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3.7 stars based on 141 reviews

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  • L

    Lupe Castellanos


    The staff was friendly. I just requested they load my U-Haul. When we unloaded some of my stuff was broken and there were random screws rolling around the truck from them talking apart the furniture. I wouldn't use them again. They did give me a 30 minute rebate for the tech leaving to go get equipment so that was nice.

  • P

    Philip Vivier


    I had a great experience when they moved me 10 months ago. In spite of two stops to load the truck, they took 7 hours in total to load and unload and broke nothing. Fantastic move with a great result. Not so much anymore. They moved me two weeks ago, same amount of furniture except for two additional sectionals, but only one stop. They took 13.5 hours! Almost double the amount of time! The tragedy is that this isn't even my complaint with them, although I do question their integrity. My issue is that they decided to remove all the legs to all of my tables when they moved me this time, and in doing so, shattered my dining room table leg. This in addition to overcharging me by $60, which they just recently refunded (10/4). I have had to call repeatedly, with no return calls and finally using a phone this morning that was not mine and therefore a different number, got them to answer. Their solution for the broken leg (moved on the 17th Sept) was to offer me a $40 cash settlement or they could have a person come out and fix it. I chose to have someone come out and fix it. I was told that the person would not be able to come out until the 20th of this month as he is very busy. When I pressed for the person's name, the company name and phone number, I was told that it's actually their employee who will be coming out. The obvious question here is how much are they breaking that he's busy for the next 16 days?! I am posting this now as when I read the reviews, there are others who have been down the same road, and when the day comes for the repair guy to show, he doesn't. Well, time will tell and I'll update you if and when they show up and do the repair. From satisfied to disappointed in 10 months. I see that you responded to this. A couple of corrections on your response. Firstly, Jamie offered me $40, not $60. I would have taken the $60. Secondly, why would I want to buy blankets from you? Here's the constructive criticism for you. It would be so easy to take care of your customer when an issue arises, but you don't. You shy away from the opportunity to fix "it". You're combative and you totally ignore them. I have two emails that were sent to you to confirm the day your repair guy is coming out. Both opened on your end, but no response. I left a message with Wade for Jamie to call me back. She never did. I also have 3 other calls that were logged, that were not returned. So - here we are. Please do the right thing.

    Response from the owner

    We make every effort to make 95% of our customers happy. I will address these point by point. With an hourly move the time starts when the truck arrives at your house and ends when the job is completed we track the GPS of the truck so it is very accurate. Some crews are faster than other crews. Move conditions can affect how long a move takes: long walks, stairs, architecturally challenged hallways, ect. There are many different factors. My recommendation is to get an itemized move, meaning you're paying for the items being moved not how long the movers are there. However a lot of customers prefer the promise of a cheaper move by paying by the hour. The crew that was on his move gets a lot of good reviews and usually does not get complaints. We cannot not pay the crew for the amount of time they are on the job even if a customer thinks that they should pay for less time. We make every effort to wrap furniture so it doesn't get damaged in the event furniture is damaged there is a process regulated by the state of Texas. We will often as a Courtesy send out a repairman. This customer declined additional valuation. And the value of any damages $0.60 per pound are courtesy settlement was far beyond that at $60. We are not going to send a repairman out now because I do not believe anything will make this customer happy. Repairing furniture is not the only thing this gentleman is responsible for. When a refund is made it is out of the hands of the merchant, card services determines how long it takes for the money to go back on the customer's card. The actual refund was done on the 30th. Upon investigation the $60 was for the purchase of four moving blankets. The customer claims he never received the moving blankets. The driver said he sold them to him. So we took the side of the customer.. which at this point I think was a mistake. After talking to the office staff and reviewing phone call logs no one was screening his calls. He can leave a message on voicemail and get a return call he can send a text. We want to be in contact with our customers. Also, my biggest takeaway from this is if he was so happy ten months ago why is this the first review he left? We have over 700 video reviews on our website. It seems only angry customers want to post on Google. Again, I'm only trying to make 95% of my customers happy. Any legitimate complaint I will readily address. And since I took enough time to review this case I also want to point out we probably should have not moved him a second time. The first time we moved him his credit card declined and it took him six weeks to pay his bill. It is customary to pay a moving company the day of services before the truck is unloaded.

  • S

    Shanna Wright


    The worst moving company ever!!! 1 year later and I'm still waiting for this company to follow thru on their promises to make things right. It's almost laughable how unethical and shameful their game-playing tactics are. I was promised repair services by Will (sketchy as he's the one that answers phones and did our estimate) but he said he was the guy; however, as normal, this was never followed thru with because "he can only come on weekends and they've been very busy". Eventually, I asked for a settlement because I was tired of waiting on repairs to be completed. ............. Following the move, as things are getting situated, we discovered a significant amount of damage to our items. 1) Master Bedside Table - top drawer does not close. This is high end furniture not designed to be taken apart, so I am not sure what is causing it to not close properly, but we never had an issue until the furniture was moved. 2) Desk - legs are completely broken. Mover attempted to repair onsite, but as soon as we moved from where he repaired they fell apart again. 3) Garage Shelf - one shelf has a large section at front of shelf broken. 4) Media Console - sliding stopper on door has broken 5) Outdoor Patio Chair - leg is damaged. 6) Dining Console - bottom trim piece broken off. 7) Cigar Humidor - back section was broken I submitted my claim on 1/4/2021 and have yet to receive a resolution. The only offer that was made was for $150 and they would send someone out to complete some repairs. This has not occurred.... I have sent multiple emails, left numerous voicemails with no responses whatsoever. And here we sit 5 months later. Hoping that this review will get someone's attention to take action.

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    "The staff was friendly. I just requested they load my U-Haul. When we unloaded some of my stuff was broken and there were random screws rolling around the truck from them talking apart the furniture. I wouldn't use them again. They did give me a 30 minute rebate for the tech leaving to go get equipment so that was nice."
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