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If you think packing up and moving is tough, wait till you have to start looking for a self-storage facility. When you’re already drained from moving chores, you’d want all the help you could get in finding a storage unit near you. And not knowing where to begin could lead to hours of pointless searching.

A storage unit helps by keeping your items in one place for short-term or long-term periods, depending on your needs. Every storage unit has different rates, access options, etc., which is why you need to choose the one that has everything you require in a self-storage facility.

Don’t know where to look? We’ve gathered a list of the top 10 self-storage units and facilities and our reviews on each of them.

Public Storage – Best for Self-Storage

Public Storage is an industry-leading storage unit provider and repeatedly shows up on best storage unit lists. What sets them apart is the largest number of facilities worldwide and also the biggest square-foot rental spaces in the US. Their 40-year experience is another perk that adds up to customer trust.

With free sizing guides, climate-controlled units, and first-month sign-up deals, Public Storage has proved to be a major competitor in this industry. However, the limited access hours between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. and subpar security have been the primary drawbacks of the company.

Public Storage charges 5% higher prices than their competitors’ average. The company offers multiple storage unit sizes, including small, medium, large, and vehicle-sized spaces. According to your chosen unit, the prices vary from $110, $190, $350, and $400, respectively, with additional costs for temperature-controlled units.


    • Largest availability worldwide
    • Climate-controlled unit mechanisms
    • Low introductory prices
    • Monthly-based billing


    • Occasional break-ins due to a lack of security
    • Restriction on certain items
    • Limited access hours: 6 am - 9 pm
    • Contactless rentals only on limited units

Extra Space Storage – Best Overall Choice

Closing in on the second position for widest availability, we have Extra Space Storage. The company operates in 43 states and has over a million units across the US.

If you’re looking for a storage rental that offers space for more than just personal storage, Extra Space Storage has options for commercial storage, vehicle storage, RV storage, and boat storage.

This storage unit company prioritizes high-quality security features such as 24/7 unit surveillance, alarm protection, and floor-specific access for those who prefer foolproof security measures. You can also book a rental truck with them through Budget to transport your stuff to the storage facility.

As far as pricing goes, the company’s rigorous security measurements and other features come at a 20% higher cost than its competitors. It’ll cost between $120-$350 per month as per the storage unit size you go for.


    • Wide range availability
    • Stellar customer reviews
    • Extensive security measurements
    • Insurance coverage available


    • High prices

Life Storage – Best Customer Experience

Life Storage is a relatively new competitor operating in 28 states with around 700+ rental spaces only. Before pushing aside Life Storage as your next storage rental option because of their limited availability, their features and reputation are worth taking a look at.

Anyone who’s had an experience with Life Storage would probably never stop raving about it. The company balances out its current limited availability with unbeatable customized services, for instance, virtual size guides, on-spot truck rentals, and iron-clad security features to top it all off.

The rental unit provider bills on a monthly basis, so you don’t have to make a long-term commitment. Unit size pricing ranges from $110 for a small unit to $340 for large unit sizes. On average, the monthly cost is around $200 inclusive of additional charges, making Life Storage 10% more expensive than its competitors.


    • Near-perfect customer reviews
    • Top-notch security
    • Virtual size guides
    • Contact-free rentals
    • On-site truck rentals


    • Limited availability
    • High prices
    • Limited access hours

U-Haul- Best Availability

If you’ve come across U-Haul’s moving container options, the multi-service provider is knee-deep in storage space operations as well. With thousands of rental spaces across the country, U-Haul is known for its availability and affordability.

Besides the value-for-money perk, you can store almost anything in U-Haul’s storage facilities, including wine, vehicles, boats, and RVs. The company takes pride in committing to security advancements with features such as 24/7 video surveillance, limited floor access, alarm-protected units, and armed spaces.

U-Haul assists its customers by providing insurance coverage, a first-month rental fee waiver, and free reservations. However, most customers complain about its inefficient operations, problems with reservations, billing errors, and unsupportive customer service.

With an average of 10% cheaper rates, U-Haul is one of the most affordable storage companies in the market. Standard units of 5x5–5x10 ft. cost $150, and the prices go up to $220 for 10x15–10x30 ft. units.


    • Affordable prices
    • Wide range availability
    • No administrative fees
    • Multiple security features


    • Low customer ratings
    • Poor customer service

PODS – Best On-Site Storage

Since 1998, PODS has quickly grown in popularity in the moving containers and storage space industry. Not only is it the most popular moving container company in the US, but it also has served millions of customers as a storage space provider in 45 states.

You get to choose between three container sizes: 8-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot. But the best part is that you can opt for storage at a PODS storage facility right next to your home or at your desired location. The company offers short-term and long-term storage facilities, so you can store your stuff for however long you require.

The prices vary with respect to location and storage units. Normally, the cost for a small container starts at $170/month and $290 for a large 3-bedroom container. PODS also charges a delivery fee for dropping the container at your place.


    • Dual storage location option (at-home or facility)
    • Portable moving containers
    • Steel manufactured containers
    • Price quote and booking available online


    • Restricted availability
    • High prices

CubeSmart – Best Offers

With over 1,250 rental storage facilities in the US, CubeSmart offers multiple storage size options. Whether you’re a business owner that needs to store commercial products or a wine collector, CubeSmart has a storage solution for you.

There are a bunch of perks that put it at the top, but what actually sets it apart is its significantly lower prices. On top of that, there are numerous discount offers from time to time. Plus, you can choose between monthly-based or long-term storage flexibility and payments.

Hire their truck and labor assistance to help you out in managing the process. The security additions, including 24/7 surveillance and gated access, provide a fully-secure storage facility for your items.

