options.

Step 2: Pack the belongings you want to move or store, then get your container.

Step 3: When using the SmartBox storage service, the company will fetch your items and move them to a temperature-controlled and secure SmartBox storage facility.

Step 4: Based on your location your belongings are then shipped to you at your convenience.

Pros & Cons of Moving with SmartBox


  • Enjoy a simple moving process.
  • Get discounts if you are a college student.
  • Smartbox focuses on transparent pricing.
  • Customers can enjoy price-matching offers.
  • Comes with weatherproof covers
  • Customers only pay for the smart boxes used


  • Moving services can attract high prices.
  • There are few customer SmartBox reviews.
  • Limited availability of smart boxes.

Moving and Storage Services of SmartBox

With SmartBox, you can have access to various moving and storage options.

  • Ship your personal items.
  • You can store items with smart boxes at home.
  • Smart boxes can also be stored in secured SmartBox warehouses.
  • Containers can be used for long-distance transport.
  • Business owners can use Smartbox to move goods around the US.
  • The transport service makes it easy for college students to move.

SmartBox is excellent for storage, local and even long-distance moving pods cheapest and small container shipping for regular consumers, and even corporate storage and relocations.

What Affects the SmartBox Costs?

Types of services needed - Renting bigger containers means your moving will be pricier.

The number of containers used – Do you need storage and moving containers? Remember, you’ll be spending more if you decide to use more smart boxes for your shipping.

Moving distance - In general, the moving cost will be more expensive due to the long-distance travel between service areas.

Moving season – As with any moving company, there is a higher demand for SmartBox moving containers, then it costs more to choose the service.

Transparent Pricing of SmartBox

When it comes to pricing, Smartbox prices and moving rates vary depending on your location. Its box movers’ price match guarantees, discounts offered and transparent pricing are what make it the best container moving company for anyone on a budget. Smartbox Richmond will charge you a single cost with no hidden fees

To ensure this, customers get a detailed quote that includes all rates and fees. They also ensure this information is available to them whenever they need it.

College Student Discounts of SmartBox

Smartbox storage cubes have made moving affordable and provide students with discounted shipping containers. When preferred, students can opt for summer storage options thus saving time and cash. It’s flexible around class and exam schedules allowing for convenient container deliveries.

Students who can benefit from the discounts include those studying abroad, and off-campus students who need extra storage space. To qualify for the student discount, you’ll need proof that you’re enrolled in college or University. The discount coupon can be redeemed for moving services or storage options. If using moving containers, students can enjoy a $20 discount for delivery service.

Pay-For-What-You-Use Policy

Smartbox 4all reviews indicate that the provider charges you for the number of storage units used. That’s because the moving company understands that it’s hard for customers to know the number of drop-one portables you’ll need.

That means when you order five storage containers, but end up using three, then you’ll pay for the three smart boxes used. The pay-for-what-you-use strategy can help you lower your moving or storage costs.

Can Smartbox Provide Quotes for My Small Home?

Online Smart box 150w reviews include the company’s offer quotes for different home sizes. One container will hold a room to one and half room’s worth of furniture. That means you might need a container when shipping a studio apartment, two containers when moving one-bedroom apartment, and so on. Luckily, you can locate a Smartbox moving company and make that move!

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