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Ellis Moving Reviews

1.6 stars based on 35 reviews

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  • J

    Jorrin Thacker


    Received my stuff from another company after a cross state move and treated it well. Kendell came out and moved all ym stuff in. He was on time, Courteous, and very helpful! He listened to all my instructions and helped me lay out where I wanted my stuff. When we thought a box was missing, he ran through the entire inventory again until we found it. Great service!

  • A

    Alexius Henderson


    I AM BEYOND FURIOUS! I was hoping that Ellis would prove me wrong despite all of these negative reviews, BUT NOPE. I do not understand how they are even in business! They NEVER and I MEAN NEVER answer the phone. NO COMMUNICATION WHATSOEVER! I was called Friday and was told my bedroom furniture would be here today between 11AM and 3PM. It is now after 5PM and NOTHING. No call, no update, no NOTHING! I am left without a bed for only God knows how long! This is ridiculous and it isn’t right!!!

  • A

    Ashley B


    We chose Ellis because out of the 4 agents who came to bid our move from TN to TX, the agent seemed best prepared to take on our large move. We have a small farm and needed our home, a workshop, livestock items, and guest house all moved. I can honestly say, my experience with this company was the worst customer service I have ever received. The driver showed up on time for our scheduled move, but the help did not. 5 movers show up at 10:30 as well as the packers who work directly for Ellis. Because of this, I was unable to be all places at once and realized too late that the packers were placing just one item in a box when I was told there would be items grouped together. Then, the packers tell me they ran out of packing supplies and don't have enough to finish packing one of the tv's, a couple beds, lamps, and a few other miscellaneous items. Ok, no big deal - the driver will ensure they get wrapped properly I was told. At this point, I have already contacted the company to express my concerns. I felt it was put on me, the customer, that I must have not told her everything I needed the packers to pack. Also, at this time, I was informed that I was "already way over for my estimated packing." Well, let me tell you, the agent came and laid her own 2 eyes on my property to see what needed moved and packed. The movers decided they are done for the day at 4:30 and just leave. Not even half of the house has been loaded yet. I was also left with some of their lunch trash blowing around my driveway that I had to pick up. Next day they show up with 2 movers and get the semi loaded as full as they could. I should have had an entire semi for my move. Between the drama of going back and forth between agent and driver - I still have no idea how I didn't end up with an entire semi for our move. So, low and behold, we have to have an over flow truck arrive the next day to finish loading us. Late morning I still had not seen or heard from over flow truck so I called the agent. She was not aware I even needed an overflow truck!! So, had I not called who knows if one would have even showed up. That evening at 6pm he shows up. No help, just him. His help was 3 hours away. So, my Dad ended up helping the driver of the over flow truck load our remaining items so we could get moved before our house closed. The semi arrives to TX on time and unloading goes quick. Overflow truck won't be here for TWO weeks after our other items on first truck. I called and get a delay claim form that requires a list of things in order to submit it. I still haven't gone through all of our things, (1st truck just left a few days ago and still no 2nd truck), but so far I had to have driver mail a part to my Dyson and power washer that fell off in his truck, weed eater is broken, missing tv power cords, none of our shop shelving that was taken apart was put back together, kitchen table has large scratch, tool box has 2 drawers dented in and not functioning, livestock feed bin looks like someone took a chainsaw to it, and a multitude of other things that are damaged. I have been so patient and tried to be as understanding as I possibly can be through this awful experience, but I have tried calling North American as well as Allied with no returned calls and got disconnected multiple times after sitting on hold. My patience has ran out. Today, I finally got through to customer service, was told I'd get a call back, still have not heard anything back. As a customer, I'm greatly disappointed in the experience we had.

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