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    U-Haul Moving & Storage of S Fort Worth-Altamesa Reviews

    2.9 stars based on 119 reviews

    Featured Comments:

    • S

      Scott M


      Make SURE you get everything in writing up front. Even then, maybe use a burner credit/debit card because they'll blow you off when you bring up the extra charges or increased costs they add on a week later. I prepaid the $24 for safemove coverage, ended up getting charged almost $40 for it. I was told specifically that I could drop off the trailer at any time during my 24 hour period, but I got charged for an additional day because it was dropped off that evening after business hours using the U-Haul app, which they urge everyone to use! I paid the highway tolls I accrued in Houston directly to the Toll Authority, including the trailer... but weeks later, U-Haul charged me for the tolls again. I explained to them that I already paid the toll for the trailer directly to Houston, but they cannot even give a simple courteous reply other than an automated response about owing money on tolls. All of my other written email correspondence has gone unanswered. They also charge an additional administrative fee for each individual toll! The lady I dealt with at the actual Altamesa location was nice, so I'm not faulting her, but this seems like an ongoing problem every time I rent something from U-Haul. Even if it's only $5-$10 extra that they scam out of you after the fact, it's still bad business. My scam amount was $40+. Imagine the profit bump if they're scamming just $5 off of every person that rents from them. This is the last time I'll ever rent from uhaul. There are other options out there now that have an honest pay-what-we-promise business model, even if they cost a little more, it'll be worth it.

    • L

      Lawrence harwell III


      I rented a u-haul from this place and when I returned it, first they tried to say I stole the truck and stole a headlight, then they couldn't find my contract, then they said they rented me the wrong truck, and the tried to charged me $1000 because they wrote the wrong mileage. I had to go through hell and hot water to get my back and still haven't. Everybody there should fired. If I could I would give this place negative 5 stars.

    • M

      Mario Perales


      If i could give a zero star, I would. I wanted to fill my propane tanks so I came last week, the line was long so I left. I came back this week and pulled up to the propane station, a guy with long hair and a beard (appearance doesn't matter but I want whichever manager who reads this to know who I'm talking about) comes up and says it's going to be a minute... I get it, they have a line of trucks so I figured 10-15 minutes or so, no biggie. The same guy comes up a few minutes (5 minutes?) later and looks prepared to assist me so I start to pull the tanks out of my truck (my truck is 5 steps away from the fill up station) and I hear him say "c'mon man hurry up I got alot to do". I was surprised at his comment and I'm not one to hold my tongue when it comes to service so I replied 'Seriously? You're rushing me?" which he said" there's a line", so I replied "you get paid by the hour don't you?". His reply was "not very much" and he walked off as if he was saying in body language "I'm done with you". About 15 seconds later he turned around and started walking back, I told him to "go on... I'll take my business elsewhere" . Sorry dude, that's not my problem that you're not getting paid very much But you ARE GETTING PAID and you're not getting paid to talk back to customers. Total disrespect to his company and their clients. I don't recommend this company anymore. I also got an attitude from the store @Berry st/I35 last week. I won't even use them for my truck rentals from here on. You lost my business.

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