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Do you wish to know how much it would cost to move your items? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out more.

How Much Do Moving Companies Cost In General?

Well, the cost to move varies from one service provider to another. Hiring a professional service provider to move your items will cost you between $3000 - $3500, depending on the scale of the move. However, if moving your items over a long distance, be prepared to pay considerably more for the service. Depending on what you wish to move, the average cost of moving out of the state is $2500 - $11,600. Furthermore, cross-country moves cost significantly more than moving to a nearby state. You may need to review numerous service providers to identify the best options for yourself.

How To Estimate Moving Cost?

There's no sure-fire way of estimating the cost of moving. Different factors go into calculating the price of a movie. NearbyMovers is working with a network of reliable movers with extensive experience dealing with all scales of moving As a result, we have developed effective strategies and advanced algorithms to calculate the moving cost quickly and efficiently. To do this, we consider several factors that can affect the overall moving cost, and then we provide you with a moving estimation based on the related information.

What are the factors that affect moving company prices?

When calculating moving company prices, don’t forget to consider the following factors;

  • Travel fees: These involve the costs of moving items over a particular distance. These fees usually include fuel fees and labor fees. The further the distance, the higher the travel fees.
  • The scale of your items: When you have a lot of things to move, they’ll weigh more, and you’ll have to pay more to get to their destination.
  • Packing services: If you had to hire extra hands to pack your belongings, you would have to pay extra bucks.
  • Moving add-ons: Moving add-ons: If you have to include any add-on services to your move, it will increase the amount of money you have to pay. Addition add-ons include; furniture disassembling and reassembling, moving of specialty items and supplies.
  • Storage: Storage: If you need additional storage services, it will increase the value of your moving estimate.
  • Liability and valuation coverage: As part of the moving service package, you’ll need to purchase additional coverage. The cost of this coverage will also affect the cost of professional moving.
  • Other costs: This may include long carry fee, stair carry fee, shuttle fee, elevator fee, extra stops, etc.

What Are The Moving Options In Terms Of Labor

When hiring a professional company to move your items from one destination to another, you’ll be hiring labor workers to help you. Depending on the size of the items in question, you may choose to do everything by yourself, do something or hire someone else to do everything for you.

The following are the moving options in labor that anyone can employ;

  • Completely DIY
  • Hybrid
  • Moving company full service

Completely DIY

The complete DIY option is for those who love getting engaged and getting their hands dirty. DIY movers will not hire professional laborers to move items from one location to another. They may prefer inviting a friend or family members to help them out. These types of movers are usually not afraid of back-breaking work. In addition, DIY moving also requires the mover to own a vehicle that can carry stuff or someone who knows how to drive.


If you are looking to save money but not do too much work on the move, the hybrid option is ideal for you. Using this option, the mover must designate some operations to a professional moving company. You could choose a hybrid move that only offers you access to labor workers. You’ll have to transport your items to your designated destination by yourself.

Moving company full service

By hiring a professional moving company to handle all the aspects of your moving, they will take all the operations for you. The full-service movers' cost is the most expensive labor option to pick.

What Is The Estimate Cost Of Local Relocation?

Most homeowners only require moving companies to move their items to another location within the same state. This type of service is available at most professional movers.

If you’re moving within the same state, the cost of a local move is charged per hour. Depending on the labor required to complete the job, you’ll be charged between $70 and $250. A small one-bedroom apartment usually requires two workers and 2-3 hours of work. Based on this example, this entire operation may cost between $300 - $790. However, a large apartment containing 2 - 3 bedrooms may take about 6 - 10 hours and require 3-5 workers. The entire operation may cost between $750 - $3,200.

How Much Does State Moving Cost?

When moving your items out of the state, the cost will be calculated based on the size of the goods you are moving and the overall distance. The average out-of-state moving costs range between $900 - $15,000. Most moving companies may give you a price or estimate over the phone, as they need to communicate with you regarding related information such as the amount of stuff you need to move and the surrounding environment of your location to better plan the move and offer more accurate estimation.

For instance, if you wish to move your items out of a one-bedroom apartment, you should expect to move around 2000 pounds of luggage. This move would typically cost between $900 - $3,500 to move out of the state. For a 2-3 bedroom or a 2,000 square foot, the personal items will typically weigh about 5,000 pounds and cost $1,900 - $9,900.

Other fees such as moving fragile items, shuttle fees, packing, moving bulky items, etc., will determine the final cost of moving your items from one state to another. Your moving address and destination address will also affect the moving cost, as moving in and out of less populated areas will cost differently than moving through densely populated areas.

Can I Put Insurance On My Stuff When Moving With A Moving Company? How Does It Work?

When moving your items from one destination to another, you want your items protected from potential damage. This type of insurance is more necessary when moving around with special items. While most moving companies don’t offer insurance, they provide valuation options on the items transported. As mentioned earlier, the cost of moving insurance will affect the overall cost of hiring a professional service provider.

The cost of moving insurance will depend on the type of insurance you wish to purchase and how valuable the items are. To purchase a Full Value Protection to ensure a one-bedroom apartment will cost between $500 - $700. You’ll have to browse the available options to identify the most suitable package.


  • What should I keep in mind when finding a moving company?

    Several professional moving companies can help you move your luggage. To choose a suitable moving company, you’ll need to consider the types or variety of services that are available, the cost of the service, and the region they can deliver to. Don’t forget to check customer ratings as well!

  • How much does it cost if moving companies do the packing for me?

    Packing services are numerous add-on services that you can purchase from a professional moving company. On average, full packing services cost between $900 - $1,500. The price of packing costs depends on the size of the personal items you are transporting. A major benefit of hiring a moving service to pack for you is because of insurance. If you fill your things yourself, they won't be covered by the mover's insurance.

  • How much do I need to move to ship a car via the moving company?

    Professional moving companies charge according to the weight of the items to be transported. To calculate the price of shipping a car, they will have to weigh the car. Other factors that will determine the cost of car shipping also include the distance, car model or type, and whether you're interested in open or enclosed shipping or not. On average, expect to spend between $600 - $2000 for car shipping.

  • How can I save money on my next move?

    If you wish to save money on your next move, you can try out a few things, including; eliminating unnecessary to reduce weight, adjusting activities to unpopular moving dates, comparing the quotes of multiple companies, booking moving services early, etc. At NearbyMovers, we work with a large network of trustable moving companies and our trained customer support can help you to plan your next move. Give us a call at 888-228-3922 and we will try our best to get you the best deal that works just for you!

  • Can I store my stuff with a moving company?

    Moving companies usually provide various add-on services, including storage, but it highly depends on the company you choose to work with and their operational area. In some cases, moving companies have their own storage service location, while others may work with professional storage companies that specialize in storage business. Either way, movers within the NearbyMovers network will always be happy to help with special requests like this, so feel free to ask!

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