5 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Looking for good truck rental companies? U-Haul may be familiar to you due to its extensive coverage, but its alternatives could provide a better experience.

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When it comes to moving truck rental companies, the first name that pops up in your mind might be U-Haul. With its reputation in the industry, the company has offered high-quality, comprehensive moving services at a reasonable price.

U-Haul outperforms its numerous rivals in the additional services that the company offers. They provide additional truck sizes, storage and moving containers, self-storage, freight trailers, etc. Thanks to the extensive coverage of U-Haul, you also won't have to travel far to find a U-Haul truck.

But just because they offer more services or a wide range of coverage doesn't automatically make them the best. For a more comfortable and stress-free moving experience, it is wise to consider its alternatives and see if they provide better services.

We examine U-Haul alternatives by comparing their costs, services, pros, and cons to help you select the one that best meets your needs.

Here are the top 5 U-Haul competitors that make the moving process much easier:

Budget Truck Rental

The 1998-founded Budget Truck Rental company provides all-inclusive relocation services. It is an affiliate of the Avis corporation that strives to provide moving services at the most reasonable prices. It is accessible in Canada and in all 48 US states.


For a local move, renting a truck from Budget will run you about $ 27.60. Compared to other major moving truck rental companies, their mileage pricing of $0.47 per mile is better.


As you can see below, the company provides a variety of services:

    • You can lease or rent three truck sizes from it: 12 feet, 16 feet, and 26 feet.
    • You can purchase moving supplies from the company as well.
    • Additionally, the company rents out practical moving devices like car dollies and car carriers.
    • They provide car and van rentals if your belongings don't fill a complete truck.


Customers criticize the company for having lousy customer service, not honoring reservations, and having frequent truck breakdowns in their unfavorable reviews. They got good reviews for their low rates, though.


    • They have help-for-hire services.
    • For long-distance moves, there is no mileage cap.
    • They offer trucks for round-trip rentals.


    • The company offers the priciest add-ons.
    • It only offers three-truck options.


Penske provides rental trucks to movers in the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The firm has locations in every state in the US except for Alaska. Penske features simple moving services, budget-friendly truck rentals, and adequate customer support.


When moving vast distances, Penske offers the most affordable prices. For all moves above 100 miles, the company charges an average price of $1,944. It charges an average of $2,471 for moves covering 1000–2000 miles.

The company offers the best price possible for local moves, so don’t hesitate to get their quote.


    • Penske provides five different kinds of trucks. It includes 12-foot, 16-foot, 22-foot, and 26-foot trucks, as well as a high-roof cargo van.
    • They provide a complete selection of moving supplies and rental trucks.
    • The company offers four coverage packages: Cargo accident damage, personal accident injury, third-party damage and injury claims and penske equipment damage.


The company frequently receives positive feedback for its lower long-distance moving charges and top-notch customer service.


    • It offers plenty of discounts.
    • The company has the lowest prices for long-distance moves of over 100 miles.
    • They have the best rates for large trucks.


    • Compared to the other rental moving companies, they have fewer truck options.
    • Not all the states are covered.

Home Depot Truck Rental

Home Depot, the home improvement retailer, rents out trucks for individuals looking to move. The company provides “Load ’N Go” trucks that you can use for local moves if you move quickly.


The company charges based on time used rather than mileage. You’ll need to pay $19 for 75 minutes, $129 for a day, or $903 for a week if you rent a pickup truck or van from them.

It will cost customers $29 for 75 minutes, $139 for a day, or $973 for a week to use their standard box truck. If you choose to rent one of their vans or trucks, you must also provide a $150 security deposit.


Home Depot is well known for its retail locations where customers can buy various household items, but it also offers the following services:

    • They provide box trucks, cargo vans, and flatbed pickups.
    • To provide larger trucks, the company has teamed with Penske.


The Home Depot Truck Rental received good reviews. However, several people complained about how much time it took to refund their deposit, while others expressed frustration at not being able to rent trucks from all the locations.

Pros & Cons

Knowing its pros and cons might help you make a better choice if you compare the company with other moving companies.


    • You can easily pick up the truck you need at any moment by going to any Home Depot location.
    • There are no hidden charges in their pricing, which is very transparent.
    • You can walk into the Depot store while picking up the truck and purchase all the moving supplies you require.


