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What Is Sherpa Auto Transport?

As a broker with a reputation, Sherpa Auto Transport ships your vehicles with its network of qualified and experienced carriers. You will find amazing Sherpa Auto Transport reviews because of its unmatched customer service and its excellent transparency in pricing within the transport industry. It also offers outstanding services that include washing the shipped car post-delivery.

What Services Will Sherpa Auto Transport Provide?

Sherpa Auto Transport provides several car transport services which include:

  • Pick up and delivery location of your choice - Sherpa offers door-to-door service and would ship your car from and to the location of your choice.
  • Shipping options - You can choose an open car shipping if you’re looking to save your money, but Sherpa also offers you the choice of enclosed car transport for extra protection and privacy.
  • Quick delivery - In specific locations, Sherpa Auto Transport provides expedited transportation services which would come with a higher cost.
  • Delivery date - Although Sherpa doesn’t guarantee the exact date for delivery, it gives a window of three days in comparison to other shipping companies who usually ask customers to allow a five to ten days window for pickup.
  • Vehicle types - Sherpa Auto Transport ships many types of vehicles ranging from small cars to SUVs as well as heavy-duty trucks. However, it does not ship motorcycles or ATVs.

What Is the Cost to Ship a Car with Sherpa Auto Transport?

The cost of shipping a car with Sherpa Auto Transport differs with the type of vehicle you want to be shipped and the distance you’d want it shipped. The price ranges from as low as $480 for a small to a medium-sized vehicle over a short distance, to as high as $2,140 for a truck for instance that needs to be taken from coast to coast. The average car shipping cost is around $1,410.

What Factors Will Be Used to Determine the Cost?

There are several factors that are taken into consideration when determining the cost of shipping your car with Sherpa Auto Transport, and those factors are:

  • Type of your vehicle - as large as your car is the bigger the cost as it weighs more and it takes up much more space.
  • Status of your vehicle - if you need to ship an inoperable car because of a faulty engine, for instance, this would add more to the cost as the shipping company will need to get a carrier to ship it.
  • Distance - Because the shipping cost is calculated in miles, the cost of shipping a car from one state to a nearby one obviously wouldn’t cost as much as taking it across the country.
  • Shipping method - if you have an exotic car that you’d want to ship and hide from curious eyes, you might prefer it to be transported in an enclosed trailer, which would entail paying extra than shipping it in an open transportation vehicle.
  • Shipping time - The cost to ship your car would increase during the vehicle shipping industry's peak times, and those are usually during summer and at the beginning of the New Year.

How Does It Work?

Shipping your vehicle with Sherpa Auto Transport is a simple and easy process:

Step 1 - You first need to know how much it would cost and can ask for a quote free of charge and will need to provide the date and location of pickup and delivery as well as your contact information. You will receive your quote either through a phone call or by email.

Step 2 - Proceed with the process If you are satisfied with the quote and deposit money with a credit or debit card.

Step 3 - Prepare your car for shipping by cleaning it and taking out all of your personal belongings. Ensure that there is at least a quarter tank of gas, disable the alarms, and most importantly check that the car is operable.

Step 4 - Within your shipment contract there is an approximate date for the pickup, and the carrier will contact you a few hours prior to taking your car.

Step 5 - Once your carrier arrives, take note of all existing damages on the vehicle and include them in the bill of lading prior to signing it. It is advised to take pictures. Double-check all of the information regarding delivery with the carrier and give them the car keys.

Step 6 - Once your car is shipped, you can call the customer service department of Sherpa to check on the current location of your car.

Step 7 - On the date of pickup, you can expect a call from the carrier a few hours prior to its arrival at the destination your agreed on.

Step 8 - When the carrier is handing you the car, you should check out the car for any damages and then sign the bill of lading.

Ways to Save on Car Shipping

Even though we are looking for the best shipping services for our precious vehicles, it doesn’t mean that we do not want to save on the cost of shipping. And there are several ways to do so. First, make sure that you do not ask for a quote or book a shipment on short notice. Also, always choose an open trailer as a shipping method to save a few hundred bucks. Additionally, always try not to be picky on delivery dates. And finally, if you want your car to be shipped to a rural area, try to meet the carrier in a nearby town or interstate.

Other Car Shipping Companies Recommended

Sherpa Auto Transport is amongst the leading vehicle shipping services but it definitely isn’t the only one. NearbyMovers will help you learn all about vehicle shipping companies, so here are another two reliable companies that provide car shipping services:

Montway Auto Transport - This company stands out in terms of providing shipping services to all of the 50 states. They provide you with cheaper quotes and can a free service to guarantee the date of the vehicle’s delivery, while others can only give an estimate.

Easy Auto Ship - It not only ships across all of the 50 states, but it also offers international shipping services. Just like Sherpa, it comes with an exceptional customer service rating, and it also offers its customers a rented car if their vehicle would take more than two weeks to arrive. But if you want to confirm the arrival date, you will have to pay a fee for this extra service.


Can I trust Sherpa Auto Transport?

You can see Sherpa’s customers’ feedback on their shipping service to make sure that this company is trustworthy. Sherpa Auto Transport prides itself on an A+ rating as it has received negligible complaints from its customers for its three-year-long operations.

Can I transport classic vehicles with Sherpa Auto Transport?

Definitely. And if you do have a classic, antique or exotic vehicle that you need to ship, Sherpa Auto Transport offers you the option of shipping it in an enclosed trailer for extra protection, which generally would cost a little more than an open trailer.

What if damages occur during the shipment?

If you find any damages on your vehicle on delivery, let the driver see them, take some pictures, and before signing the bill of lading, write them down. Then you should call Sherpa’s customer services and inform them of the damages you saw, and they will guide you through the steps that should be followed.

Does Sherpa Auto Transport provide a cross-state car shipping service?

As long as you need your car shipped anywhere among the 48 states which exclude Hawaii and Alaska, Sherpa Auto Transport will take your vehicle wherever you need it, regardless of the distance.

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