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5 Best Moving Companies in Germantown, TN

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  • 1. How Can I Go To The Nearest Moving Service Provider in Germantown, TN?

    Hit on the "check map" icon on this page to find the best movers through NearbyMovers close to you in Germantown, TN.
  • 2. What Is the Best Moving Service Provider in Germantown, TN?

    It's Black Tie Moving which has 4.5 stars out of 5 from 214 reviews. Below is a customer comment about it.
    "We used Black Tie when we refinished our floors. After we scheduled, we realized the floors would need longer to dry than anticipated and BT was right there to reschedule not once, but twice. The guys on the phone were super polite and thorough. The day of the move, we got a courtesy call and timely arrival. Our furniture was fully secured and protected, including the upright grand piano - and placed gently on our covered patio. I was impressed - these guys are not slackers. Looking forward to the put-back once the floors dry. Edit: the put back was perfect. These guys are great! Edit: Excellent again when we needed furniture from two properties moved to a storage facility. Courteous, patient, and methodical every step of the way. Best in the business as far as I’m concerned."
  • 3. Do Movers in Germantown, TN Offer Trans-City Moving Services?

    Sure, NearbyMovers will find cheap movers based on your demands. Call (888) 228-3922 in case you have any problems.
  • 4. How Much Money Do I Have To Spend If I Turn To Movers in Germantown, TN?

    Don't worry about the cost. Feel free to use our moving cost calculator from this page.
  • 5. How to Choose the Most Suitable Moving Service Provider in Germantown, TN?

    NearbyMovers will show you cheap movers in Germantown, TN. Click them to make a comparison before moving on.
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