The company has only climate-controlled units, which is why they charge accordingly. The average cost for a small storage unit is $90, $160 for a medium, and $270 for a large unit. Keep an eye on their deals to get the best offer.


    • Good customer reviews
    • Numerous discount offers
    • Standard security features
    • Multiple storage unit options


    • No traditional units – Best Prices

Have you heard of Airbnb? Well, is the Airbnb of storage, where it connects people with an empty attic, garage, or shed to people who need extra space.

You might be wondering, what's the catch? Well, imagine a storage company that offers most of the amenities but at an extremely cheap price. The online peer-to-peer community allows you to look up potential "storage units" in not just 1, 2, or 3, but all 50 states.

On average, the storage spaces offered on cost $140/month. 15% of this price is the service fee that the company charges, while the rest goes to the host. This price range is the lowest, by far, in the self-storage industry.


    • Extremely cheap rates
    • Vehicle storage available
    • Storage spaces available even in your neighborhood
    • Security cameras
    • Smoke detectors
    • Private entrance


    • Relatively inexperienced hosts
    • Security concerns

Compass Self Storage – Best Packing Facilities

Compass Self Storage is a personalized, all-in-one storage solution that has become renowned in several regions of the US, from Massachusetts to Michigan to Texas.

With Compass Self Storage, you'll get a range of unit sizes along with amenities to help you choose the option that suits you best, with on-site boxes and packing supplies, long hours of access, delivery acceptance for business storage, and security cameras for extra security.

The prices of Compass Self Storage units vary according to sizes. If you want to go for the smallest option, which is 5' x 5', you'll have to pay $55 per month or $65 for a climate-controlled unit. For the 5' x 10' unit, the company will charge $79, or $104 if you opt for the climate-controlled option.


    • On-site parking facility
    • 24/7 camera surveillance
    • Flexible leases


    • Unannounced price surges
    • Poor customer service
    • Several abysmal reviews

Simply Self Storage – Best Insurance Coverage

Simply Self Storage offers simple storage solutions. Although the facilities offered by the company aren't that large, there are plenty in terms of size options, ranging from 5' x 5' to 20' x 30'.

The biggest perk that you get from Simply Self Storage would be the facility of insurance coverage, especially if you weren't offered homeowner insurance. The mini storage units are another one of Simply Self Storage's features.

Another advantage of choosing Simply Self Storage is the company's low prices. The standard small storage unit, which is 5' x 5' or 5' x 10', costs $110, while the medium ones, ranging from 5' x 15' to 10' x 10', cost $180. The larger units, if climate controlled, are priced at $320 and $290 for standard units.


    • Low prices
    • Automated 2000$ insurance coverage
    • Mini storage units
    • Pest control


    • Poor customer ratings
    • Limited availability
    • Low security

Proguard Self Storage – Best Security

If being the 5 time BBB Multi-Year Award Winner for Excellence wasn't enough, Proguard Self Storage claimed the BBB Pinnacle Award, too, for being one of the best moving and storage companies out there.

Proguard Self Storage offers its customers numerous advantages. For starters, the company has bright facilities that are easily accessible. Moreover, it uses "Enforcer" cylinder locks to protect the storage units. Not to mention, you’re getting a 5-star service with these features.

Moving on to the pricing, the 5' x 5' unit with upstairs heating will cost $77/month with an additional $2 for internal heating. The company offers 50% off for the first 2 months. The 10' x 5' unit is listed at $112 and 50% off for the first month.


    • Advanced security features
    • Extra-wide driveways and doorways
    • Water fountains and restrooms
    • Cleanliness of the facility and units


    • High prices

How Do I Find a Storage Unit Near Me?

Don’t know where to start looking for storage units near me? You landed in the right place! There are several methods to find storage rentals in your vicinity. Try one of the following ways:

Search Google

There is no doubt that a quick Google search, on many occasions, is the simplest way to get results. Use keywords like "storage units near me", "public storage near me", and "storage rental near me".

Explore Storage Rental Websites

With our recommendations, now you know which are the best storage rental companies. Visit their website and see if they offer services in your area. Most companies will have a search bar to find their nearest storage facility to you.

Use NearbyMovers

Let us help you find storage units in your area. All you need to do is enter your zip code or address in our robust search engine, or just call (888) 217-1969. You’ll get abundant details about moving and storage near you and obtain free estimates from these companies as well. Have a try now!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit

Started your hunt for finding a storage facility in your area? Whether you’re moving or storing items you don’t need in your home, choosing the right storage rental can make all the difference. Here’s a list of factors you need to go over before deciding on one:

Storage Options

Some facilities may have limited options for storage unit sizes or types of storage units (traditional and climate-controlled). It’s best to carefully consider what you need and whether the storage rental you’re about to go for offers these options. If not, choose another storage space company.

Storage Duration

Do you need to store your items for a few weeks or several months? Depending on the answer, look for a storage facility that’s best for that duration. For short-term storage, it’s recommended to go for a month-to-month storage space, while a long-term commitment would get you better rates.

Additional Features

If you’re someone who particularly cares about extra security measures, contactless rentals, online bookings, truck rentals for moving, etc., finding the right storage facility can help you acquire all these benefits. It’s crucial because not every company does.

Customer Reviews

If the storage space you’re about to pay for has your preferred storage options and additional features but too many negative reviews, you should go over your decision again. If the perks outweigh the negative reviews and you’re still getting what you need, only then should you choose that company.


Prices are a critical factor in determining whether you should avail the services of a specific storage facility. Again, considering your requirements, a hefty price tag may be of value if no other competitor is offering those services. With basic requirements, compare the prices and go for the one that’s worth your money.

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