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New Day Moving & Storage Reviews

2.7 stars based on 7 reviews

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    Mohammad Rashid


    DO NOT use this company under any circumstances. They lie so much they should all consider running for public office. Trust these reviews when people say their stuff arrived damaged, late, & the company not answering calls or returning calls. On June 2nd I called this company, the owner of the company, Dennis, told me that he would pick up my stuff on June 16th in Farmington Hills and have it to me in Virginia on June 21st, because they "go out that way all the time." I paid him a deposit, he answered all my questions and was very quick at calling me back. The customer service at this point was superb. On June 15th, the dispatcher, June called me and said that they had overbooked for June 16th and would not be able to pick up my stuff that day. FIRST RED FLAG. He said that they would be able to do it June 19th, I had asked if this would delay my stuff getting there, he said no. Everything went down hill from there. June 19th, Movers come. Mike, gave me the vaguest of answers when I asked about the date of my delivery. He claimed he wasn't sure of the date, but that it would be "pretty quick." I said I was told June 21st, is that not accurate? He said he would call me when he got back to the shop. An hour later they called, I picked up expecting them to tell me of the date, and instead, they were calling to reverify my CC number, I said oh, I thought you were calling to give me my delivery date. They said no, I will personally call you back and tell you what the date is for your delivery by the end of the day. Well, the end of the day came, no call back. June 20th I call after not getting a call back, and guess what happens? No one answers. Shocker right? I finally get a hold of someone, the receptionist, Nicole and she tells me the dispatcher June is at lunch and she will tell him to call me back. Well, he must have been at lunch all day because again, no call back. June 21st, I call again, once again, no answer. I quickly realize they are screening my calls. June 22nd, June calls me (3 days later), says my stuff will leave tomorrow morning the 23rd, and it will be there on June 25, or 26. I give him the third degree about what I was told, and why no one called me back. I asked to speak to the manager, he said he has been in Chicago, I said I just talked to him the other day, but he's in Chicago now? And has supposedly been there. I asked June why it took him 3 days to call me back, and he said, "I'm calling you back now aren't I? And if you want, we'll leave your stuff here and you can arrange for another company to come move it." Gee thanks June.... Just what I want to hear when I'm 1000 miles away. He said the driver would call me when they left. (Never happened). June 25th, the driver calls, their truck broke down (no, im not kidding), and they will be delayed. My stuff never came until June 28th, and when it came, it was damaged, and 3 boxes, 2 bags, and 3 pieces of my daughters crib were missing. They had my husband sign a statement that he wouldn't ask his credit card company for a refund on their services. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I haven't. Our missing stuff, is actually insured at 30 cents a pound as to what was lost So basically, if they lost your $4,000 TV that weighs 20 pounds you'll get 6 bucks for it. Sounds like a deal right? As of today July 18th, I have not ever heard back from them regarding what was lost in my move. Reader, BEWARE. This is what I want you to take away from my awful experience. They store your stuff in their storage units after they pick it up, and move it when it suits them, not on the dates they promised you. So moving your stuff that many times, it is bound to get lost. Your belongings will arrive damaged, if they arrive at all. Getting a hold of them after they have your money, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Their customer service is HORRID. But that is to be expected from a company on the border of Detroit who has changed their company name multiple times due to their horrible reputation.

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    Mike Boyd


    This is the email I sent them due to not returning my calls. Dennis, We need to talk about the damage to my stuff you moved as well as stuff that is missing. Out of the 70+ boxes over 50 were damaged, torn or crushed with stuff hanging out of the holes and dirty. My washer top has a huge dent in it and the control area is damaged. My dryer top is dented and will not stay on properly, my stove is missing trim from the door and the drawer is bent. My refrigerator has a hole in the back and 2 long deep gouges and is missing the trim to the bottom of front handle as well as on the hinges. Most of our glass was broken and it was ALL wrapped in bubble wrap and had clothing in it for protection. We are missing our $300 chinchilla cage, 3 empty propane tanks(I was told they were no problem) 2 5 blade remote controlled fans, our brand new vacuum cleaner, our wooden room divider, a wooden night stand, 1 indoor and 1 large outdoor trash cans, $1000 worth of fishing poles and tackle boxes and tackle, my Xbox One X and 15 games(the box that that stuff was packed in is missing) our outdoor swing is broken beyond repair. Our love seat is ripped, rocking chair pads are ripped, my grill is damaged, our picnic table was not brought. Several plastic totes were destroyed. 10 pieces of Fenton glass was broken. We have boxes of clothes missing. Supports and hardware are missing for our dining room table. Please contact me within 5 business days or I will be retaining an attorney. Guess what, NO RESPONSE and now we are pushing a week. They were supposed to store my stuff until I called for delivery. The pickup driver verified they would store my stuff until I called. We were staying with my mom until.we secured housing. They called 3 weeks after pickup and said the driver was on his way to Florida and would be there to drop it off the next day. I said I did not call for delivery. They said fine, what town do I want my stuff put into storage and I gave him the city but for some reason they stored it over 3 1/2 hours away from where I asked and at first refused to tell me where my stuff was. They then told me I had to pay an additional fee to have my dtuff released. Now, with all my damaged property I feel I am entitled to a full refund.

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    Indeka Romans


    My furniture were picked up on 7/24/19 in Michigan I was told that we could get our furniture delivered between 8/1-8/3 in Florida. On 8/1 when I called I was told that the furniture are in storage in Michigan and they have up to 21 BUSINESS days to deliver. Everytime I called I got an attitude. I asked them for a copy of the contract that I signed (because it was no longer accessible in the email for whatever reason) I was told I would receive it the next day. Fast forward almost a month later after asking multiple times I was told I'd receive it upon delivery. I never received it (how long does it take to send an email?). They made a partial delivery on 9/2/19 at about 5pm, mind you this is Florida and a hurricane is scheduled to hit the next day. The delivery guys were 2 old retired males (one with a cane) and one bigger guy younger male that literally does nothing but eat, drink and sit in the truck to get cool down within the 1.5 hrs that he was here. They brought up about 6 pieces of furniture, including dining table chairs and said that the boss said that they have to wrap it up and come back in the morning this was about 6:30 pm...The night before hurricane Dorian hits. When asked why they said that they were exhausted. The next day they came by with 2 other guys that they picked up off the streets because they said that they could not handle the job. My furniture were broken, scratched, couch and mattress ripped. I paid for mattress cover, never got it nor my money back. I was told I would have gotten a discount for the late delivery, never happened. The costumer service reps are very disrespectful, how do you cuss at a customer?! Worst company I've ever dealt with!

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