    • One of their largest trucks, the box truck, might not be sufficient for most movers.
    • You must visit your local Home Depot and choose what is available; the company does not accept reservations.

Enterprise Truck Rental

All US states, except for Wyoming and Vermont, offer Enterprise Truck Rental services. The company also has operations in Canada.


The company charges day rates averaging about $129 per day but can go for as low as $89 per day for cargo vans. They also charge a mileage rate of $0.33 on average.


Several services are available to customers of Enterprise Truck Rentals. Below, we've highlighted several:

    • The company sells pickup trucks, cargo vans, stake bed trucks, and 14 other truck sizes. The biggest truck is 26 feet long.
    • For their rental trucks, they provide various coverage options.
    • They sell supplies for packing and moving.
    • In addition to renting out its vehicles to people moving houses, the company also does so for commercial and personal use.


Customers have given Enterprise Truck Rental overwhelmingly favorable reviews. They provide excellent customer service, and hiring a truck is a simple process. However, the company also received criticism for incorrect billing and defective trucks.


    • The company offers the broadest range of moving trucks in the industry.
    • The mileage rates are relatively low.
    • Some trucks are environmentally friendly since they run on diesel fuel.


    • They make it difficult for long-distance movers because you must return the truck to where you rented it from.
    • High up-front costs.


The oldest truck rental firm, Hertz, also controls Thrifty and Dollar, two companies that compete with U-Haul. Since they can only offer cargo vans and pickup vehicles, the company has partnered with Penske to offer consumers moving trucks.


Hertz charges a special rate of $9.99 per day and a late return fee of $12 per day. The company also adds 0.25 cents for each additional mile.


They offer cargo vans and pickup trucks for household movers.


Customers of Hertz praise their outstanding customer service and straightforward, quick process, if nothing else. However, some truck renters complain that the trucks are usually dirty when they pick them up.


    • Their cargo vans and pickup trucks are well-kept and rarely break down.
    • They offer reasonable mileage rates.
    • They are all over the country, making it quite simple to rent a truck from them.


    • Their moving vans and pickups are only available in select areas.
    • The company is only suitable for local moves.

What to Look for When Choosing a Moving Truck Rental Company?

Moving might be expensive and stressful if you’ve selected an inappropriate moving truck rental service. It is not as simple as loading your belongings into a truck and leaving everything behind. Before choosing a truck rental company, consider the following factors to ensure a smooth process.


Compare the entire cost to what each company would charge, whether you are moving locally or across the country. You can also check which companies are giving a discount. Select a company that can offer you a reasonable and fair price.

Variety Of Truck Sizes

You can compare them to find out which truck rental company offers a range of truck sizes. You don't want a company with a truck that is one-size-fits-all and would require you to rent two trucks or pay for truck space that you won't need.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customers rarely make up stories about their interactions with a company. They will talk about their experiences, both good and bad. Reading favorable customer reviews gives you the confidence to use the company's services.

Reliable Reservations

It can be upsetting to discover that the company never reserved the truck for you when a truck is supposed to come to your house so that you can start loading your possessions. Select a company you are confident will honor your reservation.


Choose a company that has more trucks and can reach more places. The likelihood that you'll be able to get a truck when you need one increases when a company's availability rate increases.

To make the process of finding a suitable moving truck rental company less painful, NearbyMovers offers an easy-to-use search engine and on-call service so that you can save unnecessary legwork and time. Try it out now!


Is Penske or U-Haul cheaper?

In terms of the overall cost, Penske is more expensive than U-Haul. The reason for this is that their trucks are more recent and dependable. Additionally, Penske includes roadside assistance with every Penske vehicle.

Where is the cheapest place to rent a truck?

Due to its low mileage rate, Budget Truck Rental is the most affordable place to rent a truck.

What can I use instead of a U-Haul?

U-Haul is a respectable moving company, but you might need a little more than what they can provide. Penske is a good alternative if you're looking for a company that respects reservations. Budget Truck Rentals offers cheaper rates for local moves. Hertz, Enterprise, Home Depot’s trucks are all good options you can consider.

Who has the most comfortable moving trucks?

Penske consistently replaces its older trucks with newer models, making them the most comfortable.

Is Penske better than Budget?

Penske outperforms Budget regarding client reviews, long-distance rates, truck sizes, and more cost-effective and reliable trucks.

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