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Why Choose Wheaton Van Lines

Wheaton is a moving company with seasoned experts, who help you with your move, packing, loading, and eventual delivery.

Apart from its customer-oriented service, Wheaton has a large base of agents that make both large and small-scale moving possible. In addition, they also offer international moving services, so distance isn’t a problem for the company. Plus, you can store your belongings with them for a period.

Is Wheaton Van Lines a Broker?

Wheaton isn’t a broker. The moving company gives you peace of mind because it does the moving by itself instead of connecting you to other moving companies or sharing information about your move or any other personal information.

However, Wheaton works with agents to make your move possible. Wheaton put these agents to the strictest test to ensure quality service when transporting items.

Best Times to Move With Wheaton Van Lines

Wheaton and its agents work to ensure you have a pleasant move experience. No matter when you want to move, it can provide the best service for you. However, if you want to make the most of Wheaton Van Lines, it could be better if you moved before summer or before a month’s end.

More people move during this period, and the general industry becomes busier than usual.

What Types of Moves Are Offered by Wheaton Worldwide Moving?

Wheaton isn’t one-dimensional that offers one type of moving. As customers, you could want to move big equipment, offices, or household items. They offer multiple moving choices that appeal to customers who want to move based on their unique situation. Let’s check these offers out.

  • Residential Moves
  • Corporate Relocation
  • International Moves
  • Government and Military Moves
  • Business Relocation
  • Specialized Moves

In all of the above moves, Wheaton is present right from the planning to delivery and is involved by providing you with relocation experts.

Methods of Payment

You have flexible payment options when you want to pay them at Wheaton.

  • You can wait till the point where Wheaton and its agents deliver before you pay the moving expenses in full using cash or money order, your traveler, cashier, or certified check.
  • Make payment with your MasterCard, Amex Card, Visa, and Discover.

What Will Wheaton Not Move?

As a matter of policy, Wheaton will not transport high-risk items like aerosols as they are hazardous materials that could destroy your belongings. Also, if you have a short-lived belonging, it is best to hold it to you.

How to Move Valuable Items with Wheaton Worldwide Moving?

To Wheaton, all your belongings are valuable items and they will treat them with utmost care. However, Wheaton advocates that the best way to move valuable items like important documents or jewelry is to have them with you.

How Can I Know the Delivery Date of Shipment?

Remember that the Wheaton agent in your area will give you an estimated date of delivery. The agent calculates this based on the distance and the belongings you are transporting. Then 2 days before delivery, the driver would contact you, making it crucial for the driver to have your contact for you to accept delivery at the moving destination.

However, if you haven’t received your items after the delivery date, call the Wheaton customer care line at 1-800-248-4810.

How Can I File a Claim if There is Any Loss to My Belonging?

Even with the best care and attention, accidents happen while moving. However, you can file a claim when something like this happens.

  • Write your claim and file within 9 months of delivery of your belongings.
  • Providing relevant item information, like manufacturer’s name, serial number and model would suffice if it’s electronic.
  • Provide evidence of ownership, such as a receipt.
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