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Mission Transportation Inc Reviews

3.1 stars based on 116 reviews

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  • H

    Heejin Kwon


    They lost my 3 boxes which contains my grandma's mementos, my bags, headphones, etc. All of the stuffs are about more than $8000. They said they think my stuffs are with another customers belongings and will contact me once they open that storage. They never called or emailed me to inform that they couldn't find my stuffs in that storage. They seems they don't care their customer(maybe they think it is not their customer once everything delivered). The due date of claim is 9 months and they just let the customer miss that day(even though customer waiting for their updates). Also, they call low cost when they estimate through the phone and they over charge on moving day. They estimated about $3000-$3500(I explained everything that I have) and they charged me about $7000 on pick up day. They cut it down to $5000 like they discounted a lot for me :\. I've never seen the company like this unorganized. I feel like I've been scammed. If you want to be scammed, charged over price, and lost your stuffs, then I recommend this company.

  • J

    Jason Little


    ***LIARS, THIEVES, AND EXTORTIONISTS*** If you are reading this review while researching moving companies, I beg of you to not give any business to this absolutely disgusting and unethical company. They will break almost every promise they make to you and will overcharge you when getting picked up. I'm out $8,400 on top of everything they broke and lost. The following is the complaint I filed with both the BBB and FMCSA: Mission Transportation in San Diego, CA was hired by my wife and I for our move from CA to NC through a household moving broker in FL. Once the moving trucks arrived in CA, we were told there would be an additional charge for an additional 707 cubic feet of truck space used which would be $4,949. Since we had no other options available to us, we were stuck agreeing to the extra charge. My goods were picked up on 7/15/21 and were agreed to be delivered within 15-30 days with a guarantee of 30 - 90 days per the contract. Throughout the 90-day wait for my goods, communication from Mission was horrific and spotty and almost non-existent; we had to go through our broker to get any sort of update. Goods were delivered to NC on exactly the 90th day. Merchandise inside the truck was packed very tightly and resulted in 19 broken items including wedding gifts given to us in 1997. We were also missing at least 3 items that we know of including an area rug and an expensive outdoor speaker. However, the main issue I have is being charged $8,400 for the alleged extra cubic feet that I used. We were charged for 3,000 cubic feet at $7 per cube and we only used 1,800 cube, (1,200 cubic feet at $7 equals $8,400). I called this discrepancy out to Mission Transportation during the delivery and spoke to Steve Schwartz who claimed he was a manager there. He questioned the delivering truck driver who confirmed that we had only used 1,800 cubic feet. I also have video and photographic proof of this indisputable fact. I have placed multiple calls to Mission and Steve after the fact and they refuse to communicate with me or offer any sort of resolution to their extortion and mishandling of this transaction from beginning to end. This business is the epitome of unethical business practices and are purely scam artists who lie repeatedly and break almost every promise they make.

  • N

    Nicole Zdrahel


    I would highly recommend NOT using this company. They tell you that the delivery will only take two weeks when in reality it can take up to 3 months! When my stuff finally showed up 3 months later and a week late only half the stuff arrived. Their reasoning-It all couldn't fit on the truck. When my second shipment arrived boxes were damaged, furniture was broken, and I am still missing furniture/items that can't be located. When you try to call the office all you are told is that Adam is not in the office or will give you a call back. Forget about leaving a message because no one calls you back. I literally had to call multiple times a day and send text messages to get any information. It is a poorly run business and strongly recommend going with a different company.

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