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What Is Atlas Van Lines?

Do you need some household goods like your furniture, bed, or refrigerator moved to your mum’s place? Then, you’ll need Atlas Van Lines. It has a network of about 430 local agents, who will help with your move - both locally and internationally.

So It would be a little surprising to find someone in the United States or Canada who has not heard of Atlas Van Lines.

Services of Atlas Van Lines

  • Relocation of company properties
  • Move items across international borders
  • Move military properties
  • Move government properties
  • Transport cars and boats
  • Provide packing and shipping services
  • Assisting with travel needs
  • Storing goods - both for long and short periods

Even if you’re moving the items to a very far place, you'll be given two moving coordinators on both ends.

How to Hire Atlas Van Lines?

Atlas Van Lines is committed to providing customers with the best service possible - without any hassles by providing various channels for customers to access its services. You can complete a virtual survey online with your smartphone or computer and receive a quote directly, or contact a local mover via their website by clicking the 'Contact' tab. You can also contact a customer service agent for assistance.

If you are just getting started on your budget, you can choose a binding estimate. Though there may be an additional charge, you will not pay more than the estimate. However, if you only need a rough guess, you can request a non-binding estimate.

Merits and Demerits of Atlas Van Lines


  • There are many movers and different types of services.
  • Atlas organizes advanced training for movers.
  • If you are an AAA member, you can have a discount.
  • It transports your belongings to any location, both locally and globally.


  • Prices are usually high.
  • There are no instant quotes for the short moves in your area.
  • It may not accommodate some persons’ needs to rent a van or a truck.

How Does Atlas Van Lines Charge?

The price to move your goods more than 50 miles away is usually between $3,000 to $6,000. If you want to ship the goods to a friend in another country, such as Brazil, you will be charged $7,000 or more. However, if it’s just a drive through the state (local move), it’ll cost you about $2,000 to $3,000. Atlas also ensures that your items are safe and sound, so you’ll have to pay an insurance fee. You can, however, choose to move your goods without insurance.

If you want to get the most out of Atlas, become an AAA member to enjoy the financial perks with an average of $600. Full-value coverage is available for as little as $6 per pound for each item, and so does basic coverage.

Is It Possible to Cancel the Move with Atlas Van Lines?

You need to sign an order of service with Atlas Van Lines before you can move your items. If you find another better way to move within three days of signing, you can cancel at no cost. However, if it is longer, you may take a financial hit, but this is entirely dependent on the agents with whom you are collaborating.

Will Atlas Van Lines Provide Insurance?

Are you worried about moving your expensive piano? Don’t fret. With Atlas’ full value protection, you can be assured that any mishap that befalls your property will be properly taken care of.

If you’re just transporting toys to your younger brother whose wife just put to birth, you don't need the full-value protection. You can tell them that you’ll go with their minimal protection which is free. For this, you’ll be renumerated only 60 cents per pound, so make sure you only do this for items you can giveaway.

Differences Between Valuation And Insurance

Insurance seeks to protect companies from financial losses whereas Valuation places an emphasis on protecting your goods. No one knows what could happen on the roads. To keep your heart at peace, Atlas offers to take care of any issue that crops up along the way.

If your TV broke, or your exquisite portrait got ripped apart, it’ll be compensated. However, this depends on the coverage plan for your items. You can opt for minimal coverage where the weight of an item is multiplied by $0.60 per pound or full-value coverage where the total weight of an item is multiplied by $6.

To make things easier, you can reach out to your agent to clear your doubts about the coverage plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlas Van Lines Known As Brokers?

No, with its own warehouses, vehicles, and employees, Atlas Van Lines is a transport company that moves items over long distances using large motor vans, working hand in hand with its trained agents.

Will Atlas Van Line Move Live Animals?

No, some items that would not fit in that van, like live animals, firearms, fireworks, or household cleaning chemicals.

What Special Items Can Atlas Van Lines Move?

Atlas will collaborate with your local agent if you need to ship cars, move pianos, boats, pool tables, or motorcycles. Even if it's a playset or a swing set, they'll provide the transport equipment. Start making plans now if you want to transport any of these items.

Can I Track My Shipment?

Previously, tracking an item required the use of tracking forms. However, Atlas has lightened the load. You can track your shipment using their fantastic customer portal. Furthermore, if you enjoy apps and beautiful interfaces, download their mobile app and monitor your move from start to finish.

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