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3 Best Moving Companies in Dallas, OR

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  • 1. Which Moving Firm Is The Most Convenient for Me in Dallas, OR?

    You can find the closest mover near you in Dallas, OR by hitting the "Check map" icon.
  • 2. Which Moving Firm in Dallas, OR Is the Most Reliable?

    Storage Co is the best mover in Dallas, OR, which gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews. Below is one of the top reviews on this mover.
    "This company has had a good standing in the community for many years, however recently, one of the owners was approached recently by a local acquaintance who attempted to speak with him about an issue she had regarding a very minor issue, unrelated to the business itself. --From what I understand, more of a neighborly thing or concern. There may have been a miscommunication or misunderstanding, and apparently the conversation turned into an argument. Obviously this is second-hand knowledge, and there are two sides to every story, yet it seems there was behavior that was concerning from the owner, in his tone or stance on the issues presented, and as such, some aggressive things were said by the owner towards my acquaintance regarding the state of her own yard, pets etc, to which the person attempted to explain and resolve, but was met with what was described as a high level of hostility from the owner. I believe that even if both parties were angry, the fact remains that as a business operating publicly, there should be a level of concern for neighbors and grievances without becoming defensive or dismissive. As for me, I would more likely seek a company that treated people with more regard."
  • 3. Are There Any Movers That Provide Cross-City Moving Services?

    Yes. You can look through the websites of the movers in Dallas, OR to discover more about it. Or you can call (888) 228-3922 for more precise information.
  • 4. How Much Does It Cost to Move in Dallas, OR?

    Prices vary across moving firms. You may calculate the cost of moving using our moving cost calculator.
  • 5. How to Pick the Most Reliable Moving Firm in Dallas, OR?

    Check out the customer reviews for the movers on the list above. You can also find the best moving firm by visiting this page.
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