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What are Van Line Moving Companies?

A van line moving company acts as a broker whose job is to connect homeowners to moving companies that suit their needs. These service providers may also serve as movers themselves. When hiring a van line, you’ll be associated directly with a suitable carrier without having to deal with costly intermediaries. Van Line Movers are usually a large network of different companies that operate alongside each other. In most instances, these companies may exist as single entities with a long list of fully vetted partners. These partners are usually responsible for servicing homeowners.

Top-Rated Van Line Moving Companies

For many people, moving is a once-in-a-lifetime event. However, there are others who experience this more frequently. It doesn’t matter whether you move once or every few weeks. What really matters is hiring a van lines trucking company that meets your needs. Each moving van line is different and offers a unique set of services. But not all of them have exactly what you need. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the best possible alternatives from the available options.

So, what are the best moving company van lines around you? They include;

  1. United Van Lines - United Van Lines is committed to offering homeowners the best service and giving them access to movers that will take them anywhere.
  2. International Van Lines - Enjoy a variety of professional services at discounted rates.
  3. North American Van Lines - Are you interested in an experienced Van Line Moving company with an excellent track record? That's what you get from this service provider.
  4. Allied Van Lines - Here, you'll get access to all types of moves, including customs services too.
  5. Atlas Van Lines - They offer the best overall service to move your items locally, or from one state to another across the country.

United Van Lines

United Van Lines is one of the top moving companies and is renowned for offering stellar services to its clients. They believe in helping you move your items - regardless of the distance or size. It doesn't matter whether you are moving from a 1-bedroom apartment or a 3-bedroom flat, they've got services that will suit you.

At United Van Lines, customers always come first. As a result, they ensure that their services are always up to industry standards. When you choose United Van Lines, you sign up for a smooth, seamless experience. They have used the latest technology to streamline their service delivery process, from the initial quote till you settle in your new living space. What's more? You can also trust United Van Lines with your valuables as they always treat them as their own.

United Van Lines provide services for clients from 150 countries around the world, so cross-country moves are nothing new to them. They also have movers that are capable of performing several related operations, including helping you pack, unpack, store and remove debris.

International Van Lines

International Van Lines, also known as IVL, is a top-rated moving company that can help you move your personal items to your desired destination. They can also act as a broker and pair you with a company that suits your needs. IVL stands out from the competition and is renowned for offering high-quality services, including out-of-state moving, local moving services, auto transport, and international moving. In addition, it helps with multimedia setup, and trash/debris removal.

This broker handles more than 20,000 moves per year across the country. Therefore you can rely on the quality of what they offer. Furthermore, they offer long-term and short-term storage options - depending on the convenient timeline. Also, you'll find several positive reviews about this service provider on their website and on credible review websites.

North American Van Lines

Since its inception in 1933, North American Van Lines has continuously serviced multiple customers in different parts of the United States. They have excelled as a top van Line move company because they have regularly improved the quality of their services over time since the very beginning.

North American Van Lines is still relevant to date because it has moved with the times and has incorporated next-generation features into what it offers. It doesn't matter whether you need help with moving supplies, packing, loading, or a secure transport system, they have a suitable solution for you.

For many decades, North American Van Lines has worked with multiple clients. As a result, they know exactly what you need and how to deliver it to you. When you contact them, you'll be signing up for a fully custom service. They also have numerous branches nationwide and are waiting to hear from you.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is one of the best moving van line companies in the United States for good reasons. They are an award-winning service provider that has been around for a fairly long time. Since their inception in 1928, Allied Van Lines has been moving items for businesses and households. They've created a system that will streamline every step of the process.

At Allied Van Lines, their services are designed to help you handle different types of moves, including household, corporate, interstate, and local moves. They can customize their services to suit your needs while doing their best to make sure that you are satisfied. This company has all the necessary tools and expertise to help you do all the heavy lifting. Another interesting thing about this service provider is that they don't charge any hidden fees on their moves. Finally, they let you track your product in real-time.

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Line was established in 1948. Since that time, it has serviced thousands of business owners and homeowners by helping them move their valuable items from one part of the country to another. This service provider has a Rank A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, you can trust the quality of what they offer. Atlas Van Lines has services that cover local, interstate and international transfers to Canada.

This service provider has more than 430 agents in the United States and Canada. Each of them is trained to satisfy customers with their quality services. Aside from moving personal items, Atlas can also help you ship vehicles or specialty items. All their services are available nationwide and they offer shipment tracking for additional protection.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Getting A Moving Services

Choosing a reliable moving company will determine how difficult or easy your moving experience will be, and picking a van line mover is not a straightforward decision. There are a few parameters that you should keep in mind to aid your final choice. They include;

  • Budget: The budget for your van line mover is the amount of money that you are willing to spend on hiring the service. You need to note that different moving companies charge different costs for their services.
  • Estimated Timeline: Moving line companies can deliver their services on different timelines. You may have to spend more on moving your items faster.
  • Type of Move: The type of move that you want determines the exact company that you should hire.
  • Access to custom Moving Services: If you have any special, fragile items that you want to move, you may want to hire custom moving services. Not all companies can provide custom services.
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