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Compared to other shipping services, auto shipping requires a lot of dedication to make sure that the vehicle is delivered to the right location at the right time and in the right condition. The best way to find companies with this kind of dedication is by observing their performance over the years. Below are five companies with top-rated auto shipping services in the last few years:

  • Montway Auto Transport - All around one of the best auto shipping providers that offer guaranteed pickup dates, GPS-enabled drivers, and client-centric professional advisors.
  • Sherpa Auto Transport - Keeping track of its impressive reviews, Sherpa Auto Transport provides convenient auto shipping service with guaranteed quotes, free car wash, and background-checked drivers.
  • AmeriFreight - With relatively lower prices, AmeriFreight’s service is available in all 50 states.
  • Easy Auto Ship - Applying extra insurance and rental car policy, this broker keeps standing out as one of the best auto shipping providers across all states.
  • uShip - As an online marketplace to find potential auto shipping services, uShip provides convenience and flexibility in comparing quotes and deciding the right services for your needs.

Montway Auto Transport

Admitted to the 5000 lists of the fastest-growing companies over the past three years, Montway Auto transport is very well-known for its fast and reliable nationwide service that prioritizes its clients’ convenience. In 2020 alone, the company has moved about 140,000 vehicles through a network of over 15,000 motor carriers.

Average Car Shipping Quotes

Distances under 500 miles on average cost about $1.96 per mile, between 500 to 1,500 miles cost about $0.93 per mile and over 1,500 miles cost around $0.58 per mile.

Extra Insurance Coverage

The service includes carrier insurance with coverage of up to $100,000 and additional cargo insurance for up to $250,000.

BBB Customer Rating


What Makes It Stand Out

Montway provides unique benefits such as its extended customer service hours, even on the weekend through live chat which is available from 6 a.m to 12 a.m every day, and a personalized approach that ensures hassle-free customers’ experience by delivering your vehicle right in front of your door.

To know more about Montway Auto Transport, you can review the pros and cons below.


  • Customer-centric auto-specialist advisors
  • Zero upfront payment
  • 15K+ available auto carriers
  • Ships to all 50 states and internationally


  • Doesn’t ship RVs
  • Price can be higher than the original quote
  • In some cases, delivery times can be unpredictable

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport gains its top-rated reputation for its transparent pricing and reliable customer service. This broker provides car shipping services that are available in 48 adjoining states with professional handling such as selective carrier vetting and free car wash to ensure the car is safely delivered in a good condition.

Average Car Shipping Quotes

For a 1,500-mile shipment, it cost about $1,300.

Extra Insurance Coverage

The service includes motor truck cargo insurance with coverage of at least $100,000 and commercial auto liability insurance with minimum coverage of $ 1 million.

BBB Customer Rating:


What Makes It Stand Out

The distinctive feature of Sherpa Auto Transport is its Price Lock Promise which makes sure that you can have the service with your initial quotes. If the final quote turns up to be higher, the company will contribute up to $300 to cover the cost gap.

For a quick review, see the pros and cons below.


  • Price lock promise
  • Free car wash
  • Excellent carrier vetting
  • Top-Notch customer service


  • Not available for shipment in Alaska, Hawaii, or international territory
  • Quotes can be higher than average
  • No shipping for motorcycles or ATVs


Having a long experience in the business since 2004, AmeriFreight provides exclusive door-to-door, open or closed auto shipping services that ensure safe delivery with no effort needed from the customers. This company offers three shipping time options: Economy, Priority, and First Class, in which Economy is the slowest and First Class is the fastest.

Average Car Shipping Quotes

In-state shipments averagely cost about $3 per mile while coast-to-coast shipments cost around $0.50 per mile.

Extra Insurance Coverage

Besides the basic carrier insurance, AmeriFreight offers an Allied Fidelity Total Assurance (AFta) with coverage of about $2,000 to cover minor damage that you find up to two days after your vehicle is delivered.

BBB Customer Rating:


What Makes It Stand Out

AmeriFreight stands out the most for its numerous discounts such as military discounts, medical personnel discounts, student discounts, first responder discounts, senior citizens discounts, multiple vehicles discounts, return customer discounts, and many more.

Review the pros and cons below to see if AmeriFreight’s service can fit your need.


  • Allied Fidelity Total Assurance (AFta)
  • Multiple pricing options
  • Strict carrier vetting
  • No upfront payment


  • No instant quote tool
  • Low availability for some shipments
  • The final quote can be higher than the initial quote

Easy Auto Ship

Headquartered in Ohio, Easy Auto Ship carries on its excellent performance in the auto shipping business with a wide range of networks across 50 states and even around the world.

Average Car Shipping Quotes

A 1,500-mile shipment averagely costs around $1,030 which is lower than the industry average of about $1,143.

Extra Insurance Coverage

The service includes carrier insurance that can cover up to $100,000 and additional cargo insurance in case the carriers’ insurance doesn't cover a valid claim.

