Waste Management Dumpster Rental Review

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About Waste Management Dumpster Rental

Waste Management is one of the largest junk removal companies around the world. Operating since 1968, the company runs many recycling plants, waste transfer stations, junk removal facilities, and landfills. Waste Management also offers the best dumpster rental services in the United States.

It provides you with a hassle-free way to get rid of your unwanted loads of junk through a rented dumpster. Waste Management Dumpster Rental ensures that you can rent an appropriately-sized dumpster for any amount of debris, junk, or trash you have lying around in your homes, offices, or project sites.

So, whether you planning a large renovation or you are running your own waste removal company, you can hire a reliable and affordable waste management dumpster rental and haul your junk anywhere you want with convenience.

Waste Management Dumpster Rental, which serves both residential and commercial customers, provides highly transparent and cost-effective services that include not only dumpster rental but also trash removal and recycling pickup. The company also caters to offers the needs of roll-off dumpster rental, picking up bulk items, and disposal of hazardous waste.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Dumpster from Waste Management?

Waste Management offers very reliable and efficient dumpster rental services. However, when compared with other companies in the market, their prices are a little on the higher side.

On average, Waste Management Dumpster Rental will cost you almost $350 for a dumpster size of 20 yards. For every additional 10 yards, you will have to pay $50. Moreover, the price range of the quotes also varies as per the location and destination of pick-up and delivery within the country.

For example, Waste Management Dumpster Rental would cost you almost $350 for a 20-yard dumpster in Illinois. However, if the location is in Arizona, the same-sized dumpster would cost you approximately $510. These prices are for using the dumpster for up to 7 days and hauling junk for a maximum of 4 tons.

In short, the cost to rent a dumpster from waste management will depend on your job location, the level of demand for services in your location, and any other additional charges specific to customized needs.

Cost of Additional Services

Waste Management will charge you extra fees for different types of additional services like:

    • Ordering Waste Management Dumpster Rental Over Phone;
    • Exceeding the Number of Dumpster Rental Days;
    • Using the Dumpster for Moving Prohibited Items;
    • Overloading the Dumpster.

Once you have placed an order online, the exact price amount will be displayed with your reservation dates.

Tips to Avoid Additional Cost on Waste Management Dumpster Rental

Here are some great tips you should follow to avoid being liable for any additional charges for your waste management dumpster rental.

Place Your Dumpster Order Online

As mentioned above, ordering on phone will cost you extra. So, make the reservation through the website.

Stay on Schedule

Avoid going beyond the time allotted for your dumpster rental. Every extra day you keep the dumpster will cost you extra. This amount will vary as per your location.

Do Not Use the Dumpster for Prohibited Materials

Haulers always inspect your dumpster and its contents. Any prohibited items that they detect can make them leave without taking away the dumpster. This will waste your time and cost you extra to get the items removed.

Watch the Weight

Do not fill up your dumpster unnecessarily if the weight has been completed. Some items look small but weigh more. Having more space inside the dumpster does not mean you can fill it up and exceed the weight limit.

What Services Do Waste Management Dumpster Rental Offer?

Waste Management has been serving its clients for more than 40 years with efficient and reliable services. They provide a convenient online booking facility that is available 24/7. Based on your reserved dates and schedule, the company’s representative will drop off and pick up the dumpster from your selected location.

The company offers a diverse range of services including waste management dumpster rental which is further divided into the following:

Roll–Off Dumpsters - Construction Sites

Construction cleanups are very exhausting. They generate a lot of debris and unwanted trash. Once the construction is complete, there is a need for junk removal activity. Hiring a waste management dumpster rental can make your job more organized.

No matter what type of construction debris there is, Waste Management offers contractors multiple roll-off dumpsters to remove their trash.

Roll–Off Dumpsters - Commercial Use

Waste generation is a by-product of any business. It does not matter what type of business activity your company does, there will be some trash produced.

Waste Management offers roll-off dumpster rental to business clients for getting rid of their unwanted junk. Whether it is periodic cleaning or regular waste management, Waste Management ensures effective disposal of all types of office-related junk and debris.

Roll–Off Dumpsters - Residential Use

Roll-Off dumpsters are provided for household clutter and residential trash. Whether you are renovating, remodeling, or decluttering, the cleanout will be much easier and more convenient by getting a dumpster dropped off at your house.

You simply have to start the removal process, fill up the dumpster as you like and the company will pick it up on your scheduled date for waste management.

All-Purpose Bagster Services

This is an innovative service that has been created by the Waste Management Company itself. It is designed to provide clients with low-priced junk removal solutions. In essence, a Bagster is a one-time-use bag that can be bought in any home improvement store across the country.

All you have to do is buy the Bagster, fill it come with trash, and schedule a pick-up with Waste Management Company. They will visit you in the assigned slot and haul away the Bagster with a crane-equipped truck.

Different Sizes of Dumpsters Offered by Waste Management

Waste Management offers its clients different sizes of dumpsters to cater to varying types of needs. The availability of the right size dumpster also depends on the location of the Waste Management facility near you.

Here are the 4 different sizes of dumpsters offered by Waste Management.

1. The 10-Yard Dumpster

Dimensions: 15’0″ L x 8’0″ W x 2’0″ H

Truck Loads: 4

Tonnage Included: 2 Tons of Trash

This size dumpster is best suited for clearing or removal of heavy and large items from your homes or small offices.

2. The 20-Yard Dumpster

Dimensions: 21’11” L x 7’0” W x 3’6” H

Truck Loads: 8

Tonnage Included: 4 Tons of Trash

This size of the dumpster is best suited for cleaning out your residential buildings or small deck projects, and patio projects.

3. The 30-Yard Dumpster

Dimensions: 21’11″ L x 7’0″ W x 5’2″ H

Truck Loads: 14

Tonnage Included: 4 Tons of Trash

This size of dumpster is best suited for different types of remodeling projects and cleaning out large homes, office spaces, small demolition projects, or construction sites.

4. The 40-Yard Dumpster

Dimensions: 21’11” x 7’0″ w x 7’0″ h

Truck Loads: 16

Tonnage Included: 5 tons of trash

This site is best suited for clearing out junk from big construction sites or roofing projects and remodeling large houses.

Pros and Cons of Waste Management Dumpster Rental

Like any other service provider, the Waste Management Dumpster Rental also has its pros and cons.


    • They offer upfront pricing;
    • Flexible schedules;
    • Convenient pick-ups;
    • Online booking and management;
    • Nationwide availability of Bagsters in home improvement stores.


    • Prices are on the higher side compared with other service providers;
    • Loaders are not provided with the service;
    • Pick-up is Under Strict Restrictions;
    • Extra Charges for Overloading.

Based on your assessment of load and requirements, choose the best-sized Waste Management Dumpster Rental and get rid of the unwanted junk in your homes, offices, commercial sites, and construction projects conveniently.

How to a Waste Management Dumpster Near Me

Renting a dumpster from Waste Management near you is very easy and simple. All you need to do is enter your current address or zip code through NearbyMovers. You can see the expected results with abundant details with a few seconds.

You can also go to their website and sign up for their services. Here is a 3-step process to move forward:

1. Sign Up: It takes just a few minutes to sign up by putting in your preferred pick-up date.

2. Recieve an Email: You will get a confirmation email with all the details.

3. Use the Service: Once your service starts, you can state your preference regarding the service schedules, submit requests and make payments also.

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