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Do you know that searching for the best self-storage unit is like finding a good apartment? Ideally, the storage unit will have everything you need at the best price, and you'll trust the self-storage company to handle any issues that might arise, from pest control to security.

But unlike your apartment's building manager, you might only meet the manager of the self-storage unit once or even twice if you strike a deal. Your trust in the service provider will be based on the initial meeting and the background research you conduct.

So, if you need a reliable self-storage facility, you can rely on Cube Smart Self Storage. In this post, we've highlighted everything you should know to help you determine if Cube Smart Self Storage is the best solution for your upcoming storage needs.

What Service Does Cube Smart Self Storage Provide?

The range of options in storage sizes, nationwide availability, and flexible monthly rental contracts makes cube smart one of the best storage companies.

The company provides relocation solutions to help move and also offers storage solutions. You'll find various storage units in Cube Smart's storage facilities, including broad bay areas (above 300 square feet) and personal lockers.

They also take care of residential storage needs, military members' storage needs, college students' needs, seasonal needs, and many more.

Some of the services include:

  • Household and personal storage: Permanent relocation or temporary moves that bring about the need for storage of extra possessions.
  • Business storage: Manufacturing machines, seasonal products, and professional paperwork.
  • Car, motorcycle, RV, and boat storage: You can store your vehicles for the long or short term. The storage can be indoor, outdoor, or covered outdoors.
  • Military storage: Military personnel with proper identification can qualify for a 10% discount.
  • Packing supplies: They have packing and moving supplies that comes with complete kits.
  • Property management: Cube Smart offers third-party property management solutions. The company assigns consultants who help various self-storage firms with marketing, operations, and management.
  • Moving services: They offer moving trucks (the best moving truck rental companies) and trained personnel to help with packaging, loading, and unloading.
  • Office amenities: This includes using workstations with printing, Wi-Fi, shredding, and copying solutions.

How Does Cube Smart Function?

Cube Smart has many options for storage facilities, including outdoor and indoor for different storage needs. You can book climate-controlled storage for sensitive stuff like posh artwork, delicate machinery, and electronic equipment.

Remarkably, Cube Smart self-storage provides roll-up doors and drive-up units. Roll-up ideas are perfect for fitting as many things as possible into the storage unit, while the drive-up units are ideal for unloading and loading heavy possessions.

Go to Cube Smart and key in your location to get a storage unit. You'll see the available storage unit in your region and compare features and prices. While you can book via phone, online booking is the cheapest option. You can book a facility for up to 30 days or lease month-to-month.

What Storage Unit Size Options Are Available With Cube Smart?

The company has large, medium, and small storage units, of varying sizes. This ensures you don't lease more storage units than you require for your items, preventing you from overpaying.

The unit size varies from location to location and might differ regarding square footage. So, it's essential to contact your local Cube Smart to confirm what storage size is available in your region.

  • Locker: Fits small items and boxes.
  • Small: 100-400 cubic feet (fits up to one-room apartment)
  • Medium: 800-1200 cubic feet (fits up to two-room apartment)
  • Large: 1600-2400 cubic feet( fits up to 5 room apartment)
  • Parking: Fits up to class A recreational vehicles

How Much Does Cube Smart Self Storage Cost Charge?

The cost charges of a storage unit will differ depending on the current promotion deals, availability of the storage unit, location, and how you book. Here’s a breakdown of the average price of the Cube Smart storage unit.

  • Small units ( 5 x 5 or 5 x 10 feet) - $64
  • Medium units (10 x 10 or 10 x 15 feet) - $146
  • Large units (10 x 20 or 10 x 30 feet) - $264
  • Parking space (15, 20, 26 or 30 feet) - $152

Note that storage unit sizes aren't guaranteed and might differ from the sizes mentioned. Also, there are extra charges to consider:

  • One-time admin fee - $24
  • Obligatory monthly insurance - $12 to $27
  • Lock (one-time) - $20 to $50

What Are the Pros and Cons of Cube Smart?

Let's look at the good and bad aspects of choosing Cube Smart.


The facility has many locations and storage solutions in various metropolitan regions in the U.S. It has over 1,000 locations countrywide. If you can't get a free storage unit that meets your requirements, you can find another place with availability that is conveniently situated. Other benefits include:

  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Military discounts.
  • Lots of perks.
  • Supports the environment through corporate initiatives like solar panel installation, retrofits for high-efficiency lighting, and energy star rates HVAC units.
  • An easy booking process and doesn't require credit card deposits.


Current clients find it frustrating as their monthly prices continue increasing while new clients are given lower welcome promotional rates. Other disadvantages include:

  • You can't store things like ammunition, weapons, and perishable products at the facility.
  • The admin and lock fees might apply to unit rentals that should be paid before using the unit.
  • Clients pay more than 10% annual price increments.

How Does Customer Comment on Service?

A client who rented a unit at the Malvern location complained that the one-month free offer was offset by the admin and lock fee.

Their Chicago location has over 250 reviews on Google and a rating of 4.8. However, once, clients complained that the security password system was too complicated. To enter an indoor location, she highlighted that passcode was required to pass the gate, and enter the apartment and elevator.

The Vista location has 37 Yelp reviews with a 4.0 out of five stars. Many dissatisfied clients cited issues with customer service. For instance, a client said he was unfairly billed for the whole month despite alerting the manager that they'll move out on the 5th day of that month.

The Malvern headquarters' BBB page created a poor image of the company with a rating of D-. In the last three years, Cube Smart received almost 300 complaints from the Better Business Bureau.


Cube Smart is ideal for business-oriented individuals who prioritize security. The service provider offers more deals such as referral programs, monthly offers, free moving vans, and military discounts that help you save some bucks. However, it is important to conduct your research before booking any storage unit. This is to ensure you get the needed features at reasonable prices.


Q1: What insurance options does Cube Smart Have?

You must buy insurance to book storage services with Cube Smart. Coverage option that protects your stuffs worth $2,000 to $5,000 costs $12 to $27. If the value of your belongings exceeds $5,000, you need to contact the company’s employee.

Q2: What Are the Cost Factors?

Many things will affect the cost of your storage unit. They include availability, online booking, insurance, admin and lock fees, premium services, and discounts.

Q3: Does Cube Smart offer moving trucks for free?

The company allows you to use their local moving trucks for up to 2 hours so that you don't need to spend extra money moving your items to the storage facility.

Q4: Can I cancel the Cube Smart reservation?

That company doesn't offer enough details about the cancellation. Note that you can request advance notice to move out. However, it's unclear if they will prorate your rent when you move out before the end of your lease duration.

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