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2 Best Moving Companies in West Haverstraw, NY

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  • 1. How to Find The Address Of The Nearest Moving Company in West Haverstraw, NY?

    Hit on the "check map" icon on this page to locate the best local movers from NearbyMovers close to you in West Haverstraw, NY.
  • 2. What Is the Best Moving Company in West Haverstraw, NY?

    It's Moveourstuff which has 3 stars out of 5 from 12 reviews. Here we list out a review about it.
    "I referred this company to my mother-in-law who recently used their services for a move that was less than 2 miles away from original pick up location. Not only were they 2 hours late but ripped her off with ridiculous services charges. $2000 to move a one bedroom apartment. She was charged for 10 hours which was job that should have only taken 3 hours minimum. Not only were the movers late, they're were only 2 movers who came and then left to claim that they were going to get more help but came back with none and were smelling of narcotics (marijuana) once they returned. ABSOLUTELY UNPROFESSIONAL! They charged her card before the actual job was completed and when the $2000 charge didn't go thru they took her belongings that were already on the truck and left remaining furniture in the hallway of pick up location. (someone could have stole her stuff) We reached out to company (Owner/manager Joe) via email and phone and no reply or call back to rectify the situation. When finally able to speak with him he was very rude & arrogant and thought the stunt him and his workers pulled was acceptable. It's not & wont be tolerated. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The BBB has been notified and further actions will be in pursuit as well."
  • 3. Do Moving Companies in West Haverstraw, NY Offer Trans-City Moving Services?

    Sure, NearbyMovers will find local movers based on your demands. Call (888) 228-3922 in case you have any problems.
  • 4. How Much Money Do I Have To Spend If I Turn To Moving Companies in West Haverstraw, NY?

    You don't need to be worries about the cost. You can use our moving cost calculator here.
  • 5. Can NearbyMovers Help Me Find Out the Best Moving Company in West Haverstraw, NY?

    We've listed out some local movers in West Haverstraw, NY. Click to get more details before moving on.
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