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About North American Moving

North American Moving is a full-service moving company with over 500 agent locations scattered throughout North America. Established in 1933, North American Moving serves all 50 states and has a presence in 130 countries. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it offers a wide range of services, including local moving, long-distance moving, and other specialized moving services.

Services And Features

North American Moving has over 85 years of experience in the industry and has acquired extensive expertise in moving services. Here are their core services:

  • Household moving: North American Moving provides local and long-distance household moving services leveraging their vast network of over 500 agent locations across the US. Its team of professional movers helps customers moving homes to pack and transport their furniture and other household items safely and securely. Their bespoke services are tailored to meet the unique moving needs of each customer, wherever their home may be.
  • International Moving: With locations in 130 countries worldwide, North American Van Lines is a world-leading international mover. Regardless of your location, the company has an international moving representative capable of handling your cross-border moving needs.
  • Corporate relocation: relocating offices and industrial and medical facilities can often be challenging and disruptive. The full-service moving professionals at North American Van Lines recognize this and provide an efficient and seamless moving experience. They offer unique moving solutions to cater to the complexities of all types of commercial relocation, saving time and cost for business owners and allowing employees to transition easily.

Other specialized service options include packing services, appliance disconnection, and reconnection, furniture disassembly and reassembly, satellite tracking, storage, etc.

Cost Factors

It's tough figuring out exactly how much a particular move will cost. You cannot know the exact number and size of boxes that will contain all your belongings. However, North American Van Lines have an easy-to-use packing calculator tool that will help you estimate the number of boxes you’ll need based on the size of your home, storage space, and family. The calculator is detailed enough to consider other factors affecting your moving estimates. These include the room types, capacity, and years in the home.

After sorting out your belongings and neatly crating them into boxes, it's time to load them into the truck for moving. North American Van Line can also estimate the transport costs using the weight and size of your belongings, the distance between your old home to your new home, and the time to load and offload your items from the truck.

Valuable Protection

Moving is a delicate operation; despite the best precautions, items could get lost or damaged along the way. North American Moving protects your belongings at no extra cost with the basic liability coverage. Still, you can choose to pay extra and get the full maximum value protection plan, which allows you to claim up to 100% worth of your valuation.

While the basic liability coverage won't increase your moving costs, it offers minimal protection - $0.6/pound only for any damaged or lost item. The Full Maximum Value protection is a better option if you are not on a budget and are moving high-value items. This coverage costs an $8 premium for every $1000 in value of the item covered.

Storage Services

Storage is an essential aspect of the moving process. At North American Van Lines, customers get premium climate-controlled spaces to store their belongings over short-term and long-term periods.

In cases where you require more storage time beyond the mandatory 30 days, the monthly fee will remain unchanged. Be mindful that the storage fees per month are calculated based on the item's weight, so the total storage cost you will incur is a factor of the total weight of the stored items and the period of storage.

Discover More Options With NearbyMovers

It can be challenging sifting through the many moving companies online to get the one suitable for your needs. NearbyMover helps make the moving process easier by finding the right mover nearest to you. Here are the benefits of choosing NearbyMovers:

  • Network of professional movers: we connect you to a network of tried and trusted moving experts who you can depend on for all your moving needs. What you want is a moving company that has the requisite experience and is close to you.
  • Quick, responsive service: you can give us a call or search for a nearby mover on our website and get a response almost instantly. We'll match you with the right moving service providers, and when you have made your choice, you can book a call and arrange the time and finer details of the move.
  • Easy cost estimate: Our phone line representatives are fully trained in dealing with remote moving estimation and cost quoting. So getting a precise estimate from the best professional mover near you is as simple as jumping on our site and conducting a quick search from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or laptop.

Order Moving Services With NearbyMovers

Working with a high-quality moving company is essential when you want to move homes or relocate your business. A quick search online will throw up thousands of results. However, the problem is the time and effort you'll have to spend researching the movers and selecting the best for your needs. At NearbyMovers, we'll connect you to reputable movers near you, making the moving process pain-free. Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us or run a quick search on our website: Search our website for nearby movers using your address, zip code, city, or state. You can also call us at (888) 217-1969 and give us your requirements.
  2. Compare and review offers: Run through the search results and compare their services. Check out their pricing plans, types of services, location, and customer reviews.
  3. Select and hire: When you find the mover you can work with; you can contact them and book a meeting to arrange the move so they can plan accordingly.
  4. Ready to move: The mover will arrive with their equipment and vehicle on the agreed date. The moving crew will pack and load the truck and move your things to your new destination.
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