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  • 6411 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32216
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    Reads Moving Systems of Florida, Inc. Reviews

    3.8 stars based on 76 reviews

    Featured Comments:

    • J

      Judy Hao


      I had such a great experience with reads moving system. I honestly think it’s up to who moves your stuff for you. I’ve seen some bad comments for this company. But their employees that I worked with so far are so professional and friendly! Brad and gab and Lucas are the three movers helped me throughout the whole process! They worked so hard, packed and load my stuff, these people are the best. They did pack my stuff neatly and very well organized!For all my stuff, there is nothing important that went missing, there was only one cookie jar that’s broken, they said I could claim it. But out of all the stuff I had, I only had one small cookie jar that I didn’t even care about, the experience I had with these three guys are definitely worth more than that cookie jar!!! I will definitely use these three guys again if I need to move again. I feel so lucky that they are helping me! I will ask for these three movers next time I need to move!!!! Absolutely the best employees!

    • M

      Martin Schaefer (Marty)


      Reads Moving fulfilled their commitment to providing timely and excellent service for our recent move. We especially enjoyed the care that Jackie and Mike took in packing our apartment and then assisting in loading our things onto the truck. Daniela in the office worked hard to coordinate the move and called us several times while the move was ongoing to check on the personnel’s progress and whether we had any issues. Ken, who estimated our move, participated in the loading as well. Robert and Ed, forgive me if I have made a mistake with the last name, unloaded at out destination. Their work was timely and perfect as they understood completely where each box and piece of furniture was to placed. In short I recommend Reads Moving Service as we were pleased with the service we received.

    • R

      Roger Snead


      If you are active military and this company is listed as your mover, contact the transportation office immediately to request a different company. This company, as in my case, sub-contracts moves to smaller companies that are not equipped nor prepared to move a household. In my case I had several items damaged, tools removed from boxes, family heirlooms stolen, and several larger items loaded unto the moving truck without being inventoried that never arrived at the destination. The claims process will be lengthy and do not expect to receive more than 60% of your claim. This company accepts theft as a common practice and will make no attempt to recover your stolen items or hold employees accountable. If you are stuck with this company ensure you take photos of all your belongings before the movers arrive. Do not let the movers out your site and ensure they mark the contents of each item in detail. Check each items as it loaded on the truck to ensure an inventory item is placed on each. In my case the movers walked away with several items to include a brand new shop-vac. These actions may seem extreme, but they are the only way to protect yourself from a company like this that values profit over quality service to our military. Avoid this company at all costs!

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