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5 Best Moving Companies in New City, NY

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  • 1. Which Mover Is Closest to Me in New City, NY?

    You can find the closest moving company near you in New City, NY by clicking on the "Check map" icon.
  • 2. Which Mover in New City, NY Is the Finest?

    M&S Loads is the best moving company in New City, NY, which gets a rating of 1 out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews. Below is one of the most recent comments on this moving company.
    "We had a driver unloaded 4.5hrs. We submitted all paperwork and asked for the 2 hr detention. Once the load was delivered it was like they just could care less anymore. I asked for an update on it each morning and the first few days they would respond 5-6hrs later saying it's waiting for approval. A good brokerage should pay what the carrier is due since the contract is between the carrier and them, and we should not have to sit and wait for their customer. Some places do this and it just is what it is. Eventually, no emails or calls were answered or returned. After nearly two weeks since delivery and a full week since the last response, I reached out to their management. I was told they don't pay until 4 hours, and are not going to pay detention on the half hour. They claimed it said it on the ratecon, it does not. The ratecon just says that it must be reported an hour before detention occurs and BOLs must be submitted, which both were done. Nowhere does it say 4 hours. IF he had told me it was denied a week ago it would have been whatever, is what it is, but I am leaving a one star review for the fact that I had zero returned messages via email or calls for a week. One of the last responses was being told I was acting unprofessionally by asking so many times. I don't know any carrier or broker that DOESN'T reach out at least daily. Had I received any communication I would have only reached out once, and the only reason I reached out multiple times is that nobody would answer my calls or emails and all I wanted was an answer to one question. So now over a 2 hour detention refusal and lack of communication, I will never haul for this brokerage again. Imagine if it had been longer or a layover, you can't trust that they will support or help the carrier because once you are at the receiver they no longer care."
  • 3. Are There Any Movers That Provide Cross-City Moving Services?

    Yes. You can visit the websites of the moving companies in New City, NY to discover more about it. Or you may contact (888) 228-3922 for more specific information.
  • 4. How Much Does Moving Cost in New City, NY?

    Prices differ amongst firms that offer moving services. You may estimate your expenditures by using our moving cost calculator.
  • 5. How to Choose the Finest Mover in New City, NY?

    See the customer comments for the moving companies on the list above. You can also find the best moving firm on this page.
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