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    Cali Moving and Storage San Diego, Moving Services Reviews

    4.7 stars based on 81 reviews

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    • J

      Josh Hill


      I hired this company to move my things sense i was on disablity with an injury. It was a small move and short distance, iv done it myself with two friends and two pickups without any damage. Well thats not what happened. They took it as treat my things like they dont matter. My wooden furniture was slidden across assfault without even a blanket. They were chipped and severely damaged. When i called in about it he argued with me and we went in circles. Finally he tells me hell pay for the damage how the insurance would pay which is by weight, estimated they both weighed 80 pounds ran some numbers and sent a check that took two weeks to get for a lousy $100. I did some homework found they weighed twice as much nonetheless he wound not pay anymore rather threatened to stop the check. In the end its going to cost me $1000 dollars to replace the items they damaged. Nice job guys! They are lucky i don't have the time or money or I’d sue them. They are not a professional operation, just an investor that hires the cheapest possible labor, guys that are young and don't know the first thing about moving. They told me they are told to do 2-3 moves a day, no wander they damage everything they touch. Please do yourself a favor and find another mover, these guys are no good, and cost me dearly!

      Response from the owner

      Hello Josh, we apologize for the inconvenience again and again. We have to make a public reply on such dishonest and full of negative review. Most of what you are saying is true, however: 1) You asked the crew not to wrap your furniture with moving pads/blankets to expedite the move. We offer Free protection (blankets and shrink wrap) to avoid damages, scratches, etc. Yes, it takes time to wrap it. But it worth it, every time, every day it worth it. You have declined the Free wrapping in writing. You also released our company from any liabilities in writing, because we were not allowed to do it our way. 2) You asked the crew to hurry up to fit in your budget. The 2 movers were rushed to finish the job from start till the end. 3) Based on your original statement guys were great, the job was done fast and efficient, they were able to meet your needs and fit your budget, you tipped them $100. Now, looks like everything is opposite way. Foreman that helped you is the best employee of the company, the most hardworking foreman we ever had a pleasure working with. Now you are blaming him for mistakes, for being unreasonable, for trying to please you? 4) Where is your statement about us “forcing movers to do 2-3 jobs a day” is coming from? How is it even possibly to complete 3 moves a day time wise? 5) You were offered $100 compensation for nothing, as our courtesy, customer service. Our guys didn’t make any mistakes. They worked their b*ds off to make you happy and that what they get in return? Was that tip you’ve mentioned real? Don’t you put your signatures on the contract, that the job is complete, nothing is damaged and you have no concerns? You’ve collected $100 and posted 1 star review, dishonest one, probably same as all your other reviews, cause all of them are 1 stars. 6) Do you really think Google and Yelp were invented to take advantage of small businesses, ask for discounts, get money threatening bad reviews? Josh, sorry, but it’s a bad business. Very bad business. We wish you all the best in the future, but, please, do not hire anyone for anything, no one is good enough to meet your needs

    • P

      Paulo Marcel Ramos


      Andrew and Mike moved me into my new place yesterday and I can't say enough good things about them. I was pretty emotional about leaving San Diego and moving to LA, and they told me to sit and take a minute while they did all the work. That was much appreciated. Other than that, they gave me a very good flat rate and took good care of my belongings. They worked quickly and efficiently, even with my inefficient elevator. They helped me set up my bed and couch, which was great! I highly recommend this team and imagine all the other teams in the company are great.

    • W

      Wood Joshua


      We had a great experience with Cali Moving. Mike helped me estimate move and was very helpful. We hired three movers they were on time, professional and work well together. Would be happy hire them again.

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