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U-Pack was founded in 1997 as part of ABF Freight to bring unique self-moving experiences to customers. The company offers long-distance moving services in more than 50 states, including Canada and Puerto Rico.

U-Pack charges you for the space and the cost of the move, and it provides trailers or smaller ReloCubes to store your belongings. They offer easy online shipment tracking so you can know exactly where your items are during transit.

They also offer transit storage facilities. Although the company doesn't provide loading and unloading services, they can recommend reliable local movers.

When you request a quote online, U-Pack offers estimates for both options: trailers and ReloCubes. You can then compare the two and decide on the best option that meets your needs.

How Much Does U-Pack Cost?

To help you stay on budget easily, U-Pack is more affordable than other moving container companies. You just pay for the space you use when renting a trailer. You only pay for the three ReloCubes if you hire four but only use three, for example.

When you ask U-Pack for a quote for their services, they may consider other factors besides the space you need and mileage, which include:

    • Moving is slightly more expensive in the spring and summer peak seasons compared to the fall and winter.
    • You will pay more than someone with fewer items since you will need more space in the trailer or several ReloCubes.
    • Moving to a city will cost more than moving to a rural region because of parking and traffic. U-Pack also considers where you are relocating from and to and whether you are close to their distribution center.
    • Due to fuel costs and time spent driving, the prices will likely rise as the distance increases.
    • You will need to spend a little more money if you want additional services like storage and extra insurance. You can save roughly $300 by picking up your belongings from their nearby distribution center instead of having them delivered to your door.

We obtained a quote for moving a two-bedroom apartment from Portland, Oregon, to Cincinnati, Ohio, to give you a better idea of how much it would cost to use U-Packs. The relocation would take place within a month, and the belongings would only take up 15 feet of the 28-foot trailer. We received a quote from U-pack for $5,618; the price is all-inclusive, and there are no additional fees.

U-Pack Services

U-Pack offers many services for people who want to relocate from one place to another. Let us look at the various services they offer:

Moving Services

U-Pack uses independent long-distance truckers to handle the actual pick-up and delivery. However, U-Pack only offers moving services for people relocating more than 100 miles. Additionally, they only charge for the space your items occupy in the trailer.

For efficient and cost-effective relocating, the company rents out ReloCubes and trailers. The trailers are standard 28-foot lengths. The ReloCubes are tiny enough to fit in a parking space or driveway because they measure 6’ x 7’ x 8’.


U-Pack can provide storage facilities if you need a little extra time between the time you move out and the time you move into your new home. They have secure, climate-controlled storage facilities.

Note that only individuals going far distances can use the storage facilities; local storage is unavailable.

Moving Supplies

Moving can be complicated for anyone, and U-Pack is aware of this. They allow you to purchase moving materials from them because they want to make the process as simple as possible for you. They sell the moving supplies listed below:

    • paper and tape for packing
    • covers for mattresses and furnishings
    • portable blankets wrap in foam
    • couch covers
    • bubble wrap

The company also provides free moving resources like checklists, packing tutorials, and informative articles.

To find more moving services in your area, you can search for movers around you with just your zip code or contact (888) 217-1969. Within a minute, you can see the expected results with abundant details.

U-Pack Pros & Cons

Before choosing U-Pack as the company you want to use for relocating your possessions, it is important to know its benefits and drawbacks. Here are a few pros and cons you should know:


    • Your charge will depend on how much space your belongings occupy in the trailer or how many ReloCubes you fill.
    • Because of their transparent pricing, you feel confident that there are no hidden fees.
    • The company offers quick delivery.
    • On their user-friendly website, instant quotes are accessible.
    • Veterans, students, and those in the military are all eligible for discounts.


    • Local moves, or those of less than 100 miles, are something U-Pack does not offer.
    • It could tempt you to leave things behind because you only pay for the space you use.
    • The company gives you just three days to load and unload your belongings.
    • The company will charge you if you cancel the service less than a week or 24 hours before your relocation.
    • Because of their big trailers, it becomes difficult to park in your driveway or find a parking space.

Customers' Reviews on U-Pack

We mainly collect customer reviews from TrustPilot, one of the largest general review platforms, where 179 people give U-Pack an average rating of 1.9 out of 5, a pretty poor score.

Some of their clients reported that their items became damaged during transit. Other people complained that their possessions were not moved to the new places by the scheduled dates. A few more complained that U-Packs staff members were unfriendly when customers called to enquire about delays.

However, there are also good words that the company provides a detailed plan and a tracking number. They have no hidden costs and reasonable charges. The company is flexible when you wish to change the moving dates or the payment method.

To offer a glimpse of what people are genuinely saying about U-Pack, we’ve picked up some of the latest reviews.

Restricted Service in Some Cities

…The issue with U-pack is that it would not deliver the container outside Denver and so after I booked it I had to find another moving company to collect from the u-pack location in Denver and complete the final leg of the journey. As I tried to arrange this and packers in Texas I found a regular moving company at a similar price and it was much simpler…

–Paul, US

Exceptional Service

Was moving across the country. Went on their website and got a quote. Reserved the pod. I called to verify that I had chosen the correct size. They called to notify me when delivery would be done. Pick-up was on time during the window, they said. Received updates and the delivery window via SMS. Called to request a change in the delivery date, which they facilitated without extra cost. On the day of delivery was called 30mins before delivery, the gentleman placed the POD so it could be easily unloaded. Once unloaded called, and they came to pick up. I had absolutely no issues.

-Tanya, US

Damaged Items

Terrible! Our cube came in 3 weeks late, and once it arrived, nearly $1500 worth of furniture and equipment was damaged, and glasses that were bubble wrapped in boxes were broken. Had I known all of my stuff would be damaged, I would have sold everything and bought new instead of wasting my time with this company.

-Bee, US

U-Pack vs. PODS, Which One Is Better?

Given that the two companies provide almost identical services, it may be challenging to determine which is superior.

However, U-Pack beats PODS in some aspects:

    • The company only charges you for the space that contains your items in the trailer. You only pay for the floor area you use when renting a trailer, not the entire container.
    • In contrast to PODS, U-Pack provides additional services that facilitate customers, such as space estimators, moving movies, advice guides, and fuel calculators.
    • While PODS is only available in 46 states, U-Pack is available in more than 50.
    • When moving across the country, U-Pack is more affordable.


Is U-Pack cheaper than PODS?

U-Pack costs less than PODS because you only pay for the space you use. U-Packs lets you pay for the square foot that your belongings occupy in the trailer, unlike PODS, where you must pay for the entire trailer.

Is U-Pack waterproof?

The trailers and the ReloCubes U-Pack uses are made from waterproof metals.

Does U-Pack provide insurance?

The company offers two types of insurance: catastrophic liability insurance and carrier negligence liability. The former protects your belongings if a trailer or ReloCube faces damage by fire, theft, collision, or overturn. The second insurance covers your items if a negligent carrier damages them.

Do you need a lock for U-Pack?

For ReloCubes and trailers, the company advises using locks with a maximum shank diameter of 3/8 inch. You are responsible for supplying the locks for all the ReloCubes you will use. U-Pack fits a lock for the main trailer doors while you provide a lock for the shipping divider wall.

How long can I keep U-Pack?

Before the delivery team arrives for the pickup, you only have three days to load a trailer or ReloCubes. You also have three days to unload once they deliver it to your new residence.

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