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Guardian Auto Transport is a vehicle shipping company known for its excellent customer service. It ships cars, RVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The company strives to ensure that customers are provided with stress-free car transportation services. It simplifies the booking process and also personalizes transportation to meet clients' needs and expectations.

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How Much Does Guardian Auto Transport Cost?

While Guardian Auto Transport offers remarkable car transportation services, this comes at a huge cost. Compared to its rivals in the market, Guardian's services are 15% more costly than other shipping companies. The average cost of shipping a car with Guardian Auto Transport is $100 per 100 miles. The costs vary depending on the season, type of vehicle, distance, and the car's condition.

What Factors Affect Guardian Auto Transport Prices?

Car shipping costs vary from time to time. Some common factors affecting Guardian Auto Transport prices include distance, type of transport, vehicle type, seasonality, location, vehicle modification, and condition. Individual routes and geographic conditions can also affect the shipping prices.

What Do I Need to Know about Guardian Auto Transport?

Excellent Customer Reviews

Guardian Auto Transport is known for its exceptional customer reviews. This is one area that keeps the company ahead of the rest. On average, customers rate Guardian 4.9 out of 5 stars. Their personalized services come highly recommended as they provide just what the customers are looking for. Guardian Auto Transport website has even made it clear that it prioritizes offering high-quality customer service.

Faster Shipping

While Guardian Auto Transport might be more costly than its rivals in the industry, the shipping company can transport your vehicle much faster. It can have your vehicle delivered to 550 miles within two days. If you want to ship your car across the country, Guardian Auto Transport can get the job done in less than seven days. Generally, the company is about two days faster than what other car shipping companies offer.

Guardian Auto Transport is Costly

We've pointed out that Guardian Auto Transport's shipping costs are approximately 15% higher than its rivals. If you're shipping your vehicle across the nation, you may spend hundreds of dollars more than other companies would have charged you.

It Offers Incorrect Information on Its Website

Some of the information Guadian Auto Transport offers on its website are incorrect. For instance, it indicates that it provides extra insurance than what others provide. However, this isn't the case.

The company also claims to offer instant online quotes. This isn't true since customers must confirm their requests through email. Arguably, these are part of their marketing tactics, but they are somewhat misleading.

Can NearbyMovers Find Me a Moving Company Like Guardian Auto Transport?

We can help you find reliable car shipping companies near you. Instead of going through the whole process of searching and comparing options, we can make it easier for you to settle for a car shipping company you can trust to deliver. Here's what you need to do.

Get in Touch

Give us a call at (888) 217-1969 and let us know the shipping services you want. Alternatively, you can conduct the search on our website using your ZIP code or address.

Compare Options

The search query will provide you with multiple options, depending on your preference. Take your time to compare the services based on pricing plans, location, customer reviews, and services offered.

Hire a Mover

Once you identify a specific mover near you, you can proceed to hire them. Here, you should inform them about your expectations to ensure the car shipping services are tailored to meet your needs.

Service Delivery

After confirming everything with your selected mover, they will show up on the specific date to load your vehicle and ship it to your destination.

Guardian Auto Transport FAQs

How long does it take to transport a car?

The time taken to transport a car varies depending on a number of factors like weather conditions and distance. However, Guardian Auto Transport can travel up to 400 miles daily.

How does one pay for car shipping services?

The payment method varies depending on the car shipping company you choose to work with. Some firms accept credit cards, checks, or money orders. In some cases, the shipping company will require you to pay upfront or a fraction of the money before your car is shipped.

On what days does Guardian Auto Transport offer its services?

Guardian Auto Transport offers its services all through the week.

Is it okay to ship personal items inside my vehicle?

Yes. Some companies can allow you to ship your belongings in your car. However, it's worth noting that the heavier the vehicle, the more you will pay for shipping.

What happens when my car gets damaged while shipping?

Guardian Auto Transport will file for compensation if your vehicle gets damaged while being shipped.

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