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What Is Bargain Auto Transport?

Bargains Auto Transport helps you move by working with carriers who have been chosen based on the set budget auto transport services from Michigan to Florida The company’s drivers will then pick up your vehicle at a specific location and deliver it anywhere you choose. This offers an excellent time-saving door-to-door delivery opportunity for all customers. So though new in the shipping industry, this hasn’t stopped Bargains Auto Transport from offering efficient shipping services at pocket-friendly prices.

How to Ship My Car with Bargain Auto Transport?

The process to transport a car with Bargain Auto Transport is rather straightforward. Here’s what to do.

  • Start by filling out a form available on the company’s website. Here, you should provide your vehicle information. The important information required to share is vehicle make, model, and manufacture year.
  • Next, choose your preferred price and let Bargain auto transport match you with carriers that will accept your set price.
  • Identify the suitable carrier, confirm if there are other details required, confirm car insurance status, and then proceed to pay using the shipping company’s bidding site.
  • Once you identify the right cost isn’t within your set budget, be sure to talk to Bargain. In doing so, auto bargain transport will step in and find you the best carrier who is ready to accept your set shipping price.
  • After this, Bargain will handle the process once a desirable price for both shipper and carrier is settled. Thereafter, your car will be shipped.

Pros & Cons of Bargain Auto Transport


  • Great customer reviews
  • Flexible and affordable shipping costs quotes
  • Open and enclosed shipping services are available
  • The door-to-door service is available within 24 hours


  • Just provide the shipping service to the US
  • Boats and motorcycles can not be transported

What Will Affect Car Shipping Prices?

Vehicle type

It’s worth noting that the type of vehicle also influences your car transport quote. The key factors considered are weight and size.

Location and distance

Distance also plays a major role when it comes to budget car shipping costs. The further away your location, the more you spend on fuel and mileage consumption. As such, distance plays a huge role when shipping your car.

Shipping options

When choosing a shipping company make sure they offer the shipping option you want. You can access two shipping types: the enclosed carrier shipping or the open carrier shipping option. And Bargain makes the popular open carrier easier for a budget car transport option. While the enclosed carrier is for you when you’re shipping high-end vehicles.

Along with the above factors, we’ve only scratched the surface as there are more factors that impact the cost of shipping cars.

How to Prepare My Vehicle for Shipping with Bargain Auto Transport?

To ship a car to your chosen destination, ensure that you follow specific shipping requirements. Also, take away the toll payment devices before the shipping company collects your vehicle for budget car shipping. Remember, the law prohibits shipping cars that hold customers’ luggage or storage boxes. As such, ensure your car is in good working condition to allow easy and safe loading onto the carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1, Will Bargain Auto Transport track my car during shipping?

Yes, Bargain Auto Transport helps you contact the company to know your vehicle’s location throughout the shipping process. This provides you with accurate status updates when you get in touch with them at any time.

2, What kinds of shipping services does Bargain Auto Transport offer?

Bargain Auto Transport offers both enclosed and open auto transport services. So, if you want a cheaper option, choose open shipping. However, when you’re transporting expensive vehicles or classic models, then opt for enclosed shipping.

3, Can I cancel my Bargain Auto Transport car shipment?

Yes, if you decide to cancel your car shipment order, make sure it's done any time before the car is received for shipping. Remember, choosing to cancel shipment means you’ll lose the car down payment.

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