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Morse Moving & Storage - Royal Oak, MI Reviews

2.9 stars based on 7 reviews

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    Ingrid McCormack


    The biggest downfall of our experience is that we were talked into purchasing the full insurance coverage of our items, under the promise that we would easily be cut a check if anything were damaged, no deductible. Of course one of our ikea dressers ($279) was damaged and the company refused payment saying that ready-to-assemble furniture isn’t designed for moving. Interestingly, the other identical dresser was moved without any damage, so obviously their argument is invalid. To sum up, this company lacks integrity, so if that is important to you, don’t choose Morse Movers/Allies Van Lines.

  • E

    Elisa Konieczny


    WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. Hired this company to move me from Michigan to Wisconsin (not far). Every single step of the move was handled incompetently: 1. Did not confirm pick up date or time and instead showed up at my door at 8AM unannounced. 2. Scratched the walls while moving my furniture out. 3. Had a 1 week delivery timeframe and overshot that by 2 weeks. I started a new job and had to buy all new work clothes because I had nothing to wear. 4. Everyone I talked to at Morse kept giving excuses and misinformation instead of being helpful and trying to fix any of the above issues. Or they just didn't return my calls. I eventually called the Allied Van customer service line directly (after being told by a Morse customer service employee condescendingly "I'll give you the number if you want, but they won't be able to help you.") The Allied Van customer service people were actually VERY nice and tried to be helpful, but by the time I called, there was nothing they could do to speed up my delivery. 5. Did not reimburse me for any of the additional expenses I incurred due to the 2 week delay in delivery. It is "against their charter" to accept delay claims for shipments under a certain weight. I moved everything in a 1 BR / 1 Bath apartment - so apparently if you're not moving a whole house, you're screwed. 6. Here's a fun kicker - I just got a call today from them asking if I wanted my TV uncrated, which I did - TWO MONTHS AGO when I moved in. The employee who called to ask about it said in explanation that "there was a note in the file that you were going on vacation and would call back later." This is hilarious because A) I just started a new job and definitely had no plans to go on vacation, and B) I actually did call them twice to uncrate the TV, with no response and so I just figured out how to uncrate it myself. All this cost me almost $4000. Again, to recap - WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

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    Neil Garbacik


    My new house is on a single exit/entry street. The agreement was to bring two straight trucks because it was a difficult area to access and a semi truck would not work....guess what, they brought a semi....and guess what next, the semi truck blocked the road for my new neighbors for around 3 hours at the time every one was coming home from work and on top of that the police showed. Granted they did credit me for the hours but that does not fix the welcome I received for my moving day from my neighbors! Wait things got worse, the movers tracked axle grease through my brand new carpeting in my brand new house, total bull sh#[email protected]! The movers did not even have the balls to tell me about it until we uncovered the floor when they were done and found foot prints on the carpet, they still did not fess up! Are you kidding me! Granted they did clean the carpets but they should have replaced them! Bottom line, good luck if you hire these guys, I will not recommend them. Oh yeah, we keep finding broken items as we are still unpacking a couple weeks later. The claim term has run out, 10 days, so be aware...

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