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What Is American Auto Shipping?

If you are thinking of moving your car to a new location because of changing your job, American Auto Shipping is the best option. You could arrange for cars to be delivered directly to you and ship the car across the US. It is possible to choose to have your car enclosed and sealed against dirt, dust, and debris, or use the less expensive open transport. Besides, if you need your car shipped within 24 hours, you could opt for expedited shipping.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing American Auto Shipping?

If you want to free yourself from road hassles and the stress involved with transporting vehicles, you can trust American Auto Shipping to take care of that. Some benefits of American Auton Shipping include:

1, The process is simple. You can get a cost estimate, place an order, and even schedule a pickup without leaving your house.

  • 2, Customer service is one thing that stands out. You get a carrier that’ll work with you till the vehicle is delivered.
  • 3, You even receive a free cash wash worth up to $20, as well as a damage-free guarantee. If your car sustains even minor damage, it will be covered.

4, With a variety of services ranging from expedited to standard car shipping, you get to choose what’s best for you. You never get stranded with American auto shipping - if your car delivery is delayed 14 days past the due date, you get a free rental car.

What Is the Process to Ship a Car with American Auto Shipping?

Request a quote

You can request the quotes for delivering your car online with a click or get a price by calling the company if you have issues with your internet connection.

Order your delivery

When you're satisfied with the price, you can place your order - either online or with the customer service representative you spoke with.

Plan the pickup

After making sure the essential details about the shipment, your car will be loaded in the transport carriers and you will get the information of drivers.

Wait for your car

Take note of the delivery date, so you can free your schedule. You’ll be called by the carrier driver some hours before your car is delivered. When the carrier drops your car off, you can take it home.

If you have household goods that you need to move, use a delivery service. Don’t put them in the car. Household goods are not insured, so if they’re left at the station because it’s too heavy, there is no compensation for losses or damages.

How Much Does American Auto Shipping Cost?

American Auto Shipping cost varies. Several factors affect the price of delivery from transport preferences to the type of your vehicle. And usually, it will cost more while choosing the long-distance services instead of short moves. For instance, if you want your car delivered to Dallas from Texas you’ll have to pay more than if it was to be delivered to Illinois. So you can get a quote to know its exact cost.

Is It Safe to Transport My Car with American Auto Shipping?

With numerous reviews from customers and over two decades of moving more than 130,000 vehicles, it has been proven that your car is secured with American Auto Shipping - It has legal backing. If you need to deliver your car across the 50 states or beyond America, or you need your car delivered, then this is a good option.

What Are the Shipping Options?

There are a variety of shipping options which include:

Door-to-door delivery

Do you want your car delivered to your house or workplace? Here you have it! You can choose a specific location where your vehicle will be picked up and dropped off. The carrier driver would pick up the car and deliver it to the location closest to the desired location.

Open car shipping

If you just want to transport your car at a more affordable price; however, it exposes your car to weather conditions, dirt, and debris.

Enclosed car transport

If you want your car delivered without a scratch, then this option is for you! Nothing good comes easy; be ready to dip your hands into your pockets. In return, your car is thoroughly sealed and protected against weather conditions and road elements.

Shipping with trains

Has the price of fuel increased? This is an affordable option in such situations. However, it is not a low-hanging fruit - it is more restricted than truck shipping.

Getting heavy equipment, auto auction car, military member’s vehicles, and other automobiles across cities within the nation is also possible.

What Kind of Cars Can American Auto Shiping Transport?

American Auto Shipping transports almost everything with steering and wheels - any vehicle that rolls. From recreational vehicles and show cars transport to vehicle chassis, and even exotic and classic vehicle moves. Even if you have a boat, nonrunning and nondriving vehicles, tents, and travel trailers, you can transport them with American Auto Shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track my car in transport?

You will be given the contact information of your driver - so you don’t need to fret. Besides, most carriers offer GPS-tracking services for cars in transit.

Is it necessary to have the car’s title to ship the vehicle with American Auto Shipping?

Simply get the keys to the car, you can help your friends or parents do the shipping with American Auto Shipping.

Do I need to show up when American Auto Shipping’s truck picks up or drops off my vehicle?

If you’re unable to pick up your car, call a close relative or a trusted friend. When the driver picks up and drops off your vehicle, someone needs to be there. If there is no one you can call, you can opt for terminal-to-terminal delivery.

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