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  • 3700 Rufe Snow Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76180
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  • Friday7AM–8PM
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    SML - Simple Moving Labor Reviews

    4.5 stars based on 1878 reviews

    Featured Comments:

    • Y

      Yaser Afshar


      I had an average to low experience with the company. Lousy customer support, especially after I complained about the damage to my stuff, I have never heard back from them again! They did not even bother to contact me. The funny part is that they will charge you completely before they even start the work. So be careful!

    • J

      Janice Dibrell


      Scheduled for 2pm, received 1 phone call advising they were running late. No further communication. Called someone at SML, to get a crew dispatched., it was getting late. Scheduled crew finally arrived about 5:30. A second crew arrived shortly after. The two crews were very polite but argued among themselves whose job it was. I was asked to choose which crew would stay and which would be sent away, not my decision, very uncomfortable situation! I told all of them, repeatedly, I wanted the big pieces loaded, not to bother with boxes, we could get them. The second crew left after two hours, per their boss. They finished unloading after 9pm. They were tired, we were tired. We had to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Company wanted to charge $300 to come back next day to finish. Called manager, he only wanted to justify. Very negative experience. Still can't find some stuff.

    • A

      Alison Toback


      If I could give Simple Moving Labor 0 stars, or negative stars, I would. The loading crew arrived with no tools and no hand truck (their excuse was that no one told them they needed to bring them, when I was told by SML several times that all crews arrive with both of these items). My mother-in-law spent a lot of time disassembling our furniture FOR them. Then, they got a piece of our sectional stuck in the doorway from our basement to the upstairs because no one bothered to ask how the sectional got down there in the first place, and they had completely not assessed that the way the staircase was set up, the piece would not go up that way, no matter what you did. They spent over an hour trying to force our sofa through the door, took the banister off the wall, removed the door and the stops in the doorframe, and THEN! They used a power saw to SAWTHE LEG OFF OF OUR SOFA! After several MORE hours of watching them do things like put a dresser mirror into the truck completely unwrapped, drop several boxes marked "Fragile" on the ground, and not packing the truck to the top, they announced they were done because the truck was "full" and the rest of our stuff wasn't going to fit. We had a 26 foot truck for our 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, home (1900 sqft). My mother-in-law had tried to offer the loading crew a step-ladder so they could pack the truck to the ceiling more effectively, but the foreman turned it down. And I'm not talking about a few boxes not fitting on this truck. There was, to name a few items, our headboard, a disassembled crib, 2 crib mattresses, 4 of our 6 dining room chairs, about 25 boxes, half of my L-shaped desk, 7 Rubbermaid totes, a toy box, the kids' table/chairs, and number bags. They essentially threw up their hands and said goodbye. After 7 hours, they did half of the job, left a giant mess, and offered no other assistance. We were already behind schedule for leaving, so we had to stay overnight and then spent 4 hours trying to find a way to get the rest of our belongings to Indiana. I attempted to call SML to reschedule our unloading crew, but after sitting on hold twice during the day for over NINETY MINUTES, after 30 minutes, I pressed for the option to have a representative call me back. No one ever did that day. Later that evening, we were looking for the rest of our furniture pads (which the movers had left somewhere and never told us), so my husband opened the truck to look. He was able to walk ALL THE WAY TO THE CAB of the truck, that was how much space was left in that truck. The following day, my husband and his mother spent 9 hours repacking that truck, which first required a significant amount of UNpacking. We also began itemizing every BROKEN item we found in the truck, including but not limited to our queen bed footboard, a dresser drawer, a dining room chair spindle, the glider, and 3 glasses. There are innumerable scratches, gouges, and dings in our furniture as well, including our dining room table, both cribs, both kids' dressers, our dresser, 2 nightstands, most of the dining room chairs, and 2 TV stands. They were successful in fitting EVERY ITEM into that truck, essentially having done the job of a 3-man crew.When I finally got someone on the phone to reschedule our unloaders from the 27th to the 28th, I was told that "since it was such short notice, a crew could not be guaranteed". I decided at that moment to cancel the crew entirely, because all trust in this company was completely destroyed. This was last week, on the 26th. I was told a manager/supervisor would be in touch with me within 48 hours. It is now NINE DAYS after the move and I still can't get anyone in a supervisor position to speak with me. I am beyond irate and will not be satisfied until I am reimbursed for the movers (whose job we effectively had to do), as well as all of our broken items. I will NEVER recommend SML to anyone, and in fact will tell everyone I know that is moving to NEVER use this company. If you value your belongings, your time, and your sanity, DO NOT HIRE SIMPLE MOVING LABOR.

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    • 1. What Is the Contact Information of SML - Simple Moving Labor?

      You may get in touch with them by phoning this phone number +1 866-767-5348. You can also visit their website to find email contact info.
    • 2. What Are People Saying About SML - Simple Moving Labor?

      Check out one of the customer reviews on this moving company below.
      "I had an average to low experience with the company. Lousy customer support, especially after I complained about the damage to my stuff, I have never heard back from them again! They did not even bother to contact me. The funny part is that they will charge you completely before they even start the work. So be careful!"
    • 3. How Can I Find the Location of SML - Simple Moving Labor?

      SML - Simple Moving Labor is at 3700 Rufe Snow Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76180. Use the map above to discover the fastest way to get there. If you are considering to move to a new house, you may find the best home moving company with NearbyMovers.
    • 4. What Are the Hours of Operation For SML - Simple Moving Labor?

      The business hours of SML - Simple Moving Labor are listed below:
      • Friday: 7AM–8PM
      • Monday: 7AM–8PM
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