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What Is Zippy Shell's Shipping Process Like?

Being a warehouse and container moving company, Zippy Shell lets you have access to the loading and transporting service. You can schedule the storage and shipment based on your needs.

Zippy Shell has 10- and 15-feet containers so you can get whichever you need. You will get three days to fill these containers from the climate-controlled storage facility of Zippy Shell. Or, you can choose direct delivery to your moving destination. There are wheels attached to the containers so that you can easily move them anywhere no matter on the roads, walkways, or driveways.

What Services Can Zippy Shell Provide?

If you want a stress-free shipping service, then Zippy Shell is the one that you can trust for faster and safer transportation. It offers multiple transportation services so you can choose and get going with the best option:

  1. Local Shipping: You can hire secure storage for local shipping services as well as on-time container transportation. You can also customize your transportation facility following your budget and plan.
  2. Long-Distance Shipping: You can personalize your shipment transportation and hold it for 30 days for long-distance shipping. It lets you adjust your transportation schedule and go accordingly if your budget is low.
  3. Portable Storage: The portable storage service gets your things transported in portable containers. It facilitates a secure warehouse with a temperature-controlled facility to load and unload your things conveniently.
  4. In-house Storage: Zippy Shell provides in-house storage that facilitates water-resistant containers to deliver your products to your designated location. These metal-made containers can travel through any place and store goods easily.
  5. Pick-up, Drop-off, and Packaging: For heavy loading, you can get help from professionals to pick up and drop off your goods. You can also ask for packaging if you need it. These are done by third-party service providers of Zippy Shell.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Zippy Shell?

Zippy Shell is well-known for its quality service and safer transportation policy but still, you may find some advantages and disadvantages of it:


  • Warehouse facility
  • Flexibility in shipping
  • Three-day loading service
  • Waterproof metal containers for better airflow
  • Local and long-distance shipping
  • DIY packing and loading or professional service
  • Provides various insurances


  • Not available everywhere
  • Minimal information on the website
  • Cannot book more than one container at once
  • Cannot hold the containers for more than three days

What Is the Cost of Zippy Shell?

The website of Zippy Shell does not contain any information regarding the pricing for moving container service. Though it is stated that you need to deposit 50% of the total payment at least two days before moving the storage container. You can pay the rest once the container land at a warehouse of your delivery destination or after 31 days of the original date of delivery, depending on what appears first.

The actual price of the shipment will be determined based on the travel distance of the consignment, the payment attributed, and the time the shipment will start moving. You can always get a security plan for all the shipments from Zippy Shell.

Is It Worth Shipping Items with Zippy Shell?

If you are looking for a shipping service that gives you enough flexibility to schedule your time and storage facility for transportation, then Zippy Shell is worth it. You will get three days to pack your belongings and load without putting any hourly loading charge so that you don’t have to be in a rush.

The pricing is reasonable even though you need to ask for quotes as you can’t find it online and compare it with others. Check on the Zippy Shell website to find out if the moving service avails in your location.

Moving Services Recommended

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Zippy Shell provide door-to-door service?

Yes, Zippy Shell will deliver your things straight away to the directed address.

How much does a Zippy Shell storage container cost?

The cost charged for the Zippy Shell storage container is determined by the size of your home and the distance that will need to cover. Usually, it may cost you around $3,480 for a container. Suppose, you want to move your one-bedroom home within 100 miles which may charge you $1,220.

Will Zippy Shell have the service of packing items?

No, Zippy Shell does not provide a packing service for your items but if you need to pack your things, you should talk to them. They will give you some contacts to the local packing experts so you can call them to pack your things safely.

Can Zippy Shell provide free moving boxes?

No, Zippy Shell does not provide you with free moving boxes but you will surely get some recommendations if you ask. You can contact the recommended moving company who will come over to your place and help you pack and load your things into the container.

How to contact Zippy Shell?

To book a moving containers service from Zippy Shell you need to make a call at this number 888-947-7974. Just dial the number and one of the customer care representatives of Zippy Shell will reach out to you and give you all the answers you need to know. Ask anything regarding local or long-distance shipping and estimated price details.

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