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Nationwide Auto Transport offers affordable auto transportation services. The company has been in business for two decades now, and it continues to deliver high-quality door-to-door car transportation services. It's a BBB A+ rated company. This post will give you a comprehensive look into this company and suggest alternative ways of getting moving services near you.

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How Much Does Nationwide Auto Transport Cost?

Nationwide Auto Transport prides itself on offering cheaper auto transportation than its competitors in the industry. It can cost you an average of $130 per 100 miles. However, the cost of transporting your vehicle will be determined by seasonality, route, vehicle type, and distance.

An open carrier might cost about $970 to ship your car for 1,000 miles. The price will be higher with an enclosed carriage. You can easily know the cost of transporting your car by getting a quick quote on the Nationwide Auto Transport website.

What Shipping Services Does Nationwide Auto Transport Offer?

Nationwide Auto Transport ships different types of vehicles, including:

  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Boats
  • Dealer vehicles
  • Motorsport equipment
  • Military vehicles
  • Subcompact vehicles
  • Same-day shipping

These auto-transportation services are priced differently. Generally speaking, the heavier the carriage, the more likely you will pay more to ship your item.

What Do I Need to Know about Nationwide Auto Transport?

Relatively Low Prices

Nationwide Auto Transport offers reliable and affordable auto transport services. The company's prices are approximately 5% cheaper than what other companies charge. So, if you're shipping a car for 1,000 miles, you could end up saving about $100.

Impressive Customer Reviews

Nationwide Auto Transport's low prices also come with positive customer reviews. This shows that customers find their shipping services dependable. Most people have rated them for their low prices, timeliness, driver professionalism, and high-quality customer service.

Not Transparent about Insurance

Nationwide Auto Transport doesn't provide accurate information about their insurance coverage. The company does the bare minimum to provide insurance cover. There are no specific perks offered in addition to the normal insurance coverage that other firms provide.

Transparency with insurance coverage is one thing that might disappoint you when you're looking for information about the shipping company. Nationwide Auto Transport offers vague details about what exactly they cover. This could hinder you from getting a rough estimate of the insurance cover you can use in your vehicle.

Can NearbyMovers Help Me Find a Nationwide Car Shipping Company?

It's challenging to search around and compare options when looking for car shipping services you can trust. Instead of going through all the trouble, NearbyMovers can help you find trustworthy auto shipping companies. To get started with us, here's what you need to do:

Get in Touch

Give us a call at (888) 217-1969 and let us know the type of car shipping services you want. You can also do the search using your ZIP code or address. It's a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

Compare Options

From your search, you can then compare the moving services you get. Evaluate the moving services based on distance, services offered, customer reviews, and any other perks you might be interested in. Doing so helps ensure that you settle for shipping services tailored to your needs.

Hire a Shipper

Once you identify a firm you can trust, you can proceed to hire them and schedule a shipping date. Provide the company with the necessary shipping information to ensure you pay for services tailored to your demands.

Service Delivery

After confirming everything with your mover, the shipping company will show up with all the required tools to load and ship your vehicle. Your vehicle will be loaded and shipped to the specific location specified.

Nationwide Auto Transport FAQs

Is Nationwide Auto Transportation a carrier or a broker?

Nationwide Auto Transportation isn't a carrier. It's a broker, meaning it links you up with third-party shipping companies to help you ship your vehicle. The good news is that the company strives to ensure that you work with reliable shipping companies you can trust to deliver.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nationwide Auto Transport?

One of the main benefits of working with Nationwide Auto Transportation is that it offers lower prices than its industry rivals. Apart from that, its positive customer reviews mean that you might be impressed by its shipping services. It's also easy to get online quotes from their website.

Does Nationwide Auto Transportation receive positive vehicle transport reviews?

Yes. Nationwide Auto Transportation receives a high number of positive transport reviews. Most individuals rank the company for its low prices, excellent customer service, and driver professionalism. The reviews reveal that Nationwide Auto Transportation is dedicated to ensuring clients receive the best car transportation services.

What factors affect Nationwide Auto Transport prices?

Vehicle shipping costs differ, and they are subject to fluctuation based on the following factors:

  • Region
  • Distance
  • Number of vehicles
  • Season
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle condition
  • Route
  • Season

To get the best price offer, the company recommends making an early booking through its website.

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