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About Junk King

Junk King is a best-in-class junk removal service provider that specializes in full-service junk disposal and self-service dumpster rental. Based in San Francisco, Junk King is one of the best junk removal companies in the US with more than 110 franchises spread across 35 states in the US and started offering services in three Canadian provinces as well.

In addition to its core junk removal services, Junk King prides itself as an environment-friendly company: roughly 60% of all the junk removed is donated for reuse, and the remaining recycled. Junk King stands out amongst other junk companies due to its willingness to accept virtually anything disposed of in its dumpster.

Features And Services

Junk King features competitive pricing, environmental-friendly operation, and charges only for used space. They offer a wide range of services that center primarily around full-service junk removal and the provision of self-service mini dumpster rentals. Junk King will clear out any unwanted items from your home, offices, commercial property, or rental properties and take away the junk.

If you have an ongoing small-scale project, you can instead rent a self-service mini dumpster from Junk King for a maximum of 7 days and only pay for the space you use. The mini dumpster measures 7.5 feet wide by 11 feet long and can park unobstructedly in your driveway.

Additional Services

Whether for individuals or businesses, Junk King will remove virtually any junk, except hazardous wastes.

Other services include:

  • House and garage cleanouts
  • Construction waste removal
  • Yard waste removal
  • Garbage removal
  • Electronic waste disposal
  • Furniture removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Hot tub disposal
  • Mattress removal and disposal
  • Refrigerator disposal and recycling

Some of these services are labor-intensive and may require expertise. Junk King removal crew can do some light demolition if necessary, and you should expect additional charges for using their labor services.

Price Range

Junk King pricing is comparable to what is obtainable in the industry. However, unlike most junk removal companies, Junk King pricing is based on the load size which facilitates more accurate estimation. For the full-services removal, as an example, pricing starts as low as $129 for a half pickup truck bed of junk to $209 for a full truck bed worth of junk.

When you hire a self-service mini dumpster, you only have to pay for used space. The rates are based on volume:

  • MINI Minimum amount (if you have only a few items): $99
  • MINI half filled: $178–$275
  • MINI full: $275

Noted that prices also depend on the duration of the rental - three-, five-, and seven-day pricing.

What's Good About Junk King?


Junk King operates sorting facilities in various locations where they separate the recyclable and reusable items from the junk. They aim to recycle up to 60% of junk ensuring the least amount goes into landfills.

Charge only for space you use

Junk King enables you to save money by allowing you to only pay for the space you use in the dumpster. You will pay the full amount if your stuff takes up the entire dumpster and half if you take up only half of the space.

Price matching policy

Junk King will beat the price of any competitor. Just present a quote from a registered junk removal company and Junk King will match the price or offer you additional service discounts.

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How can I get an estimate if I want my junk removed?

Junk King gives you four options for getting a ballpark figure for your junk removal.

On-site estimates

These are the most accurate estimates since company representatives will be on-ground to see everything for themselves.

Online estimate

You can key in the volume of junk you want to toss on the Junk King website to get an instant quote. This option is ideal if you intend to dispose of small to medium-sized loads. However, for bigger loads, Junk King reps will have to do an onsite estimate

Phone Call

You can call a Junk King representative to get an estimate over the phone If your load has four or more items. This can always be adjusted when the crew gets to your location.

Text a photo

Photo quoting is the second most popular method to get an estimation of your junk removal cost. If you only have a few pieces of junk, you can take a picture of it and send it as a text message to Junk King, and a representative will reply with an estimate.

What kind of wastes Junk King will (and won't take?)

Junk King will accept virtually anything including pieces of junk others won’t touch such as heavier items requiring more than two people to move. Some examples of items Junk King can accept include hot tubs, concrete, Appliances, e-wastes, Furniture, etc.

In line with industry standards, Junk King will not take hazardous items such as cleaning products, paint, automotive fluid, varnishes, etc.

What are the differences between Junk King's “Full-service junk removal” and "Self-service dumpster rental?"

Junk King’s Full-service junk removal involves the company crew being on-ground to haul away your unwanted items. All you have to do is to direct them. If necessary, they can carry out light demolition and dismantle simple structures. The crew will pack all the pieces of junk into their truck and clean up the area before leaving.

On the other hand, Junk King’s Self-service dumpster rental is a do-it-yourself service. You rent a Junk King mini dumpster rather than pay for a full-service junk removal package. Junk King will deliver a mini dumpster to your location and you can keep it for up to 7 days. The best part is that you only pay for the space you utilize which makes it cost-effective. The Junk King mini dumpster measures 7.5 feet wide by 11 feet long and is driveway friendly.

Does Junk King provide commercial junk removal services?

Yes, Junk King provides commercial junk removal services. Whether it’s an old desk, dead computer, or unserviceable photocopier, businesses generate junk and trash in the normal course of operation. With time, these junks accumulate and have to be gotten rid of.

While the nature of some businesses entails having an in-house junk removal team that removes and disposes of unwanted items regularly, most businesses will require the services of a professional junk remover such as Junk King.

Junk King is the go-to business junk removal expert in North America. They offer high-quality commercial junk removal services which include commercial equipment removal, office furniture removal, commercial scrap pick-up, property management clean-out, construction debris removal, and storage facility cleanout.

What will Junk King do with all of my junk?

Junk King hauls all junk and unwanted items from your location to a warehouse recycling hub where the items are sorted. The company prides itself on its eco-friendly focus and recycles or reuses about 60% of all junk collected.

Junk King recycling team will dismantle each item and strip them of valuable materials such as gold, palladium, silver, and copper which can be recycled. They will properly dispose of the toxic components such as mercury, lead, and refrigerants.

Junk King pays special attention to e-waste (electronic waste) as well because of its potential to cause health problems and environmental hazards. E-wastes are derived from unserviceable DVD/VCR players, CD Players, Television, Monitors, Computers, etc. Junk King uses a variety of advanced recycling techniques to strip, separate, and recycle useful materials. These include iron, nickel, zinc, calcium, aluminum, lead, tin, etc. They ensure these are safely handled and the unusable toxic residues are safely disposed of.

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