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Two Men and a Truck is a moving company that offers a variety of different services. If you're looking for Two Men and a Truck reviews, we'll tell you all you need to know about their services, policies, and affordability.

What Is Two Men and a Truck?

The Two Men and a Truck moving company is a real entrepreneurial success story. Started by a couple of brothers while still in high school, it used to be exactly what the name says: 2 men in a truck. Today, almost 40 years later, they have 380 offices worldwide with almost 50 of these in the United States.

With a strong reputation for customer service, this is one of your best options for both local and interstate moves. One of this company's distinguishing features is that, while most of its locations are independently owned franchises, they use only trained employees rather than casual laborers.

What Services Does Two Men and a Truck Provide?

Instead of just hauling cargo from point A to point B, Two Men and a Truck aims to provide an end-to-end solution. They can do pretty much anything you may need done during a move. Note, however, that not every one of their locations offers all of these options; you can use the location finder on their website to see whether any particular service will be available to you.

Local Moves

Short-range transport of household (and business) possessions is this company's bread and butter. Any move of fewer than 50 miles which doesn't cross a state line is considered local. Almost all kinds of homes, from rural houses to high-rise condos, can be accommodated.

Long-Distance Moves

Transporting goods between states is a job not every mover can do. This requires special federal licenses and extra insurance, not to mention some experience in managing logistics.

Two Men and a Truck offers two basic packages for longer moves: “Expedited” and “Value Flex”. The former offers guaranteed collection and delivery dates and costs somewhat more. With the Value Flex option, smaller shipments are packed into crates and transported along with other people's stuff housed in similar containers. As these crates have to be transferred to another truck for delivery at the destination, this service takes longer but is also cheaper.

Junk Removal

An alternative to renting a dumpster and doing the work yourself, Two Men can clear premises of unwanted furniture and other clutter and haul it away for you. This is often necessary prior to or after a move. Note that this doesn't include cleaning – you'll have to contract another company for this. Like long-distance moves, this service isn't offered by every location.


In case your move and occupancy dates don't quite line up, or if you need a place to put some extra furniture, Two Men and a Truck offers both short- and long-term storage solutions. You can either rent an outdoor container and have it delivered to a location of your choosing, or ask them to keep your belongings in a warehouse or storage unit operated by one of their partners.


If you're short on time, they can also box your possessions for you. Having professionals do this job gives you peace of mind, especially when it comes to valuable, delicate items like paintings and electronics.

You can select which items they will pack and what you're willing to do yourself, as well as who will be responsible for the unpacking at the other end. This service applies mainly to small goods: articles of furniture are protected with shrinkwrap and foam pads as part of their normal moving service.

Packing Supplies

Assuming that you prefer to pack up your valuables yourself, you will need cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, markers, foam peanuts, and probably some stuff you haven't thought of yet. You can buy these at most office supply stores, but getting them from Two Men and a Truck can save you some frustration.

All their packing supplies are good quality and in fact the same these movers use themselves. To give one example, they stock several kinds of specialty boxes to protect items like dishes and televisions.

What Are the Prices of Two Men and a Truck?

Speaking in general and compared to similar movers, 2 Men and a Truck are relatively economical. Understand, though, that each franchise location sets its own rates – the only way to know whether you're getting a good deal is to ask for a quote through their website or call center, then weigh it against others.

For this to be a fair comparison, it's necessary to remember that Two Men and a Truck reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The company, for instance, does background checks on all employees and trains them in safely handling furniture and fragile items. In other words, you're not just paying for the transport, but for the assurance that your dining room set will arrive with the same number of legs it started out with.

Local Move Pricing

As you would expect from an experienced moving company, Two Men and a Truck prepares quotes on local moves by trying to estimate how long each will take. This means that the price you'll be quoted depends on things like:

  • How long it takes for a truck to get from the starting point to the destination,
  • How many flights of stairs have to be climbed,
  • How close to the entrance their truck can park,
  • Additional building rules (allowed loading/unloading times, elevator usage, etc.),

Once you've supplied this information, they'll calculate the total time to be spent on the move and multiply this by the Two Men and a Truck hourly rate for however many movers you'll need.

Long-Distance Move Pricing

Calculating the cost of trans-state moves gets a little more complicated. In addition to the considerations mentioned above, the primary factors are the distance to be traveled and the weight of your possessions. There's not much you can do to change these, but you are allowed to choose between Expedited and Value Flex shipping. Considering how much of a hassle a long move can be at the best of times, we recommend the Expedited service, though Value Flex does allow you to stretch a tight budget.


With this option, your goods are transported from the collection point to the destination as directly as possible. For shorter interstate moves, your stuff will generally be accompanied and unloaded by the same team of workers who loaded it onto the truck. This also means that you'll know the date and time of their arrival in advance, which is useful if you prefer to supervise the process. Each truck will be loaded only with your possessions, and you can track its progress via GPS.

Value Flex

Geared towards smaller moves, this option is significantly cheaper. The main difference is that your stuff is boxed in crates of about 7½ by 7½ by 4 feet each; these crates are then loaded onto trucks along with similar crates from other clients. The crates are taken to a Two Men and a Truck depot in the destination state, offloaded and put on another truck before they can be delivered to your new home. This means that the Value Flex package costs less but takes a little longer.

Where Is Two Men and a Truck Available?

Two Men and a Truck is represented in all states except New Hampshire, West Virginia, Hawaii, and Alaska. This means that you cannot use them to ship to or from those states; in addition, this company does not offer international moving services at this time.

Some states also have franchises in only one or two major cities. If this is the case, Two Men and a Truck will probably not be your cheapest option for a local move if you live far away. It's up to each franchise to determine their pricing policy and what range of services they're willing to offer. Some, for instance, may be willing to assist at the receiving end of trans-state Value Flex moves but don't offer long-distance moving services themselves.

Your best bet is to visit their website and use their handy office locator to see whether they have a location near you that can do the kind of job you're after. It's always a good idea to request quotations from at least 2 movers. Reviews should be checked, too: not all moving companies are equally professional.

Top Two Men and a Truck Alternatives

Between their good value for money and the generally positive Two Men and a Truck reviews online, this company is a solid choice. It's best to be aware of your other options, though, including the following:

Allied Van Lines

Though somewhat pricier than Two Men and a Truck, Allied is a good option for long-distance and international moves (which Two Men doesn't handle). Among movers, moving feedback from actual customers is our most important criterion, and Two Men is essentially tied with Allied Van Lines as far as reviews go.

International Van Lines

Specializing in long-distance moves, International Van Lines offers a wide range of add-on services including car transport, cleaning services, and relocation for military families. Their prices are good for interstate or international shipping but somewhat less competitive for smaller, local moves.


Instead of a transport company with its own fleet of trucks, NearbyMovers is a company that takes some of the pain out of moving by helping you find the best deals. You simply need to tell them where you're moving to and from, when it's all supposed to take place and what kind of services you need, and they'll provide you with a list of quotes from reputable moving companies.


There's plenty we've had to leave out of this Two Men and a Truck review due to space constraints. The upshot is basically that we like them a lot, not just because of their low prices but due to this company's dedication to their employees, clients, and the communities they serve.

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