BBB Customer Rating


What Makes It Stand Out

Easy Auto Ship stands out from its competitors for its rental car policy that pays for the rental car fee if it takes more than 14 days to get to the supposed destinations. The company will also provide a free car wash if your car arrives dirty

For more details, you can review the pros and cons below.


  • Online quotes
  • Guaranteed pickup dates
  • Discount for cash on delivery
  • Ships to 50 states and internationally


  • Enclosed shipping may cost higher than average
  • The service standard depends on the carrier


uShip is not a broker but an auto shipping marketplace in which carriers bid on the customers’ job offers posted on the platform. Hosting carriers from various locations, uShip’s service area covers all 50 states and even some areas overseas.

Average Car Shipping Quotes

The quotes averagely range around $1 per mile for short shipments and about $0.50 per mile for cross-country shipments. Additionally, using the uShip platform comes with a fee of around $40 to 100.

Extra Insurance Coverage

Most of the carriers already have sufficient carrier insurance. However, uShip also offers extra cargo insurance through Roanoke Insurance Group with coverage of up to $75,000.

BBB Customer Rating


What Makes It Stand Out

uShip’s platform model allows customers to have more choices of various carriers at any level from a single-truck driver to the nationwide large brokers. This platform also enables you to easily compare quotes among potential carriers and eventually decide on the right one for your specific necessity.

You can see the general overview of uShip’s service from the pros and cons below.


  • Option to pay upfront or cash on delivery
  • Competition between carriers and brokers often raises a better standard of service
  • Extra insurance option
  • GPS tracking can be available with some carriers


  • uShip fee
  • Carriers are not vetted
  • No guaranteed quotes
  • No guaranteed pickup dates

What To Consider When Choosing a Car Transport Service?

Choose the right service for your specific need by considering the following three factors:


With so many auto shipping services available in the market, nowadays it is very likely to find prices that fit your budget as long as you are keen enough to look for them. You can even find cheaper options if you don’t demand particular scheduling.

Be Aware of Hidden Costs

The cheapest option can be a bad deal if you overlook its hidden costs such as delivery or extra fuel fees. Always dig for more information before you sign anything.

Customer Service Ratings

Make sure to review companies’ ratings and comments from their previous customers and use them as references in comparing your options.

What Is the Quote Range for Auto Shipping?

The industry average cost for a 1,500-mile shipment is $1,143, so the price lower than that is considered cheap, and higher than that is considered expensive. Auto shipping service prices are mostly influenced by the following factors:

  • Time of year: As the demand increases in January and summer, the prices are relatively higher during those times.
  • Operability: Broken car costs more because the carrier will need to use a winch to get it on the trailer.
  • Vehicle size and weight: Heavy cars may limit the number of cars that can be transported at the same time which causes them to be more expensive.
  • Type of transport: Enclosed car shipment is more expensive than the open one.
  • The route: Shippiment through uncommon routes costs more as there aren’t many carriers who are familiar with the route.

Finding a Mover? Try NearbyMovers!

While you can search for movers on Google, finding ones that are located near you and can fit your specific budget tends to take a lot of time and can be quite difficult especially if you have a tight schedule. Luckily, you can rely on the service of NearbyMovers which will easily connect you to multiple movers from trustworthy networks. How? Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Use our search bar or contact us

    You can perform a quick search by entering your address or ZIP code on our search bar or if you demand a particular service, you can call us for free at (888) 217-1969.

  2. Compare available services

    We will give you a list of potential movers that fit your demand. Review their credibility, compare their quotes and pick the right one for you.

  3. Arrange a date and sign the contract

    Contact your movers, and discuss the shipment arrangement.

  4. Enjoy hassle-free shipment

    Let your movers pack your items and carry them safely to the intended destination.


Montway Auto Transport, Sherpa Auto Transport, Ameri Freight, Easy Auto Ship, and uShip become the top-rated choices in the auto shipping business mostly because of their efficient process, strict carrier vetting, competitive prices, and secure insurance.

Reviewing customer ratings is one of the best ways to judge the credibility of auto shipping providers. However, doing so can take up much of your time. If you are on a tight schedule, you may want to use NearbyMovers to speed up your shipment process as we can instantly connect you to potential movers that most possibly match your specific demands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to transport my car?

It depends on several factors such as shipping distance, weather, and the number of demands but on average it takes about two weeks.

Is insurance necessary for auto transport?

Yes. Insurance is needed because vehicles are mostly considered important assets. Most auto transport services include carrier insurance in their total costs however you can take additional liability insurance for more valuable vehicles.

What is the best car mover?

The best car mover for you will depend on your specific necessity for the shipment. A moving company is a good option to transport a humble family car while you may want to use an auto shipping service for a costly car.

How to find cheap car shipping companies?

The best way is by comparing quotes among the services available to you. NearbyMovers can help you with this as we can instantly provide you with a list of potential auto shipping services around your area.

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