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4 Best Moving Companies in Corona, CA

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  • 1. How To Find Out The Closet Mover in Corona, CA?

    Click on the "check map" icon on this page to pinpoint the best movers through NearbyMovers close to you in Corona, CA.
  • 2. Which One Is the Best Mover in Corona, CA?

    It's Dirt Cheap Mover which has 4.2 stars out of 5 from 37 reviews. Below is a comment about it.
    "We hired Dirt Cheap for 12/26/2021. Hiring a moving company is a very expensive endeavor. I wouldn't say that Dirt Cheap is exactly dirt cheap, but they were the cheapest of all Moving Companies that we received quotes from. We requested a flat right price so Steve (the owner) came to our house and surveyed what was going to be included and gave us our a flat rate quote. Pros: The workers were outstanding in most ways except one. They showed up on time and got to work right away. There were very respectful, professional, and very hard workers with superman strength. None of our items were damaged in the move very few minor scuff marks on the walls. They left absolutely no marks on our new home we were moving too. The only flaw I noticed is that they over loaded all three of our trash bins with carpeting they had on their truck for the move. It meat that we had to take out the carpeting that was loaded in our grass bin and dump it ourselves. I still gave the three Movers a $170.00 dollar tip, which was well deserved. Schedule flexibility: Outstanding, we had to change our moving dates several times due to our home builder making adjustments to when we could close on the new home build. Steve accommodated the changes we made on three different occasions. The move ended up being on the day after Christmas, which was not easy to accomplish and we appreciated it very much. Hot Tub: We had a hot tub stored in our garage that was part of the move and Steve accommodated that large object. I can't say this enough, it was the deciding factor to go with Dirt Cheap because NO OTHER MOVING COMPANY WOULD TAKE ON THIS CHALLENGE!! Steve didn't blink to take on this challenge and his moving crew made it look easy. Cons: Items to be moved: Steve thought he had "given us a break" by moving some items that were not originally surveyed to be moved. I believed the opposite because the day before I moved many items that were originally surveyed by Steve. We were both happy and agreed moved on. Extra Items left over: Steve brought one large moving truck, a Van, and a large hitch trailer for the move. He said it would be enough, but I knew it would be very close and it ended up to be not enough. There were items left over from the back yard. Steve did accommodate us by adjusting his original price from 3,209 to 3,133. We appreciated the adjustment of $71.00, but it didn't cover our cost to have those items moved. We had to rent a U-haul truck at 19.95 + 1.09 mile at 75miles, you can do the math. Not to mention it was just me and my wife moving this stuff, which was an extreme inconvenience to our schedule. Hind Sight is 20/20: When getting a flat rate remember it is a rate based on what is being moved and if you take off an item it will have minimal effect on the overall price quote. For example, my overall price quote was $3,209 but when I tried to take off the Hot tub Steve only reduce the price by just over $200.00. I was expecting more to be taken off the quote so I just keep it on, which was his purpose. lastly: I would recommend in the future that Steve places a tag or take a video on what items he surveyed so there is no confusion as to what is to be moved. Also the software Steve uses on the web site to list moving items can be very subjective, confusing, and there is no actual price attach to each item listed, just an overall price of the total items. For example, Steve listed my Hot tub as the equivalent to 3 refrigerators, but still there is no price attach to the 3 refrigerators. If I had to do it over again I would demand the price for each item listed. The overall question remains: Would I Use Dirt Cheap Movers Again? Yes I would use them again, but with upfront itemized pricing. Steve what was the actual price you charged to move that hot tub? We know it wasn't the same price you gave to take it off the list, $200 bucks! Brian"
  • 3. Do Local Movers in Corona, CA Offer Trans-City Moving Services?

    Sure, NearbyMovers will find local movers as you like. Call (888) 228-3922 for any queries.
  • 4. How Much Will It Cost Me If I Turn To Local Movers in Corona, CA?

    Don't be worried about the moving cost. You can use our moving cost calculator from this page.
  • 5. How to Choose the Most Suitable Mover in Corona, CA?

    We've listed out some local movers in Corona, CA. Click to get more details before moving on.
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