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What Is Ship a Car Direct?

Ship a Car Direct is a renowned motor vehicle shipping and transportation broker. The company acts as an agent between the customers and professional car carriers that are pre-screened. It not only provides relevant information but also answers any transportation queries.

Ship a Car Direct is fully insured, licensed, and bonded to operate in the United States. Shipping nationwide, it accommodates the transportation of all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, heavy machinery, and motorcycles.

Offering a full range of auto transportation assistance door-to-door with free estimates, the company offers both open and enclosed vehicle transport services. Ship a Car Direct caters to the needs of both individuals and corporate clients.

Pros and Cons of Ship a Car Direct

Here are the major pros and cons of choosing Ship a Car Direct as your auto shipping partner.


    • Prices are reasonable and competitive with the market.
    • Offers full insurance coverage and damage-free transportation of the vehicle.
    • The company does not require any up-front deposits.
    • Reliable Carrier Vetting and Pre-screening.
    • Excellent customer service and on-time deliveries for the highest level of satisfaction.


    • The website needs to improve its functionality and user-friendliness.
    • You need to make a follow-up phone call to get quotes instead of getting them online.
    • Longer shipping times as compared to some other players.

How Much Does Ship a Car Direct Cost?

Cost is one of the major considerations while choosing a car shipping company for moving your vehicle. When evaluating companies for final selection, remember not only to compare their services, reviews, efficiency, and insurance coverage but also the prices they will charge to provide the transportation.

Being in the business since 2008, Ship a Car Direct has developed an extensive network of suppliers and auto carriers. Its large magnitude of business and nationwide clientele helps them negotiate the best rates for its customers.

On average, transporting a vehicle through Ship a Car Direct can cost you approximately $1,070 to $2,770. The exact price of the transportation depends on several different factors, including the motor vehicle type, its physical condition, and the shipping distance.

This means that if you are transporting a middle-sized vehicle for 300 miles on an open carrier, it will cost you approximately $550. And for transporting a truck across the country in an enclosed carrier, you will be charged up to $1,580.

Factors Affecting Ship a Car Direct Cost

Like all other auto carriers, the prices of Ship a Car Direct are not fixed or guaranteed. The factors that affect the final price of vehicle transportation through Ship a Car Direct include the following:

Distance of Vehicle Shipping: The price of cross-country shipping is more than short-distance local transportation. International moving is even more expensive.

Size of Vehicle: Typically, larger vehicles cost more to transport.

Weight of Vehicle: The heavier the vehicle, the more it costs you to get it transported. Please give up the idea of putting your luggage in the vehicle to save on moving costs.

Condition of Vehicle: Vehicles in a lousy condition that do not even start require you to pay extra fees to move them onto the truck.

Type of Transport: The cost of auto shipping also depends on the type of transport you choose for the movement. Open transport will cost you less but leave your vehicle prone to getting dirty and vulnerable to weather conditions. If you choose enclosed transport, it is safer but more expensive. Enclosed transport carriage is almost 30% more costly.

Apart from the above, there are factors like fuel cost, weather conditions, time of year, specific shipping destinations, and elements like urgent pickups and deliveries that may impact your final transportation cost.

The estimated price quotes provided by Ship a Car Direct may vary from the final prices. It is always better to keep a margin to ensure that you do not exceed your budget limitations.

What Services Does Ship a Car Direct Provide?

Ship a Car Direct provides a variety of vehicle transportation services, including:

1. Open Transport: Ship a Car Direct offers open auto carrier services to ship your vehicles at lower prices. But this type of transportation may leave your vehicle prone to getting dirty and vulnerable to weather conditions.

2. Enclosed Transport: The company also offers to ship your vehicle in an enclosed trailer with extra protection from inclement weather and roadside debris.

3. Door-to-Door: Ship a Car Direct ensures that the assigned auto carrier picks up from and delivers your vehicle to the designated location.

4. Shipping to Hawaii: Some auto carriers do not provide this service. However, Ship a Car Direct offers to transport your vehicle to Hawaii as well.

How to Get a Quote with Ship a Car Direct?

One of the easiest ways to get multiple quotes for moving your vehicle from one place to another is to opt for NearbyMovers. Simply enter your current address or zip code to find Ship a Car Direct within a few miles, quickly and easily.

If you are looking to find answers on how to get a quote with Ship a Car Direct then follow these simple steps:

    • Get connected with Ship a Car Direct online or by phone.
    • Ask for a free quote or calculate the cost of shipping through their online tool.
    • Once the price quote has been received, the company representative will get in touch with you by phone to get your details and finalize the process.
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