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7 Best Moving Companies in Mineral Wells, TX

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  • 1. Which Mover Is Closest to Me in Mineral Wells, TX?

    You can locate the nearest moving company near you in Mineral Wells, TX by checking the "Check map" icon.
  • 2. Which Mover in Mineral Wells, TX Is the Finest?

    Half Price Storage #1 is the best moving company in Mineral Wells, TX, which gets a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 25 reviews. The following is one of the top reviews on this moving company.
    "If I could remove the one star rating to zero, I would. Now the first time that I used this storage unit cindy was great. Nice sweet and helpful. The 2nd time however once I rented again, the intial meeting was the same. She was great and nice. However after someone else who I wI'll not name had put me as a reference (which was fine except they put as a 2nd contact unknown to me) cindy called and asked me several questions to how I knew this person which wasn't any of her business anyways. Once o told her I wasn't able to contact that person, she became rude to me and was rude every time I spoke to her after that. At the time I had rented, she explained to me that no food was to go in the unit (of course I'm not going to put food in storage) as she had one lady complain about bugs and found she had a lot of food there. I was assuming that because she's running a business that issue would be resolved, or she would at least isolate any other people from that particular unit. I guess that didn't happen as to know, I'm having issues. I mentioned this to cindy and she said she's never had any issues with bugs at all. At the time that my lease went full price, I had forgot that this was 1/2 price for 3 months... my fault. But I mentioned this to her fill in on a friday. She said she thought we could work something out with cindy since I only had 3 items left in the storage, not to make a payment until I talk to cindy whow wouldn't be back utility monday. I asked if that would throw me into a late fee, she said don't worry about it, just talk to cindy. Ok so I talk to cindy the following Tuesday who became super rude, told me I was lying, tacked on the late fee, told me that of I pd a certain amount I could get my 3 things out in 24 hours, or pay 117.00. Seeing that I don't have a truck 24 hours was not an option. I was super amazed and really disappointed in this whole situation. Never again will I ever refer or use this storage ever again. This was the worst customer service I have received maybe ever. Very rude and insincere. I am just still shocked at her unprofessional behavior. And the thing is, I never did anything to get this behavior from her except let her know that I was not responsible for another person's belongings, and that i was doing what her employee told me to do."
  • 3. Are There Any Moving Firms That Offer Cross-City Moving Services?

    Yes. You can visit the websites of the movers in Mineral Wells, TX to understand more about it. Or you may phone (888) 228-3922 for more accurate details.
  • 4. How Much Does It Cost to Move in Mineral Wells, TX?

    Prices vary between moving firms. You may estimate your expenditures using our moving cost calculator.
  • 5. How to Choose the Finest Mover in Mineral Wells, TX?

    Examine the featured comments for the movers on the list above. You can also find the best moving firm from this site.
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