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Moving to a new place can be a chance to start afresh. However, it comes with its sheer challenges, especially with regard to finding reliable moving services. Mayflower is a moving firm that offers full-service moves. The firm has been in the business for nearly 100 years now. It has many agents throughout the country, making it easy to deliver and meet its customers’ expectations.

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How Much Does Mayflower Moving Cost?

The cost of moving is always an essential factor to consider when choosing a moving company. Mayflower’s prices are influenced by the gas price, the weight of your goods, and the distance you want to travel. These factors will differ from one person to another. Therefore, Mayflower’s moving prices differ.

It may be daunting to accurately determine how much you will pay for moving since Mayflower doesn’t clearly specify how much they charge. But you can get a rough estimate through their online platform. Whether you’re moving within the U.S. or abroad, you can get a quote that suits you.

What Are the Benefits of Mayflower Moving?

Mayflower’s extensive experience in the moving industry guarantees that it delivers the best possible services to meet your expectations. Some of the perks you get are described below.

Personalized Moving Packages

Mayflower gives you the option of adding their “convenience add-ons” to the moving package you choose. Taking advantage of these add-ons helps to customize your move to meet your needs. Plus, you will save a lot since you won’t have to hire third-party companies to help you move successfully. These add-ons include:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Debris removal
  • Storage
  • Move-out cleaning services

Normally, finding the assistance you need to load and unload items when moving is stressful. Cleaning your new business premises or home can also be another challenge you don’t want to deal with. Mayflower can bundle these extras into your moving package.

Reliable Coverage Plans

Mayflower offers comprehensive protection plans to ensure your belongings are safe. The company understands the importance of insuring your goods since unpredictable circumstances can affect successful deliveries. Mayflower’s protection plan is affordable, and you can choose a plan that meets your budget expectations.

For instance, you can opt for the full-coverage, additional coverage, or basic liability coverage. These protection plans are designed to compensate you if anything happens to your goods while in transit. However, these are subject to terms and conditions stipulated by the company. In some cases, Mayflower can repair or replace items affected during the moving process.

Diverse Network of Agents

Mayflower has an extensive network of agents nationwide. This makes it easier for the company to offer local and international shipping services. You won’t struggle to look for a moving company near you because Mayflower agents are widely spread throughout the U.S.

Moving long or short distances is made easy because agents serve Mayflower clients in over 500 locations. You can conveniently find an agent that works with the company to deliver reliable and timely moving services tailored to your everyday needs.

For international moves, Mayflower has resources spread out in over 150 nations. You can also take advantage of their storage services to guarantee you worry less about the safety of your belongings.

What Services Does Mayflower Moving Offer?

Mayflowers offers a wide variety of services to help you move easily and conveniently. Here’s a look at these services.

Local Move

Mayflower’s agents ensure you move within your state effortlessly. The company’s agents can link you up with other moving partners that work with the company to complete your move.

Long-Distance Move

The company also offers long-distance moving services This applies to customers who move from one state to another. Add-ons that can be bundled with long-distance travel include auto transport, storage services, loading and unloading, and house cleaning.

Military Move

Military moves are also offered, and active or retired military personnel can benefit from the extra services provided, such as debris removal, temporary storage, and loading and unloading.

International Move

Mayflower has resources to help streamline international moves in more than 150 countries. The add-ons offered on local and long-distance moves also apply to international moves.

Corporate Move

Small and large businesses can also turn to Mayflower for moving services that make relocation easier and stress-free.

Mini Move

Mayflower offers small moves much faster since the process isn’t as demanding compared to other types of moves. Besides, moving packages are cheaper with small moves.

Can NearbyMovers Find Me a Mayflower Moving Alternative Service?

Yes, NearbyMovers is there to ensure you don’t stress about finding reliable moving services near you. Here’s a simple process to get started.

Get in Touch

Give us a call at (888) 217-1969 and inform us more about your planned move. You can also visit our website and conduct the search on your own. Input your physical address or ZIP code, and our extensive database will do the search for you.

Compare Options

The search results will give you moving options near you. We offer suggestions based on your search query. Take your time to determine the best moving plan that works for you depending on your budget, location, extra services offered, and customer reviews.

Hire a Mover

Once you select a mover based on your preferences, you can proceed to contact them. Provide them with all the vital information to ensure your move is scheduled and done according to your expectations.

Service Delivery

After confirming everything with your mover, it won’t take time before they show up to pick up your belongings for delivery. The time it takes to deliver your goods will depend on the distance you’re moving.

Mayflower FAQs

Does Mayflower need an in-home inspection?

Yes. You won’t get a moving quote until the company conducts an in-home estimate to determine how much it will cost to move locally or internationally.

Does Mayflower offer temporary storage services?

Yes. Mayflower offers temporary storage services. The services usually come in handy for clients with many items or those who renovate their homes/offices before moving in. The storage prices vary depending on the weight of belongings and time duration of storage.

What is the average cost to move a long distance with Mayflower?

Mayflower will charge you approximately $5,000 to move to a distant place. But the prices vary seasonally. The weight of your possessions and the distance to be covered will also influence the moving cost.

Is Mayflower owned by United Van Lines?

No. Mayflower and United Van Lines are both owned by Unigroup Corporation.

Is it worth relying on Mayflower moving?

Mayflower moving services vary depending on location. Therefore, it’s crucial to read through local agents’ reviews to know more about the quality of services you should expect. Compared to other moving firms, Mayflower is worth considering if you’re looking for a moving company that ticks all boxes.

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