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13 Best Moving Companies in Irving, TX

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  • 1. Which Moving Company Is Nearest to Me in Irving, TX?

    You can find the nearest moving company near you in Irving, TX by pressing the "Check map" icon.
  • 2. Which Moving Company in Irving, TX Is a Reputable?

    INBOX MOVING SERVICE is the best moving company in Irving, TX, which gets a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 203 reviews. Below is one of the top reviews on this moving company.
    "This has been the worst experience I have ever had with so called professional movers. The movers by the name of Michael and Oliver arrived 10 minutes early and as I began giving them directions on how to get into the apartment Michael began aggressively speaking to me and telling me Im not making any sense. I was a little shocked at his demeanor but I continued explaining the layout of the building. He rolled his eyes and made gestures to indicate he was frustrated. At this point I let him know I would not deal with his attitude and that I am a paying customer deserving of his respect and professionalism. We called the office immediately at this point in order to inform the owners or management. We were told that this particular worker has had other incidents where customers complained about his bad demeanor but that "he is a hard worker and gets the job done". They even offered to send another crew which would have taken 2 additional hours to arrive. We informed them that our gates would only be open for the times they quoted us so if the new crew could come we would be happy to accept. At this time the movers began angrily placing our furniture in the street. Long story short the movers took 5 hours to move a 2bdrm apartment with elevators. They dropped furniture, banged furniture and even sat my daughters $450 suede overstuffed beanbag on the dirty ground while they arranged other things. This company is the worst. No communication skills and also lack of customer service skills. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The worker stood in my living room after the move and demanded $200 additional because of the additional time they needed!! Wow...good luck getting that sir."
  • 3. Are There Any Movers That Offer Long-Distance Moving Services?

    Yes. You can visit the websites of the moving companies in Irving, TX to discover more about it. Or you can call (888) 228-3922 for more accurate details.
  • 4. How Much Will It Cost to Move in Irving, TX?

    Prices vary between moving firms. You may estimate your expenditures using our moving cost calculator.
  • 5. How to Pick a Reputable Moving Company in Irving, TX?

    Examine the customer feedback for the moving companies on the list above. You can also find the best mover by visiting this page.
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