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How Much Does Easy Auto Ship Cost?

The cost to ship a car with Easy Auto Ship varies depending on distance, type of car, season, and other factors. Usually, transporting your car can cost an average of $1,250.

There are instances where you can get low quotes of less than $600, especially for small-medium cars. Shipping large vehicles will cost more. For example, a large truck can cost you approximately $1,500. Easy Auto Ship offers flexible payment options since you can use a credit card or pay through digital platforms such as Paypal.

What Factors Affect Easy Auto Ship Prices?

Car auto shipping prices are affected by several factors, including:

Type of Vehicle

Small and large vehicles differ in terms of shipping prices. The larger or heavier the vehicle, the more it will cost you to transport.

Shipping Distance

Easy Auto Ship determines its shipping prices based on distance. The longer the distance, the more you’re likely to pay.

Shipping Locations

Door-to-door car shipping is somewhat costly as compared to terminal-to-terminal shipping.


Seasons also affect car shipping costs. Peak seasons, such as January and summer months, attract high shipping costs.

Transport Type

You can choose between open or closed transport. It costs more to ship your car using enclosed containers than open transport.

What Services Does Easy Auto Ship Have?

Easy Auto Ship offers a wide array of services. Some of the common services you can get from the company include:

Open-Air Vehicle Transport

Open-air vehicle transport is a common shipping service, and most people usually prefer this shipping option. It’s the cheapest vehicle transportation means, and clients can ship up to 10 vehicles at a go.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Enclosed vehicle transport is costly compared to open-air transport. Car owners prefer using enclosed transport when shipping high-end vehicles. This guarantees that their vehicles are protected from harsh weather conditions and other potential damages from road debris.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Arguably, door-to-door shipping gives you the convenience of having your vehicle shipped to a specific location. You can transport your car to your business premises or your place of residence.

Heavy Equipment Transport

Easy Auto Ship can ship heavy equipment such as forklifts, farm equipment, and industrial machinery. The company offers more competitive quotes than its rival companies offering similar services.

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Terminal-to-Terminal shipping is cheaper than door-to-door shipping. Here, a client is required to choose a specific pickup location where they will receive their vehicle(s).

International Vehicle Shipping

Apart from shipping vehicles within the country’s boundaries, Easy Auto Ship transports vehicles to international destinations. It costs more to ship your vehicle across borders, but the company strives to offer discounts where possible.

What to Know about Easy Auto Ship?

Below is a look at crucial things you should be aware of about Easy Auto Ship vehicle shipping services.

Accurate Phone Quotes

Easy Auto Ship allows its clients to get their quotes online or by making phone calls. Often, quotes from online platforms can increase by about 25% from when you ask for a quote to when you pay for services. However, with Easy Auto Sip, you can get accurate quotes when you make a call.

This applies to instances where carriers are moving in your direction or when the season is fair enough. Easy Auto Ship uses software to provide its clients with almost accurate quotes when placing their orders. This is an added advantage when you want an accurate estimate before shipping your vehicle.

Extra Insurance Coverage

Shipping your vehicle using Easy Auto Ship services gives you the advantage of getting extra damage protection. The company relies on carriers with insurance. It stands out from the rest of the competition due to its Contingency Cargo Policy. Easy Auto Ship provides clients with an extra $100,000 cover for free.

What’s more, there is an in-house claim desk to ensure clients get the personalized services they deserve. Why is a second cover crucial? Getting second insurance is vital because, often, the carrier’s cover isn’t enough. That’s why Easy Auto Ship offers an extra $100 000 to provide more cushion.

Exceptional Customer Service

Easy Auto Ship delivers exceptional customer service. The company has received tons of positive reviews for its services. It has an average client rating of 4.7/5 on popular websites such as Transport Reviews and Yelp. Its top ratings are based on factors such as instant online quotes, free stuff, no upfront fees, and the fact that it’s available countywide.

How Can NearbyMovers Help Me Find a Nationwide Car Shipping Company?

Finding nationwide vehicle shipping services isn’t a straightforward process; you must compare options before choosing the best. To avoid going through all the trouble, you can turn to NearbyMovers. Here’s how easy it is to work with us.

Get in Touch

Give us a call at (888) 217-1969. We want to know the type of auto shipping services you want. Alternatively, you can search using your ZIP code or physical address.

Compare Options

Your search will give you car shipping options you can turn to. Compare the options based on your budget, type of shipping service, customer reviews, and pricing plans. Doing so ensures that you settle for vehicle shipping services that suit your needs.

Hire a Mover

After narrowing your search, you can proceed to select a mover and provide them with additional information about your moving needs. Providing accurate details helps movers to tailor shipping services and meet your expectations.

Service Delivery

Once you’ve confirmed with your chosen mover about your shipping needs, the mover will show up at the specific pickup location and load your vehicle for shipping.

Easy Auto Ship FAQs

Does Easy Auto Ship offer affordable car shipping quotes?

Yes. Easy Auto Ship offers reasonable pricing plans compared to rival shipping companies in the industry. It costs an average of $1,210 to ship a vehicle, which is about 10% lower than the industry average. Their cheap shipping service ensures that you save some money on every shipping service you choose.

What do Easy Auto Ship Reviews portray about the shipping company?

Easy Auto Ship ranks well according to online customer reviews. It scores 4.7/5, which proves that people find their services dependable. Most reviews indicate that the shipping company offers detailed information about their vehicle shipping services.

Is Easy Auto Ship a carrier or a broker?

Easy Auto Ship is a broker. The company partners with reliable carriers to ensure auto shipping services are offered to clients. Once you reach out to Easy Auto Ship, the company links you up with third-party carriers to deliver your vehicle.

Does Easy Auto Ship offer legitimate shipping services?

Yes. Easy Auto Ship is rated highly, and it’s also BBB A+ accredited shipping company. This proves that the shipping company delivers on its promise to its clients.

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