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Moving day can define your moving experience and all memories you have about it. Make that day memorable and stress-free by involving a moving expert to help with the moving process. NearbyMovers can link you up with one.

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The idea of moving into a new home or office brings with it a heightened sense of joy. But this euphoria may slowly begin to wane once you see how much work you have to do like moving furniture and pulling out your valuables from really tight corners, through your door, and onto your patio. We haven’t even considered the stress of loading and unloading yet.

Why not get help? We’re not talking about bothering your neighbors here. We’re talking about engaging moving experts. If you do not know how to contact one or can’t seem to find anyone around, you may want to reach out to NearbyMovers. NearbyMovers can help you locate long-distance movers near you who can assist with the entire moving process.

5 Top Long Distance Movers

International Van Lines ─ Our Pick For Overall Best Long-Distance Movers

When it comes to choosing long-distance moving companies, one very important factor to consider is the number of states and countries these companies operate in. International Van Lines is our top pick mostly because of its coverage. They are licensed to operate in nearly all states in the US and many other countries.

However, that’s not the only edge it has over many other moving services. Another is that it’s been in operation for over two decades. That’s still no excuse for getting rusty with customers. According to Newsweek, they were ranked first and second place - in 2021 and 2022 respectively - for having sound customer service.

On top of that, in addition to the usual loading and unloading services most movers offer, they also offer packing and unpacking services.

In summary, International Van Lines, in the moving business, is the one to beat!


  • Nationwide coverage
  • Packing and unpacking services included
  • Specialty services options available
  • Premium customer service
  • Reasonable pricing


  • The website offers no pricing lists
  • Service quality might vary depending on your location

Allied Van Lines ─ Our No. 1 Pick For Best Vehicle Movers

If reputation and experience are things you are looking for when choosing your preferred long-distance moving company, then Allied Van Lines is one to consider. Established in 1928, the company has several decades of experience, more than most others on this list.

If there is one thing that truly sets the company aside though, it is the company’s automobile moving service. If you are looking to have vehicles of any kind relocated, be it motorcycles, cars, trucks, or even boats, the company has specialized trucks for these purposes as well.

Having spent so many years in the business, Allied Van Lines has pretty much some of the most fine-tuned services in the industry. The company even has its own easy-to-use online survey tool that makes the entire booking process a lot easier.


  • Nationwide coverage
  • Easy to use online booking and services
  • Specialized services for vehicle relocation
  • Storage service options


  • The claims department can often be hard to reach according to some reviews
  • Prices may be noticeably higher when moving to local areas

United Van Lines ─ Our No. 1 Pick for Best Full-Service Movers

Looking for a long-distance moving company that provides you with the most confidence money can buy? You’d be hard-pressed to find one better than United Van Lines.

UVL has made a name for itself in full-moving services and at long-distance and international moves. Providing specialized services for moving tech equipment, this is also the best choice for businesses and rentals.

Along with the regular moving services, United Van Line also offers crating options for large or/and fragile items, as well as packing, unpacking, disassembly, and reassembly of tech gear.

Furthermore, the company offers a unique form of insurance policy that sets it apart from the rest. Unlike most movers, the company offers full-value protection on moved items instead of regular moving insurance. This means you get paid for damages directly if anything ever happens to your possessions while they are being moved.


  • Large network of local agents
  • Instant quotes are available online
  • Offers specialized services like tech support and crating services
  • Offers extra services like cleaning and equipment disassembling and reassembling


Available in only 46 states

American Van Lines ─ Our No. 1 Pick For Best Value For Your Money

American Van Lines might be a relatively new moving company, but it has quickly usurped many of the biggest names in the business. Offering the complete residential, corporate, and even military long-distance moving service, this is a company equipped to handle almost any type of long-distance move. Yet, customers don’t have to reach too deep in their pockets to get them on board.

The company offers some of the best pricing systems in the business, including price matching policies and flat-rate models you can trust.

An advantage this company has is how it is structured. Unlike most other moving companies which hire their movers on contract, American Van Lines has all its movers as full-time hires. This means you don’t just get a reputable company of movers, you also get experts on every job, providing you with a wealth of experience no simple contract mover can offer.


  • Provides more experienced movers
  • Offers price-matching policies and fixed-rate quotes
  • Great customer service


  • The website offers no sample pricing
  • An up-front deposit of between 10% and 50% of the total cost is required

North American Van Lines ─ Our No. 1 Pick for Claims

Reach is another very important aspect of long-distance moving, and when it comes to this factor, very few moving companies can even dream of competing with North American Van Lines. Available in all 50 states and more than 130 countries all over the globe, it’s safe to say that if you are looking for long-distance moving companies near you, then this is probably the best you'd find.

You do not grow to have such a reputation without having anything to show for it though, and North American Van Lines definitely has a lot to show for it. With an extensive list of moving services which include long-distance moving, packing and unpacking, and even storage, with this company, you can rest assured that your items are in safe hands.


  • Detailed and transparent claim process
  • No deposit needed
  • Nationwide coverage and available in over 130 countries
  • Offers a variety of moving services


Depending on your location, you might experience limited agent availability

What to Consider When Choosing Which of the Best Long-Distance Moving Companies to Hire

When choosing which long-distance moving company best suits you, here are a few things to consider.

Your Needs

This is the most important factor to look out for. Your needs determine what kind of service you would need to choose, and as such, determine the right movers for you.

Your Budget

Different companies have different hourly rates, you want to make sure whatever company you choose would be well within your budget.

Customer Reviews

What other people say about a company is also often a good determinant as to whether or not the company is as good as it claims it is. Sure, reviews don’t always tell you all you need to know, but if several people are saying one thing about a company, there is most likely some truth in there somewhere.

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3 Expert Long-Distance Moving Tips to Know

Get multiple estimates

While price is definitely not everything when it comes to moving, there is really no reason to pay more when you can pay less for the same service. Getting multiple estimates can help you choose which company would offer the best value for your money.

Have a list

Moving can be a rather messy business, and more often than not, things get mixed up, misplaced, and left behind. A list would help you keep an eye on your things. It would also help you take stock before and after loading, making sure nothing goes missing.

Think insurance

While most movers offer some sort of insurance, you might want to consider going for better insurance offers depending on the kind of items you are moving and the distance of the move. You’d want something that covers any potential damages that might occur on the move.


What is considered long distance for a moving company?

Generally, a move that is over 400 miles is considered a long distance. This could be either within the borders of a country or moving from one country to another.

What’s the cheapest way to move your stuff long distance?

The do-it-yourself move is the cheapest way to move stuff long-distance. Unfortunately, it is also the most stressful and risky. 99% of the time, you are better off choosing long-distance movers instead.

What is the cost of a long-distance move?

Usually, a long-distance move would often cost you somewhere around $2,500. Depending on the distance and the amount of property to be moved though, this could vary.

What Affects the Costs of Long-Distance Moving?

The cost of any long-distance move would depend mostly on the distance you would be moving and the time the move is to take place. The size/amount of items to be moved would also affect the price as well as the fees of the mover.

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