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    Priority Courier Experts Reviews

    3.7 stars based on 114 reviews

    Featured Comments:

    • T

      Travis Johnson


      My company used Priority for well over 5 years, and did tens of thousands, possibly in the hundreds of thousands worth of business with them in that time frame. Due to a lot of circumstances, I was not able to make a payment on time. instead of helping me and working out a payment plan, or extending my due date. Priority instead files suit over such a trivial amount that it would probably be laughed out of court. Priority does not care about their drivers, or their customers. The people at the top are greedy, and egotistical. I am in a better shape financially, and have told every company I do business with my story about Priority. Many have switched to another carrier, myself included. Priority is not the only game in town for courier service! ***Edit Response to owner*** Yes I can tell you exactly how far behind you have to be….7 days….I was on day 37 of a 30 day term, and you filed a lawsuit. And the suit was for $167 No I’m not kidding, you ruined my credit and tens of thousands of dollars worth of additional business from me all over $167. By the way you still owe me money, so while your busy paying your drivers, why don’t you send me a check too?

      Response from the owner

      Can you imagine how far past due a company has to be to actually be filed on? In 25 years of business I can only think of a dozen or so, sorry you became one of them. I hope you can pay us, so we can pay the employees, drivers, rent and electric.

    • g

      gordon szyszko


      If you are an honest and ethical independent contractor, than do not partner with this company! After driving for them for over three years I found out they only care about themselves. They took a lot of money from me, including my last settlement check. There are plenty more transportation and logistics companies who will treat you better. Be an expert and steer clear of Priority!

    • J

      J D


      Priority will bankrupt you. With fuel, truck repairs, insurance etc.... it will cost you over $40k/ yr just to go to work. You will earn $100k/yr but at the end of the day, it’s maybe a $50k/ yr job with zero benefits. Dispatch forces you to work beyond your hours of service and has no respect for your log book. Management will turn on you in a second and not honor the contractor agreement they sign with you while you’re forced to honor the full contract. No loyalty with these guys. “Independent contractors” are treated as employees with no employee benefits. You’re forced to get up at 5am or earlier to work and of you’re not, they will call you and shame you till you get out on the road. Good luck ‘working’ with these guys. Not worth it.

      Response from the owner

      of course, none of this is true

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