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Woodward, Oklahoma City, OK

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  • +1 405-916-1089
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  • 2809 N Woodward Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
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  • Saturday6AM–9PM
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    Local 405 Movers Reviews

    3.3 stars based on 25 reviews

    Featured Comments:

    • E

      Egg Celerator


      The best advice I can give you is not to hire them. They should be called Crack Movers. The most unprofessional movers I’ve *ever* used but they charge top dollar. The 4 & 5 star reviews they have are a complete scam. Here’s what I recommend - call ANYONE else.

    • R

      Rezwan Islam


      Please read this before making a decision and to avoid an awful moving experience. This business is a SHAM! This is a terrible moving and cleaning company. Brandon seems nice, but his business is a mess. They hire cheap labors to do the work and the movers/cleaners provide the cheap service for what they are getting paid for. This company is basically a middleman keeping the profits and hire cheap labors. I hired them based on the reviews, but after our terrible experience I have to say most of these reviews are Fake! Please read this before deciding to hire these guys. I had a moving and 2 cleaning services from them (a package deal). The cleaners were not professional. In the first cleaning service, the cleaner didn't clean a lot of the items he was supposed to clean (microwave, oven, garage, etc.) We found out about those later as we weren't living in that place. The second cleaning service was done by 2 other persons and it seemed like it was their first time cleaning a house. They didn't even wipe/clean the countertops, sinks, bathtubs, cabinets, etc. We had to show them one by one. I tipped them regardless since they were polite and after finding out how low they were getting paid. The moving was an absolute nightmare. Brandon hired 2 cheap movers and they provided terrible moving services. Several of my furniture were damaged during the move including deep scratches, broken desk leg, dirty couches, messed up dresser-mirror (see photos). Brandon said to get his handyman to fix these items, but that never happened. He stopped replying to calls and messages. After I submitted an initial review, he told me he would get it fixed and asked me to take down the review. I did it to see how it goes, but the repairmen never came. He made us wait over 3 weeks for nothing! I started looking around to get these items fixed and the cheapest rate I found to get these fixed is $600!! All of the repairmen said the items are badly damaged and repairs will take time. Movers came at 9:30am and after an hour of moving, they decided to smoke WEED in their truck for over half an hour. The movers were inexperienced and they stopped at one point, left everything in the garage for us to move (see photos), and left with the truck because they were getting late on another job!! Overall, they wasted over 3 hours, but Brandon did waive 2 hours from my total fees. If the movers were experienced and good, they could have got it done in half the time without damaging the items. Those 2 movers were extremely aggressive and rude. They also left all the trash, packing materials and told me the cleaner will come back to finish the job that he missed the first time, but that never happened. They had issues with other customers too, as Brandon's wife called me by mistake as another one of his customers refused to pay because of poor service. Her wife thought that customer was me and started cursing from the start of that call. I should have done the same! IF you value your time and belongings, DO NOT hire them!

    • A

      A. Shahkar


      Stay away! I don’t recommend these people. Hired them through FB for moving and cleaning my place. Moving was okay, although they gave me headache with limited payment option (CashApp or cash only). I asked Brandon for receipts, he promised to send me, but never happened. Texted and called him several times, never got back to me. I hired them through FB, and his wife did all the communications. When I contacted her for receipts, she blocked me!!! I can’t believe it.

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    • 1. How Can I Make Contact With Local 405 Movers?

      You may get in touch with them by phoning this phone number +1 405-916-1089. You can also go to their website to find email contact info.
    • 2. What Do Others Have to Say About Local 405 Movers?

      Check out one of the customer reviews on this mover below.
      "The best advice I can give you is not to hire them. They should be called Crack Movers. The most unprofessional movers I’ve *ever* used but they charge top dollar. The 4 & 5 star reviews they have are a complete scam. Here’s what I recommend - call ANYONE else."
    • 3. How Can I Find the Location of Local 405 Movers?

      Local 405 Movers is at 2809 N Woodward Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107. You can check the map above to find the best way to get there. If you are planning to move to uptown, you may find the best local moving services right here.
    • 4. What Are the Hours of Operation For Local 405 Movers?

      The operating hours of Local 405 Movers are listed below:
      • Saturday: 6AM–9PM
      • Sunday: 6AM–9PM
      • Monday: 6AM–9PM
      • Tuesday: 6AM–9PM
      • Wednesday: 6AM–9PM
      • Thursday: 6AM–9PM
      • Friday: 6AM–9PM
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